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12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain

March 15, 2021
How can an appetizer be so popular? There's something about Tapas that makes food-lovers quiver with delight. They're just bite-sized and yet every bite is a melodious mix of flavor. Oftentimes, people already prefer them over the main course. They're not too heavy, but at the same time, not too light. They're just right. And here in Costa del Sol, these places offer the best tapas Fuengirola has to offer.

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain


Bodega La Solera 

At Bodega La Solera, it's not just the tapas that's worth checking out, it's the wine as well. And when you pair them together, you have an exceptional meal that hits the spot. This quaint little establishment boasts some delectable tapas dishes that work well with their premier selection of wine. And it's all because their types of meat are all top-notch. From whether you go for pork, lamb, or even veal or oxtail, the tapas here will mix perfectly with their homemade drinks. 

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain

Source: Bodega La Solera


El Cócora

Slightly hidden away in the narrow Calle Moncayo, El Cócora serves some of the most delicious tapas in Fuengirola, Spain. Their unique seafood tapas will make you forget you ever had a hard time finding this place. Salmon, tuna, shrimp⁠—each bite is like going into the wonders of the Mediterranean sea. But it's the people here that truly make this spot a must-visit. El Cócora has become a community center of sorts, with locals playing music and dancing flamenco to their heart's content. 


Casa Colón

Good luck getting a seat at Casa Colón! Oftentimes, the place gets so busy that there are barely any seats left. From hungry tourists to businessmen on business brunches, different types of people go here! When you do get lucky and get a spot here, you'll realize why it's so popular. The tapas here are amazing! Whether you choose from their meat menu or seafood selection, it doesn't matter. This place has a certain way of crafting these appetizing little snacks that makes all the flavors the stars of the meal. 

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain

Source: Casa Colón


Taberna Volapié

Along Calle Mercado, it's easy to overlook Taberna Volapié. It's quite a small space that relies mostly on their outside area to welcome guests. And since there are other alfresco spots in the same area, you might mistake the others for it. But you won't mistake this Taberna's delectable seafood tapas. They're some of the best tapas in Fuengirola, Spain that you'll ever taste! The sumptuous shrimps and smooth salmon work so well with their toasted bread. So much so that you might end up just ordering the same tapas all night! 

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain

Source: Volapié Facebook Page



If you ever wanted to experience what it's like to attend a Spanish cocktail party, look no further than Lizarrán. The way they serve their tapas is very interesting. You don't necessarily order them out of a menu, per se, but rather the waiter just passes by with trays full of them and you just pick whichever you want. It's as if you're a guest at a cocktail party and the host is serving you. There's nothing quite like it anywhere else in Costa del Sol. 

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain

Source: Lizarrán



Up for some hearty tapas? Vinotinto is the place for you! Though this bar might look like your ordinary tapas place, they serve some pretty unique variations of it. Their only light kind is Ensaladilla Rusa, which is mainly just potato salad. The other tapas dishes are much heartier. There's the mini burger, Fuengirola's version of the classic American dish complete with pickles and cheese. But there's also the Iberian bacon with sardines and hummus. There's actually more but you might drown in your own saliva if you read it all! 

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain

Source: Vintotino Fuengirola Facebook Page


Casa Roberto 

Usually, tapas places are crowded and loud, hence people go there for finger food. But not at Casa Roberto! This place has great tapas, yes, but it's also its ambiance that makes it stand out. Compared to other tapas places on this list, Casa Roberto is one of the more intimate. So much so you can even enjoy a good book in it! With only a few tables and a stunning rustic feel to it, it's the perfect place to have a hot date in. Not to mention their amazing Belgian and Spanish fusion cuisine. 

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain


Bodega El Tostón

Bodega El Tostón might be one of the older places on this list, but that doesn't mean its charm has faded away. Nor did its first-class tapas! Nestled near a bus station, it's become one of those hidden gems that you simply find in a town like Fuengirola. They're famous for their tapas, particularly their use of Iberian meats and delicacies. Blended with their traditional cheeses and you get some of the most savory tapas you'll ever have the privilege of tasting! 

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain



Here at Nissart, you'll get to taste two unique tapas that you might not find anywhere else. One has Swiss chard Quiche on it, enriching the dish with its hearty egg finish. And the other has zucchini fritters as their topping. Deliciously unique, these two tapas have become some of the best-selling dishes from this quaint hotspot in Costa del Sol. While others rely on meat and fish, Nissart crafts theirs with eggs and zucchini for some one-of-a-kind tapas delights. 

12 Must-Try Tapas Restaurants in Fuengirola, Spain


Bar La Paz Garrido

Up for some seafood tapas? Bar La Paz Garrido along Avenida de Mijas is a great place to start. Their devotion to serving up some seafood tapas is first-class all the way. For one thing, their seafood are mostly fresh. As if they came from a coastal town like Benalmádena. A lot of what they serve was just caught that same morning. Secondly, they really know how to get enhance the flavors of salmon, prawn, and fish. Marinated to perfection, their tapas will take your tastebuds for a spin with every bite! 



When it comes to fine dining in Fuengirola, look no further than Charolais. The place is known for their elegant ambiance, excellent service, and out-of-this-world food. And inside this sophisticated space is a tapas bar that will keep you indulging for hours. The way they melt their cheese, the way they fry their potatoes, and how each topping works well with their bread base? It’s easy to understand why people would often go here! 


Tipi Tapa

Just the name alone will tell you that this place has a lot of great tapas! Tipi Tapa serves some massively delicious tapas that are so appetizing, you won’t be able to control yourself. If you want anchovies drowning in vinegar, eggs stuffed with tuna, or smoked salmon dripping with melted cheese, here is where you'll find them all. They even present a special flamenco show while you eat away! Now that's first-class dining! 


Tapas are the traditional Spanish delicacy you simply must try when you're in Spain. And if you're in Costa del Sol, the paradisical southern region, Fuengirola is a town where delicious tapas abound. From diners to family restaurants, these are the best tapas Fuengirola has to offer.