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What to Wear in Marrakech

October 05, 2023
Marrakech is a glamorous city. It may not seem like it at first, but the more you explore this vibrant metropolis, the easier it is to realize why the rich and famous love it so much. And in such a place, wouldn't having a great wardrobe be more suitable? You don't exactly have to wear designer brands like celebrities, but there's no stopping you from looking just as stylish as them too. It's all in what you wear! Here in Marrakech, go bold with colors and prints. Wear a kaftan to exude some local glamour and don't skimp on the jewelry too!

What to Wear in Marrakech

Is There a Dress Code in Marrakech?

First things first, it's vital to know if Marrakech has a dress code. Technically speaking, there isn't. People, particularly tourists, are free to wear whatever they want for the most part. With that said, let's not forget that Morocco is still a Muslim country. Showing too much skin is taboo here and locals expect that you don't go out exposing too much. Even more so if you plan to visit the city's heritage sites like the mosques, old houses, medieval castles, and more.

How's The Weather in Marrakech?

Another thing worth noting is the weather in Marrakech. Considering that Morocco is located in North Africa, the place stays sunny and relatively warm all year long. It does, however, get rather cold around winter, which starts in December and ends in February. The average winter temperature is around 46°F to 63°F (8°C to 17 °C) with common rainfall in December. You'd do well to remember this when you pack for your trip to Marrakech.

What to Wear in Marrakech

Wardrobe Staples in Marrakech

Shapeless Pieces

As mentioned previously, Marrakech has no dress code so you're technically free to wear whatever you want. But even then, Morocco is a conservative Muslim country, which means showing off your body is a huge no-no! This doesn't just pertain to skin exposure too. Even wearing bodycon garments can give you a lot of undesired stares and glares, so much so that a well-fitted t-shirt that covers everything can also be considered vulgar here. So what do you do? Go for shapeless pieces. Think tunics, kaftans, maxi dresses, and more. The less outlined and figure-hugging your outfit is, the better.
What to Wear in Marrakech

Maxi Dresses

Speaking of maxi dresses, these are perhaps the best thing to wear when you explore the fascinating neighborhoods in Marrakech. For one thing, a maxi dress covers up your entire body. Again, exposing skin, no matter how little, is still taboo in the city even when they're no dress code. A maxi dress is your safest bet to still be breezy and easy without showing too much of your body. It's even a piece that you can wear no matter the time of year. In summer, just pair it with sandals and a light jacket and you're good. In winter, pair it with boots and thick outerwear and you have a chic but warm outfit!
What to Wear in Marrakech

Oversized Tops

If you're not a big dress person, an oversized top is a great alternative. Go for a collared shirt to include a touch of sophistication to your look. But if you prefer a more modern vibe, an oversized tee is the way to go. Either way, anything oversized lets you stay chic and trendy without exposing your skin and showing off your figure. Even if you wear skinny jeans with it, the look is still far from overtly sexy. It's a nice streetwear aesthetic that'll work well with Marrakech's bustling vibe.
What to Wear in Marrakech

Shawls and Scarves

Shawls and scarves are an absolute must in Marrakech. Firstly, they're great for covering your body if you're wearing something revealing because let's face it! The city can get so hot that you have no choice but to wear tank tops or anything sleeveless. But since such garments expose skin, a shawl or scarf can serve as the perfect coverup. The same goes for when you enter mosques. In these places of worship, women are required to cover their heads. You don't exactly have to wear a burqa or anything like that. Covering your head (and hair) with your shawl or scarf will do!
What to Wear in Marrakech

Open-Toe Flats

You can spend an entire day in Marrakech in your open-toed flats and they'd barely hurt come nightfall. Wearing flat footwear as you explore this city is already a given, but for maximum comfort, it's best to choose the open-toed variety. Think sandals, Birkenstocks, flip-flops, and the like. Don't underestimate how hot Marrakech can get. If you walk around in typical sneakers and espadrilles, they'll be filled with sweat before the day is through. At least with open-toed shoes, your feet are free and cool all day long.
What to Wear in Marrakech

Linen Clothes

Do you know what's a great material to wear in Marrakech? Linen! Get linen tops, linen bottoms, linen dresses, oversized linen shirts, and more when you pack for your trip to this Moroccan city. What's so great about this textile is that it's thick enough to cover your skin but also light enough that you won't be too hot as you spend the day outside. The finest linen pieces are the best of both worlds—you're well-covered and there's no risk of having huge sweat stains. At the same time, linen is chic and minimalist too. It's even a Parisian wardrobe staple. so of course you'll look great in it in Marrakech too!
What to Wear in Marrakech

Bold Colors and Prints

Finally, don't shy away from bold colors and prints. Marrakech may have unspoken and unofficial rules when it comes to skin-exposing garments, but there's definitely none when it comes to color and print. In fact, it's even safer for you to go as bold and as bright as you can. The city can get so crowded and busy at times that you can easily get lost along the way. If you're wearing something colorful, it'll make it easier for your friends and family to spot you amidst the crowds.
What to Wear in Marrakech

Match the glamour in Marrakech by packing and wearing the right outfits. In this beautifully exotic city, you'd do well to wear oversized shirts, linen pieces, vibrant colors, bold prints, and chic maxi dresses.

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