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8 Tips for Going to Concerts in Paris

September 24, 2023
More than just a fashion and food capital, it's safe to say that Paris is also a music capital. At least, somewhat. Not only does the city have some of the most famous music halls and theaters around the world, but it also draws in the most popular international artists. All the biggest names in music over the years have performed in Paris, making it a go-to concert destination. As such, if you're going to a concert in Paris, you'd do well to follow a few tips. Things like traveling an hour early to a venue and knowing what to wear matter more than you probably realize.

8 Tips for Going to Concerts in Paris

Invite Some Local Friends If You Can

If you can afford to buy multiple concert tickets at a time, take your friends with you. Not only because it will be more fun, but it's also a practical decision. If you're not that familiar with Paris yet, your local acquaintances will help you get to the venue in no time. It's worth noting that a good number of the popular concert venues in Paris are a fair distance away from the city center. A good example is La Défense Arena, which is located in the western suburb of Paris. A local will likely know the way to get there faster than what Google will tell you.

Start Traveling at Least an Hour Early

Even if the concert you're going to is located within the central neighborhoods of Paris, you'd still do well to start traveling at least an hour early. You're not the only one going to the concert after all. If it's someone as famous as Beyoncé or Taylor Swift, there's a good chance that the place will be packed. But not just the concert venue either! The streets leading up to the venue will be just as packed too, as will the parking lot. Even if you commute to the venue, there's no way you'd be able to avoid getting into traffic.

8 Tips for Going to Concerts in Paris

Check if The Venue Has a Dress Code

Speaking of the concert venue, check if it has a dress code. Let's say that you're going to a classical music concert in the 19th arrondissement's Philharmonie de Paris. Do you think they'll just let you in when you're wearing jeans and a T-shirt? Of course not! At the same time, there's also the risk of overdressing. You're not going to a BlackPink concert held at the Accors Arena in a floor-length gown, are you? You're free to do so, but you'll stand out like a sore thumb if you do!

Dress to Impress

Nevertheless, you'd still do well to dress to impress. For high-class concerts in the city's grandest music halls, tuxedos for the men and flattering dresses for the women are the names of the game. For the international artists performing live in Paris, dress up according to the artist's theme and branding. A good example to take note of is Beyoncé's most recent “Renaissance” World Tour. When the Grammy Award-winning artist performed at Stade de France last May 2023, most of the attendees came out in sparkling silver numbers. They reflected the album's shimmering aesthetic, eventually making it one of the most fashionable concerts in Paris history!

8 Tips for Going to Concerts in Paris

Wear Comfy Shoes

Whatever you wear for the concert in Paris, make sure to pair it with comfy footwear. Or, at the very least, shoes that your feet are used to. Though it's only natural to want to wear everything new to such an event, footwear is another story. Whether you have a seat at the venue or you'll be dancing all night long, your feet will suffer a lot if you're wearing uncomfortable shoes. As much as the concert will help you forget the pain and have you partying the night away, you wouldn't want to go back to your luxury home in Paris and discover blisters all over your feet, would you?

Pack Some Water

Among the many things to bring to the concert, water ought to be at the top of your list. At least, if it's a concert you anticipate will have you on your feet all night long. For the more upscale events, they'll either serve water or other beverages themselves or ban food & drink in the venue altogether. But for the stadium and arena concerts, you need as many refreshments as you can. Don't underestimate the rush and adrenaline you'll get from seeing your favorite artists perform live. To better enjoy the experience, drink some water every now and then!

8 Tips for Going to Concerts in Paris

Don't Leave Early

It's easy to think that leaving a concert early is a good idea. The moment it's over, all the people in the venue will fill up the streets and you'll be stuck in traffic again. Is that worth getting into just to see the concert to the end? Yes, it definitely is! The word “encore” comes from the French language. It means “again, some more” and has become the common expression for an audience to encourage the artist to perform again. But if you leave early, you'll miss it! Who knows? Their second performance might even up being better and downright iconic! Do you want to risk missing it just because you want to avoid the traffic going home?

Avoid Using Your Phone

This isn't to say you shouldn't use it! It's only natural to want to record what's happening to save some memories, after all. But when you hold up your phone all night long, it dilutes the experience. You paid all that money to see them live, right? Would it make sense that even when your favorite artist is literally right in front of you, you're still looking at them through the lens of your phone? Definitely not. So when going to a concert in Paris, enjoy the moment! Put your phone down and have the time of your life!

8 Tips for Going to Concerts in Paris

As fun as it is to go to a concert in Paris, it can get complicated pretty quickly if you're not smart about it. Follow these tips to ensure that you'll have the time of your life and avoid all sorts of problems.

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