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The Art of St. Barts Top Galleries You Need To See

March 18, 2020
St. Barths is probably a place you've heard mentioned in movies or on TV. Or perhaps, you read it in a magazine when a famous celebrity went there. In recent years, this once-unknown area in the Caribbean has since become a haven for first-class elite travelers. And today, it's now one of the most desirable destinations to go to. Though its popularity stems from its beautiful beaches, there are some hotspots here you should check out. Most especially if you're into art!

The Art of St. Barts Top Galleries You Need To See


Caribbean & St. Barth's Gallery

The lush trees, the crystal blue waters, the open skies. This is the paradise that is St. Barths. It's practically nothing like anywhere you've been to. Not to mention the island's beautiful tropical culture! And it's probably this culture that will charm you the most. So much so that you'd want to take loads of pictures of the place. Though that's not the only thing you can do. At the island's Caribbean & St. Barths Gallery, premier artist Kelly Garry displays and offers up his watercolor paintings of many places on the island. It's a charming exhibition, as well as a souvenir shop, to best remember your time here! 



When going to the Clic Gallery in St. Barths, the word 'chic' comes into mind. And no, it's not because they rhyme. But because 'chic' best describes the places. Opened a little over a decade ago, this spacious gallery and boutique showcases some of the best photographers in the world. It's a nice little spot in the Caribbean where the most prominent of modern visual artists get to display what they captured. And with its ultra-modern aesthetic and ambiance, you'll feel as if you're in a gallery in London or Paris. But nope, you're still in the beautiful St. Barths! 

The Art of St. Barts Top Galleries You Need To See

Source: Clic


Musee Municipal de St. Barthelemy

Not all galleries have to house just modern art. Like many territories of its kind, St. Barths has a rich history to tell. And they're all on full display at the Musee Municipal de St. Barthelemy. A beautiful structure that was built ages ago, this stone building houses the history of what's become one of the hottest vacation spots in the world, especially for the rich and famous! What you'll see here is probably far from what has become the island's glamorous reputation. The artifacts and works of art displayed will not only tell of its colorful history but also of its rather complicated past. 

Space Gallery

'Space' is the perfect name for this gallery because it is what it gives modern artists: space to display their best works. Stark white walls line this place, offering up a beautiful clean slate for painters, sculptors, photographers, and more to fill with their amazing creations. With such stark whiteness, any artist's work will pop out and people privileged enough to visit here will really see the fine details of the pieces. It's ultra-modern, ultra-chic, and presents all of what's glamorous and desirable about St. Barths. New York and London better watch out, St. Barths might just overtake them as the next big capital of art! 

The Art of St. Barts Top Galleries You Need To See

Source: Space Gallery St. Barths


Inter Oceans Museum

St. Barths is known for its beaches. And what do you find on beaches? White sand? Sure! Some fish? if you're lucky! Seashells? A whole lot of them! Unbeknownst to many, St. Barths is home to all sorts of beautiful shells. Some of which you might not even see anywhere else. And yet, on this island as well as a charming old man whose chose life mission is to make all sorts of artworks with these shells. He displays them proudly in the Inter Ocean museum. There's no limit to what he can do with seashells, and the results are truly something to behold! 


Pati’s Gallery

Is it a gallery? Or is it a boutique? Well, it's both! The Pati Gallery is home to some of the finest modern art pieces on this side of the Caribbean. However, the place also operates as a cool boutique selling a lot of desirable pieces as well. It's one of those unique fusions of fashion and art that celebrates the two in equal measure. Fine sculptures, exciting paintings, and striking photographs all fill up this ultimately sleek and modern space. But also, you might just find your next great outfit here too! Or perhaps, even a great gift?

The Art of St. Barts Top Galleries You Need To See

Source: Pati de St. Barth Facebook Page


Wall House Museum

The architecture of this now-famous building is just as noteworthy as the art it houses inside. A historic house that has stood since the territory’s colonial period, it's a stark reminder of the island's complex history. But also, it's a great place to learn more about the island. From the natural wonders to historical artifacts, you'll find out more about St. Barths became the paradise that it is today. Though the site isn't as modern as the other places on this list, it's still worth a look for the history and natural wonders alone. 


The Eden Gallery

Want a little color in your St. Barth's trip? Head to The Eden Gallery! It's here where some of the most colorful works of art in the entire territory are displayed. With its stark white walls, open spaces, and sleek interior design, the pieces of art are, more than ever, pushed to the forefront. You might even see every stroke that the artists did on their canvases. Their abstract sculptures? They may look clearer when juxtaposed with the ultra-clean and simple setting. Whatever you think of the art that's displayed here, The Eden Gallery one of the more immersive galleries on this list, that's for sure! 

The Art of St. Barts Top Galleries You Need To See

Source: Eden Gallery


When in St. Barths, sometimes you gotta look beyond the glamorous seaside facade and get into something a little more artistic. Fortunately, there are loads of worthwhile galleries and museums here that you can do when you're bored of going to the beach! 






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