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Why You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in LA

August 16, 2023
Although Thanksgiving Day is a nationwide American holiday, there's something about Los Angeles that makes it different. Surely people here celebrate the day too, right? But perhaps it's not in the same way as, say, in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and more. After all, Los Angeles almost feels like it's in a world of its own. They probably celebrate Thanksgiving Day in a totally different way. Only in the “City of Angels” can you join an annual Turkey Trot race, go to Disneyland, or laugh at loud with top comedians on the holiday. Look forward to it!

Why You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in LA

Eat Out

Isn't this holiday all about food? Or rather, sharing a meal with people you love and expressing how thankful you are for them? The very first Thanksgiving was a feast shared between pilgrims and Native Americans, after all. Thanksgiving dinner has become the biggest part of the holiday. And if you're in LA, there are lots of places where you can eat out. From Michelin-starred restaurants to affordable diners with great food, you can spend the holiday having your own foodie tour with friends and family. Now that'd be a memorable Thanksgiving Day!

Play at The Park

Los Angeles, as with the rest of California, is famous for its eternally sunny weather, among other things. It may get cooler around autumn, but it's not so cold that you'll need to pile on sweaters and coats. So if you're celebrating Thanksgiving Day in LA this year, you can spend it in the park! There are many parks in Los Angeles to choose from. There's the famous Griffith Park and its equally beloved Observatory. Lake Hollywood Park offers the best view of the iconic “Hollywood” sign. And Echo Park Lake, on the other hand, is the perfect family-friendly space where everyone can have all sorts of fun.

Why You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in LA

Join The Turkey Trot Race

As already mentioned, Los Angeles is a lot warmer on Thanksgiving Day compared to other parts of the country. It's one of the very few places where you can still spend the holiday outside without freezing to death. In fact, you can even join the city's famous Turkey Trot Race too! Regarded as “LA's best Thanksgiving tradition,” it's a 5k to 10k run that travels throughout the city's different neighborhoods. The event raises funds for The Midnight Mission, a non-profit organization that helps the homeless members of the community. There's nothing quite like showing thanks than giving back!

Spend The Day at Disneyland

If Thanksgiving is all about expressing how thankful you are, especially with and to your family & friends, where's the most suitable place to take them? “The happiest place on earth,” of course! Spending Thanksgiving Day in LA also gives you the perfect reason to go to Disneyland. The park itself has no special events for the holiday, but around this time, Christmas lights and decorations are already up. With such a festive mood to welcome you, you're sure to have a ball with your loved ones and the beloved characters from your favorite Disney films.

Why You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in LA

Laugh Out Loud at The Laugh Factory

The Laugh Factory is the most iconic comedy club in LA, perhaps even in the entire world. The world's top comedians got their start here, ranging from Arsenio Hall and Gabriel Iglesias to George Lopez and Dave Chappelle. And every year, the club hosts its annual Thanksgiving Feasts, wherein its top comedians serve turkey to each guest while other comics perform live sets. The best part? The event is free and open to the public. At such a famous hotspot in LA, this is one of the very rare chances that you can see the funniest people in the country live without paying a single cent!

Check Out The LA Auto Show

Although it doesn't have anything to do with the holiday, Thanksgiving is also a great reason to check out LA's Auto Show. Ever since it was founded in 1907, the city has put on its world-famous auto show every mid-November, just in time for the holiday. As such, plenty of locals have made it their annual tradition to check out the newest cars and the latest models, foregoing the Thanksgiving turkey for engines and motors. And who could blame them? The LA Auto Show displays a whopping 1,000 models every year, after all. That's definitely more exciting than dinner!

Go Shopping on Black Friday

Now that you're done with the holiday—you've eaten the turkey, you've met up with relatives, and you've shared what you're thankful for—what do you do next? Go shopping! Black Friday is what the Americans named the Friday right after the holiday, a day where deals and discounts run abundant. It's become such a phenomenon that it's become the biggest retail holiday in the country, even more so than Christmas. And if you spend Thanksgiving Day in LA, you get to go Black Friday shopping in some of the most luxurious shops in the country! Rodeo Drive or The Grove, anyone?

Why You Should Celebrate Thanksgiving Day in LA

Consider celebrating Thanksgiving Day in LA this year. The city is already exciting no matter the time of year, but this holiday has all sorts of fun activities and awesome festivities that you can enjoy with your loved ones!

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