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Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

August 02, 2023
New York City is one of, if not the busiest city in the world. As the “city that never sleeps,” the people here are always running about. They're working hard during the day and partying hard during the night. With this in mind, you'd think that the Big Apple isn't a place for homebodies, but that's not necessarily true. There are a good number of luxury apartments in New York City where you can work from home. Apart from their great amenities, these awesome rentals provide the perfect space for you to do your job and more!

Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

Columbus Square One-Bedroom Apartment

You'd ordinarily think that a one-bedroom apartment in New York would be too small for someone who works from home but this solo luxury rental near Colombus Square is just right! Sure, at 60 square meters, it's not the biggest home you could find, but for a single professional who just needs a nice desk to work, this place is perfect. Beyond its complete amenities, it's safe to say that the home office setup is the star of the show here. The desk is big enough to fit both a monitor and your laptop and set against such glorious views of Central Park. Impressive, isn’t it?
Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

Murray Hill One-Bedroom Apartment

Murray Hill is a trendy neighborhood in New York City. Located on the east side of Manhattan, it's become rife with college students, young professionals, and freelancers alike. Such an environment sounds perfect for someone who works from home, right? Even more so if you get to stay in this exquisite one-bedroom apartment with a nice office setup. To say that the home office is complete is an understatement. Here, you get to have a monitor, a laptop holder, a professional microphone (Zoom calls have never been clearer!), and even a cup holder! What more could you ask for?
Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

Chelsea One-Bedroom Apartment

What's another trendy district for young professionals in New York City? Chelsea! Known for its trendy hotspots and chic galleries, it's often the heart of the social scene of Manhattan. And you can enjoy all of that after a hard day's work at home! Doing your daily tasks will be a breeze with this one-bedroom apartment's home office area. There's a monitor, a keyboard, speakers, a professional microphone, and an ergonomic office chair. What also makes it great is that it's set in a corner of the spacious living room, allowing you to get up and do some stretches in-between tasks.
Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

Brownstone Lane Two-Bedroom Apartment

What good is a nice home office setup when there's barely any storage space? If your job still has you dealing with paperwork even in today's digital age, then perhaps you’ll prefer to rent this cozy two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn instead. Perfect for a family of three or four, this allows you to work from home while looking after the kids at the same time. Its desk setup isn't all that different from the others on this list but what makes it stand out is the number of shelves nearby. You can easily store all your important paperwork throughout the luxury rental!
Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

Linden Place I

Let's not forget that in today's post-pandemic world, working from home is now more than just being tied to a desk. Sometimes, you may need to invite a few colleagues over and have your own meetings. This is fairly common for startup companies that don't have their own office spaces yet. And when the coworking spaces in New York get too crowded, you can always set your meeting in a place like this three-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side. Beyond the desks set up in some of the rooms, it's the space that's the true clincher here. The dining table can easily turn into a makeshift boardroom when needed!
Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

Empire House

Speaking of New York luxury rentals that you can turn into coworking space, this massive Empire House in Williamsburg, Brooklyn fits the bill! Just look at all that space! Not only can you the dining area as a meeting room, but the courtyard outside is perfect for a work soiree too. And even if you don't need all that, the true centerpiece of this amazing rental (as far as working from home is concerned) is the office space. Yes, you read that right—office space! The desk is set up in its own semi-private corner that it's practically an entire home office. What's not to love?
Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

Magnolia Terrace

Following in the vein of Empire House, this exquisite Magnolia Terrace four-bedroom rental, which is also among the finest homes in Brooklyn, is also perfect for a CEO of a startup company. As the boss, it's only natural (though not obligatory!) for you to provide space for your employees as you find a permanent office space, right? Won't this massive townhouse do? You can use various parts of the home for work! Orientation in the living room, brainstorming meetings in the entertainment room, company lunches outside, and more. The sky's the limit on how you can turn this amazing luxury home into your own startup office!
Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

Parker House

Finally, there's Parker House, a luxurious townhouse back in the upscale Chelsea district. Far from the one-bedroom apartment that's also featured on this list, this three-bedroom estate is your best bet for a slice of suburbia at the heart of the famously busy metropolis. And sure, just like the other huge luxury rentals that are also on this list, Parker House has enough rooms and space to turn into a makeshift startup company office. But that's not exactly its vibe. This is for the remote worker who simply wants to finish their job in peace. Perhaps even spend some time with family along the way.
Work from Home in Any of These Luxury New York Apartments

The new normal probably has you working from home more than usual, hasn't it? If that's the case and you're in New York City, then you'll definitely want to rent any of these awesome luxury apartments.

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