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Work At These Great Co-Working Spaces in New York

June 01, 2021
You probably won't see a busier city than New York. It is, after all, the 'city that never sleeps.' And this monicker is a lot more accurate than you might think. The place for big business and big money, work here is practically a lifestyle in of itself. Most of the residents are either business owners or career men and women. They know the importance of work and they do whatever it takes to do it. Even if that means working at a co-working space, of which the 'Big Apple' has an abundance of.

Work At These Great Co-Working Spaces in New York



If you're one to frequent co-working spaces, you've probably heard of WeWork. In fact, you might have eve been to a branch yourself as well. And in New York, that's more than likely. With many offices set up in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, you have more than enough chances to get to work here. And their locations are even very strategic too. They're near subway stations and commercial centers, granting easy access to them. Here, you get to enjoy private offices, spacious conference rooms, printing services, quality office supplies, and more. Convenient doesn't even begin to describe working here! 


The Wing

It's safe to say that New York is a city that respects women and their ability to rise up in their careers. That's why there's The Wing, a special co-working space for women—welcoming of both biological and transgender—wherein they can finish the job and have a little fun too. Here, it's all about balance, giving women an opportunity to focus on their careers and play a little when they have the time. But also, it's become a communal space for those who share the same passions, visions, and trajectories in their careers. Not to mention it's also the most beautiful space on this list! 


Work At These Great Co-Working Spaces in New York


The Farm

No, this isn't the place where Old McDonald kept his ducks and cows. This co-working space, nestled in the city's hip SoHo neighborhood, is perhaps the most comfortable co-working space on this list. It's also the quirkiness, complete with barnyard decor, a cute nap room, and an indoor treehouse. Some may argue that this place is more about playing than working but it still does have your standard facilities to help you finish your job. Though you might find it hard to keep yourself from getting distracted, it's a good thing the place also has a few private rooms so you can focus more on work. 


Selina Chelsea

What about in the Chelsea area? What co-working space does this district have? Selina Chelsea hotel. In terms of hotels, they're often better for business lunches and entertaining clients. But this particular establishment actually has its own open office where people can come over and finish their tasks. Nestled within the lobby's 'The Gallery Cafe,' you get to work surrounded by beautiful works of art here! But don't worry about getting distracted by them, as the dim lighting and gallery-ready spacing provides ample atmosphere to help you focus more on your task. 


Work At These Great Co-Working Spaces in New York



If you think Spacious looks familiar, that's probably because you might have been to the site yourself before. The company specializes in turning old restaurants and hotspots into appropriate co-working spaces. Here, you get to relax in a peaceful setting while you work away. And you might be surprised at how rare this can be. You are, after all, in New York City. This is practically the nosiest city there is. Fortunately, Spacious provides a silent retreat from it all, made even better by their selection of coffees and teas to help you keep refreshed and energized as you work. 



With over 3,000 offices all over the world, Regus has certainly built a name for themselves when it comes to providing co-working spaces. The ones in New York are no different. perfect for startup teams, they have ample spaces for many companies to enjoy their amenities. Not to mention basic business services such as printing, hardware help, and strong WiFi. It's almost weird how you're able to effectively work with your team here even when you're surrounded by other companies, both big and small. Some might even become your business rivals or even partners in the future! 


Work At These Great Co-Working Spaces in New York



Arguably the best thing about the Industrious co-working space is the view you get to have while working here. Whether you're in the Manhattan or Brooklyn location, the view from their outside terrace is one to look forward to when you get here. Imagine looking up from your laptops or documents and seeing the bustling New York metropolis at its busiest. You'll feel as if you're part of something bigger, even though you're technically just there to work all by yourself or just with your team. Of course, their standard co-working facilities also make the experience of working here a pleasant one. 



It's one thing to work at a co-working space, it's another to work and save the planet a the same time. And if you think there's no such place where you can do both, think again! With over 10 locations across Brooklyn and Long Island City, Greendesk has been a pioneer in providing an open office that's also an eco-friendly work station. Their use of recycled glass for their windows, renewable energy source, and the organic coffee that they serve are just some of the ways they're able to promote sustainability. It will do your heart good to work and take care of the planet at the same time! 


Work At These Great Co-Working Spaces in New York


Amidst the big skyscrapers and tall office buildings that make up New York City's iconic skyline are co-working spaces that many of the Big Apple's less conventional professionals can enjoy. Who said working in the "city that never sleeps" has to entail the traditional way anyway? 

Finding a place to work in isn't necessarily the most challenging part about staying in New York. it's finding a place. But if you have the money for it, you can easily find a great and luxurious apartment to accommodate you while you're here!



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