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The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know

July 11, 2023
There are so many great places to eat in Dublin that it's hard to pick just one. Perhaps it's easier if you have to pick one among ten of the city's best restaurants? That'll really narrow down your choices, allowing for less time and effort to go into choosing where you want to eat out tonight, tomorrow night, or for a special occasion. And in Dublin's culinary scenes, some of the names that stand out include the Fish Shop, Chapter One, Forest Avenue, Richmond Restaurant, and The Park Café. These and many more places of their caliber offer delicious food and quality service.

The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know

Chapter One

Even though Chapter One only opened back in 2021, it didn't take long for it to be one of the best restaurants in Dublin. Chef Mickael Vilkjanen heads the kitchen here, putting forth his sublime culinary skills in the Irish capital. His Mediterranean menu never fails to tantalize the taste buds of locals and tourists alike, even though it's a four-course offering that costs a hefty €150.00 each. Is the price worth it? Well, the Michelin Guides certainly agree. They even awarded Chapter One two of their coveted stars.
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: Chapter One Restaurant Facebook Page


Harold's Cross is one of the hippest neighborhoods in Dublin. It has such an urban feel, full of affluence and upscale hotspots. Craft is one of them. It's a chic fine-dining restaurant that serves the most sumptuous flavors of the Mediterranean. To start, you can order a fresh plate of Clare Island salmon. You can get some Andarl farm pork belly for your main course for a meatier kick. And for dessert? Some cherry & pistachio cheesecake topped with cherry sorbet. What's not to love?
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: Craft

Fish Shop

Ireland takes pride in its fresh seafood. It's easy to think that the Mediterranean Islands have the authority regarding this culinary category, but this British Isles nation certainly puts up a good fight. Do you find it hard to believe? Just go to the Fish Shop in Dublin to realize this. Though it's a well-known fish & chips shop, their other seafood is up to par too. From oysters to smoked haddock croquettes, every selection is a must! Even their chips are worth every cent too.
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: Fish Shop

Forest Avenue

Despite how fairly pricey Forest Avenue is, its relaxed vibe on a street off the Grand Canal has a welcoming approach. It's a minimalist space with a family-friendly atmosphere. You'll have no trouble having a good time here. Even more so with its delectable menu. Among its bestsellers include dry-aged duck, made even more scrumptious with sunflower and girolle mushrooms. For a spicier option, yellow curry will take your taste buds on a tailspin!
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: Forest Avenue


Looking for the perfect spot for your romantic date with your special someone? Consider going to Luna. Its richly-toned and dimly-lit ambiance is perfect for a dinner date. As for the food here, their food is spectacular! For a fascinating dish, try their unique aged parmesan Korean corn dog. For a heartier option, get their pork fillet served with sweet potato and apple. Or some lamb with caponata too! And to add some zest to your meal, order a cocktail. Fancy some Lime in the Coconut? It's divine!
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: LunaD2 Facebook Page


Mamó takes pride in its sustainable approach to culinary excellence. Located in the Howth district of Dublin, it didn't take long for this place to be a neighborhood favorite. And it's no surprise considering that Mamó specialized in contemporary Irish cuisine. Their scallops with Roscoff onion compote, for example, will fill you up despite their small portions. Some Irish Sea cod drizzled in herring roe butter, on the other hand, offers the country's signature freshness. Dishes like this will stay with you for a long time!
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: Mamó Instagram Page


Just like the British, the Irish are also in love with Indian cuisine. Many of the South Asian country's dishes have made it onto Ireland's cuisine, not to mention in Dublin's culinary scene too. Pickle, a North Indian restaurant on Camden Street Lower, is one of the most popular hotspots in the city. You even need to call well in advance to book a table here. Seems a bit much? Not when you get a taste of their Chicken Biryani, Goat Keema Po, Laal Maas Curry, and Duck Kofta Kadi.
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: Pickle Restaurant

The Park Café

If you're only looking for coffee in Dublin, The Park Café on Shelbourne Road isn't the place for you. While they still serve some great coffee, the hotspot is more of a restaurant than a standard cafe. And it's particularly famous for its hearty selections. Seafood lovers will love their Wexford Scallops or House Smoked Salmon. Those who prefer meat will love their Hanger Steak or Roast Chicken instead. And if you fancy some pasta, their Spaghetti Primavera does not disappoint!
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: The Park Café

Richmond Restaurant

Richmond Restaurant is a Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurant and that's enough to let you know that it's one of the best places to eat in Dublin. What's great about it is that it offers exceptional food for any meal of the day. For brunch, you can their Eggs Florentine and Fish Gratin will perk you up in no time! For dinner, you can get some fresh Market Fish or Grilled Lobster Thermidor. And for dessert, indulge in some almond cake with blackberry cream.
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: Richmond Restaurant

Volpe Nera

Volpe Nera is located all the way in southern Dublin. You might need some help to get there but rest assured that all your efforts will be worth it. You'd do well to go here around dinnertime, as its Italian menu is perfect to end the day right. Their homemade bread with mushroom butter is a good starter. It's enough to whet your appetite and get it ready for some Salt Marsh Lamb or Salt-Aged Delmonico Beef. Paired with some sides of McNally Organic Leaves and you'll have quite the meal!
The Top 10 Dublin Restaurants You Need To Know
Source: Volpe Nera

When you want to eat out in Dublin, consider going to the top 10 restaurants in the city. They serve all sorts of cuisines, provide quality service, and offer a culinary experience you won't ever forget!

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