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Where to Get Coffee in Dublin

July 05, 2023
It's no secret that Ireland is a generally cold country. One of the main British isles, you'd be hard-pressed to find ample warmth here. It's even come to a point that Irish summers are barely hot enough anymore. It's warm enough to go to the beach, sure, but it's nowhere near as hot as the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. As such, drinking coffee is an absolute must in Ireland, especially in Dublin. The Irish capital has its fair share of great cafes, namely 3fe, Kaph, The Tram Cafe, Shoe Lane Coffee, and Bewley’s, among many others.

Where to Get Coffee in Dublin


If you were to ask people where to find the best coffee in Dublin, many would point you in the direction of 3FE. Fortunately, the cafe has become as famous enough to have various locations throughout the different neighborhoods in Dublin. And what's great about them is that they're all about quality over quantity. They may serve you a small cup of coffee, but rest assured that it will taste better than any “grande” or “verde” cup. Paired with their scrumptious pastries, you're sure to enjoy your coffee break no matter what!


Grafton Street is a popular shopping district in Dublin. The area is filled with famous brands, local boutiques, and lots of amazing finds. Not to mention a few great hotspots too. For example, you'll find Bewley's Cafe on Grafton Street. It's a century-old coffee shop that's perfect for a nice break. When you get exhausted after your shopping spree, there's nothing better than pulling up a chair in Bewley's and getting a hot cup of coffee paired with a nice pastry. There's nothing really revolutionary about this place, it's just that the location makes it the perfect break spot!

Where to Get Coffee in Dublin


Located on Drury Street, right at the heart of Dublin's Creative Quarter, Kaph is a cool and hip coffee shop that's all about specialty coffee. Their unique blend will stop you in your tracks and whether it's a good or bad thing will depend on your specific taste. Nevertheless, there's no denying that Kaph's coffee has a unique kick to it, hence it's become popular among the hip locals. You can expect young professionals to pop on over here every morning to get a cup as they go to work. Even teenagers get their caffeine fix at Kaph too. That's how cool of a cafe it is!

Shoe Lane Coffee

On Dublin's famous Taras Street, once a strip of cobblers, Shoe Lane Coffee is a cozy escape from the rest of the world. With such a quirky name, you'd think this shop would have a colorful facade, right? Well, that couldn't be farther from the truth! The cafe's exterior is just a plain black cube with the word 'Coffee' written on it. Gimmicky in its simplicity, sure, but at least it's straight to the point too. The coffee here is great, perfect to warm yourself up amidst the city's notoriously cold weather. And the munchies? Scrumptious!

Where to Get Coffee in Dublin

The Fumbally

Not only is The Fumbally one of the best places to get coffee in Dublin, but it's also one of the best foodie hotspots in town. For one thing, most of what they serve is ethically sourced. From organic dishes to glutton-free pastries, you'll end up healthier after just one meal here. And what of their coffee? Just as healthy and delicious! They're authentic coffee beans from various parts of the world. They brew them in such unique ways that you won't ever forget that first sip. What more could you ask for?

The Tram Café

When you hear the name 'The Tram Café,' what do you imagine? An entire coffee ship snuggled in a tram car? Well, that's exactly what this next coffee shop is! Located near Wolf Tone Square, The Tram Café is a nice little hotspot inside a reworked tram car. The idea is cute and adorable, sure, but their cakes and coffee make eating here still worth it. In fact, it's safe to say that this coffee shop is one of the best places to get some much-needed sweetness in your system. Not to mention hot coffee too!

Two Boys Brew

In Phibsborough, Dublin, you'll find Two Boys Brew. It's another specialty coffee shop. But just how special is their coffee? Well, for one thing, it's organic. Though too much caffeine is not good for you, there's no doubt that the coffee they serve here is substantially healthier compared to those from other places. And that goes the same for their good too. While the menu isn't exactly vegan, you can expect that Two Boys Brew only makes use of the freshest and the most natural ingredients. It almost makes indulging in their desserts less sinful!

Where to Get Coffee in Dublin

Discover where you can get coffee in Dublin. Don't underestimate just how cold the city can get, no matter the time of the year. So if you know about these great cafes, you already know how to stay warm in the Irish capital.

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