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Dublin's Most Noteworthy Foodie Hotspots

September 03, 2021
It's a shame that Dublin isn't as internationally recognized as the foodie destination that it is. Sure, it's not exactly a capital within the caliber of Paris, London, and Rome, but it's a city that has its own unique flavors and exciting tastes nonetheless. If you think eating here won't be a highlight of your stay, think again! The Irish capital has its fair share foodie hotspots that will tickle your culinary fancy enough to keep you coming back. It'd be worth your while to check them out the next time you're here or the next time you want a treat yourself to a great feast.

Dublin's Most Noteworthy Foodie Hotspots



If you're in need of a hearty meal, look no further than Craft, located in Harrod's cross. With its minimalist decor and dim-lit ambiance, the place almost feels a little bit too swanky for some meat, but they serve theirs with as much sophistication as the place's aesthetic. A nice slice of pork belly, for instance, is served with spiced up carrots and crispy crackling ready to tantalize your taste buds and take them out for a spin. Pair that with a nice glass of Guinness and you'd have a quintessential Irish meal. You wouldn't want anything less! 

Dublin's Most Noteworthy Foodie Hotspots

Source: Craft Facebook Page


Fish Shop

As you may already know, it's considered insulting in Ireland to compare or put the Irish in the same boat as the British. You'll get in a fight if you ever say such things. However, one thing they do have in common is their love for fish and chips. Some crispy breaded fish fillets with nicely fried potatoes slices ahs become a go-to snack in both countries. but don't think London's fish and chips shops are the only worthwhile ones on those sides of the world. Here in Dublin, there's the Fish Shop. A nice quaint place that sells—you guessed it!— the best fish and chips in the Irish capital.

Dublin's Most Noteworthy Foodie Hotspots

Source: Fish Shop 



Nestled in the most foodie-centric of Dublin's neighborhoods, Temple Bar, Klaw is also quite the haven for seafood lovers. Its novel nautical vibe is a dead giveaway. It's a little bit more upscale and a lot more spacious than Fish Shop and definitely just as good. Beyond the classic fish and chips, you can order the best of the best of Irish seafood here. This includes some choice cracklings, tasty oysters, scrumptious shrimp, and more. Be sure to wear pants with an elastic waistband because you're guaranteed to grow a few inches around the tummy area after eating here. 

Dublin's Most Noteworthy Foodie Hotspots

Source: Klaw Facebook Page



Dining costs in Dublin are often on the affordable side but not when you go for a place like Luna. With its sexy New York-style ambiance and tone-down lighting, it's quite the swanky meet-up hotspot in the Irish capital. The 1960s flair alone will tell you just how upscale this place is. But it's the place's delicious Italian menu that will ahve you throwing caution to the wind and eating dinner here regardless of the price range. Who'd care about the prices when you're gobbling up some rich red-sauce pasta paired with a bottle of fine French wine and a serving gelato for dessert? 

Dublin's Most Noteworthy Foodie Hotspots

Source: Luna Facebook Page


Richmond Restaurant

Sometimes, a place's ambiance alone is enough to let you know just how good of a hotspot it is. It completes the culinary experience, even though the food is a separate matter entirely. But in a place like Richmond Restaurant in Dublin, its homely diner feel is the real clincher. Adorably lit with fairy lights and decorated as if it was your grandmother's kitchen, it sets forth a pleasant feeling enhanced by its amazing food. And speaking of the food, what's so fascinating about this place is that it often changes by season. You won't see anything like it anywhere else! 

Dublin's Most Noteworthy Foodie Hotspots

Source: Richmond Restaurant Facebook Page


The Greenhouse

With a Michelin star to its name, it's no wonder The Greenhouse has amassed such popularity among foodies over the years. Beyond its elegant ambiance and beautiful decor is a menu that mixes in all of Ireland's exciting flavors, from seafood and meat to its delectable fruits and vegetables. The way the chefs at this place combine all these amazing tastes together, you'd think they were scientists or something. ut when you taste their heavenly creations, there's no doubt that they're at the top of their culinary game. Expect the prices to be on the expensive side but every penny you spend here is worth it! 

Dublin's Most Noteworthy Foodie Hotspots

Source: The Greenhouse Facebook Page


When you're in Dublin, get your stomachs ready. You'll find that the Irish capital is full of amazing places where you can get your fill of good food, all with incredible flavors and unique tastes, culminating in a culinary experience won't soon forget.

You can continue that delicious meal if you have take out and bring it home to your luxurious Dublin apartment. That'd be quite the blast indeed!