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Where Can You Get Organic Coffee in Paris?

July 08, 2023
Even though it's still the middle of summer, time passes so fast that it'll already be autumn before you know it. The season for fall foliage, chunky sweaters, and hot cups of coffee is most enchanting in cities like Paris. The latter is particularly true since it's no secret that cafe society is alive and well in the French capital. The many cafes in Paris are some of the best hotspots to hang out when it's autumn. And for those who prefer something healthier, there are also places you can get some organic coffee. Dose, Motors Coffee, KB CaféShop, Matamata Coffee Bar, and Un Grain Décalé are just some you'd do well to check out!

Where Can You Get Organic Coffee in Paris?


Dose is one of those famous cafes in Paris that has two locations in different arrondissements. There's one on Rue Mouffetard and another on Batignolles. But whichever one you go to, their organic coffee stays the same: healthy and tasty! Not only does the place focus on specialty coffee, but the beans are also selected and roasted by them personally. There's no generic coffee here, the kind you'll find in famous global coffee chains. Instead, you'll be treated to hot cups of natural and organic coffee from different parts of the world. What's not to love?

KB CaféShop

KB CaféShop is also fairly famous as an organic coffee shop in Paris. It's a hip cafe on Avenue Trudaine, right by South Pigalle. With its cool urban vibe and organic appeal, the place had no problem reeling in the youngsters and the hipsters. As such, it's become one of the most popular cafes in Pigalle. A hotspot where locals hang out, some work, while others chill and chat. As for their coffee, KB CaféShop takes pride in their sustainable approach. Their espresso beans came straight from Latin America and they roast them fresh every single morning.

Where Can You Get Organic Coffee in Paris?

Matamata Coffee Bar

With two locations in different neighborhoods in Paris, it's safe to say that the Matamata Coffee Bar is fairly popular among locals and tourists alike. But what is it about this place that has captured people's attention? Firstly, there's organic coffee. From the authentic beans to their intricate roasting and brewing methods, every cup they serve is a result of a lot of hard work. Secondly, the hotspot emphasizes the “Bar” part of its name quite well. Although it's a pretty standard cafe in Paris, the Matamata Coffee Bar has become popular for providing coffee on the go.

Motors Coffee

On Rue des Halles, you'll find Motors Coffee, another hip cafe that emphasizes an urban vibe. Its sleek facade and open terrace area welcome people of all stripes, provided they have a love for authentic and organic coffee. And far from the conventional quiet and chill cafes in Paris, Motors Coffee is known for its live music. So much so that it turns into quite the hotspot come nightfall! Bands and local artists play live while people relax by its outdoor tables sipping hot cups of natural, largely untainted coffee. What more could you ask for?

Where Can You Get Organic Coffee in Paris?

Un Grain Décalé

Located right by Jardin du Luxembourg in the 1st arrondissement, it's easy to overlook Un Grain Décalé. It's not exactly the biggest and brightest space. In fact, it's a pretty compact cafe with small tables, smaller chairs, and a fairly intimate vibe. This isn't the type you'd go to when you want a lively coffee break chatting with friends. Rather, it's more for those who prefer organic coffee as they read their favorite novel. And speaking of organic coffee, Un Grain Décalé has some of the best in Paris. They even proudly show off their authentic beans by the counter.


You never would've thought that Yuman is also a place to get organic coffee in Paris. After all, it's not exactly a cafe, but rather a chic and upscale bar and restaurant on Rue du Chevaleret. Coffee is hardly their bestseller, but they still do serve the stuff here. And just like the rest of its eco-friendly menu, their cup of joe is as organic as can be. One sip is enough for you to tell that it is. There's a certain caffeinated kick to their coffee that, while it tantalizes your taste buds, it also cleanses your palette (and body too!).

Where Can You Get Organic Coffee in Paris?

Craving some organic coffee in the French capital? Then head to these awesome cafes in Paris! These are some of the best places to order organic coffee and enjoy a nice break. You'll end up warmer and healthier after!

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