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Dublin's Best International Schools

September 01, 2021
Very often does Dublin get overlooked for many things. It seems a lot of people tend to focus their attention on other European cities as suitable places to visit or live in. When one wants to live a luxurious lifestyle, there's Paris and Milan. When one wants to live life to the fullest, there's Rome and Barcelona. When one wants to enroll his/her kids in the best schools, London is often considered the best city for it. But Dublin is just as luxurious and as exciting as those cities. And it certainly doesn't come short when it comes to fine educational institutions.

Dublin's Best International Schools


International School of Dublin

If there's one institution that's the staple sets the standard for all the others here in the Irish capital, it's the International School of Dublin. A prestigious primary school that teaches kids from ages 3 to 12, many of the city's most elite families and foreign residents have sent their kids here. After all, the school does follow the International Baccaleureate program, meaning they undeniably offer high-quality education here. Not only that, they also teach Spanish here as a second language, giving them a new skill that may someday prove to be beneficial, possibly for their future career choices. 


Nord Anglia Dublin

'World-class' is the best terms that can accurately describe the quality of education your kids will receive here at Nord Anglia Dublin. That's mostly thanks to their international staff of educators, recruited from all over the world with each one completely certified. Through this, the institution is able to offer young minds a more global outlook, one that can encourage them to go out and learn and explore more about the world. Moreover, Nord Anglia Dublin also sets small-sized classes, allowing each student ample time with teachers and a more personalized educational experience to help them achieve academic greatness. 


Dublin's Best International Schools


SEK International School of Dublin

Part of the SEK Educational Group that has campuses in France, Qatar, and Spain, rest assured that the students who'll attend SEK International School of Dublin (or SEK Dublin for short) will receive globally-acclaimed education. Here, they're all about making the young ones more well-rounded, enhancing their skills and teaching them to be more independent. It's only though this that they push them to achieve greatness on their own, without having to rely too much on others. Notably, the school's English program is especially a stand-out. A distinguished department that can rival any of Dublin's other English-language institutions.  


Embassy Montessori Primary School

As it is registered under two prestigious educational groups, the Association Montessori Internationale and the Irish Montessori Education Board, there's no denying that the Embassy Montessori Primary school is truly top-notch. Teaching kids from ages 3 to 9, they're all about developing young minds and establishing a global outlook. This is in the hopes that the students will grow up to be future movers and shakers of the world. Here, it's all about achieving academic greatness, mostly sticking to traditional teaching methods but also not afraid to go beyond to ensure that the young minds will absorb everything they learn here. 


Dublin's Best International Schools


Sutton Park School

Though Dublin's Sutton Park School operates as a traditional boarding school, it's not as rigid and traditional as one may think it out to be. Located in Sutton, one of Dublin's finer neighborhoods, this is an institution that has proudly caught up with the times, both with their innovative teaching methods and more open core values. It also encourages a healthy balance of academics and extra-curricular activities, be it in the arts, athlecism, and more. They understand that it's their job to help kids become more well-rounded, assist in finding their right paths, and push them to realize their true potential. 


St. Andrew's College

Founded in 1894, St. Andrew's College has long been one of the most revered and well-respected institutions in Dublin. Not to mention one of the city's first international schools of its kind as well. Over the years, the college never failed to prove its worth as a educational escape for the kids in the Irish capital. The quality of education here remained high, even following the International Baccalaureate program to maintain the prestige. Before long, the school itself has earned the full accreditaiton of both the Educational Collaborative for Internaitonal Schools and the New England Association of Schools and College


St. Gerard's School

Ireland is a Catholic country through and through. And because of this, expect that a lot of the educational institutions in its capital city of Dublin to be rooted in the faith. St. Gerard's School is a prime example. The core values of this institution adheres to the teachings of the Roman Catholic faith, even offering up religious classes to instill such values and to help the kids learn more about the church. But beyond that, St. Gerard's School is also an international institution, that welcomes young minds from different parts of the world and repects their own beliefs as well. 


Dublin's Best International Schools


Do not underestimate Dublin when it comes to education. While the Irish capital isn't exactly known for its schools, the ones here are nonetheless quality institutions, recognized around the world and accredited by respected educational associations.