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Bistros in Paris: The Best in Passy

June 25, 2023
In many ways, Passy is the epitome of Parisian chic. Located in the 16th arrondissement, it's one of the trendiest neighborhoods in the city. The place boasts a collection of fashionable boutiques, charming cafes, cool bars, and of course, great bistros. And if you're looking for a nice place to eat around here, consider going to either Le Passy, Le Rallye Passy, Le Bistrot des Vignes, Camille, or Mavrommatis! It's not far-fetched to say that they're some of the finest bistros in Paris. From their food to their ambiance, these are the sorts of places that embody Paris as a true-blue food capital.

Bistros in Paris: The Best in Passy

Le Passy

Named after the Parisian neighborhood where it's located, Le Passy is a chic bistro worth checking out. The space itself is cool and modern, fairly different from the old-world appeal of the typical bistros in Paris. As for the food, you can expect a scrumptious European menu. Of course, there are haute cuisine staples like escargot and various types of French cheese. But there's also some Italian too, like ravioli, lasagna, and more. So there's no lack of delicious food in this relatively humble hotspot in Passy. What more could you ask for?
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Passy
Source: Le Passy

Le Rallye Passy

Located at the heart of the 16th arrondissement, Le Rallye Passy is another bistro in Paris that strikes the right balance between the city's trendy vibe and the warmth of Parisian hospitality. With its rustic design and organic furnishing, it's pretty easy to feel cozy here. Even more so when you indulge in their delicious food too! A salmon poke bowl, for example, is a nice and healthy option to enjoy. A main course of Coquillettes Comme à la Maison will fill you right up too. And for dessert, a mouthwatering plate of Baba au rhum will end your meal right!
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Passy
Source: Le Rallye Passy

Le Bistrot des Vignes

Le Bistrot des Vignes is another great bistro in Paris you need to know about. Located on Rue Jean Bologne, it's a chic hotspot where diners can enjoy a comfortable ambiance, delicious food, and the company of sophisticated diners. Many locals who live in the affluent neighborhood would often eat in this bistro. And it's no surprise too considering that it's a fairly affordable place to eat. For only €36.00, you can already indulge in a full meal that can include Foie gras, Poisson sauvage, and crème brûlée, among many other French food favorites.
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Passy
Source: Le Bistrot des Vignes


Camille on Rue Duban is the kind of old-fashioned bistro in Paris that you'd expect. With its hardwood design, dark green awning, and chalkboard menu, it's the quintessential idyllic hotspot that you've probably already seen in a movie set in Paris. But does it food hold up too? You bet it does! Whether it's duck foie gras and beef carpaccio or raw marinated salmon and St-Marcellin cheese, the meals here are absolutely sumptuous. You'll find it easy to see why Paris is such a highly regarded food capital after you dine here just once!
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Passy
Source: Camille Paris


No list of the best bistros in Paris, be it in Passy or anywhere else, is complete without mentioning Mavrommatis on Avenue Paul Doumer. The place is run by Andreas Mavrommatis, known by many as the “Maestro of Mediterranean Food” in Paris. That alone should tell you that this place is worth your hard-earned bucks! Moreover, while it doesn't have a Michelin star (yet!), it is recognized by the Michelin Guide as a noteworthy bistro in Passy. It's arguably the best place in the entire city to get some Greek and Cypriot food.
Bistros in Paris: The Best in Passy
Source: Mavrommatis

As one of the hippest neighborhoods in the city, it's no surprise that Passy is also home to many of the best bistros in Paris. These chic hotspots serve delicious food, offer an elegant ambiance, and are perfect for a cosmopolitan Parisian meal!

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