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What's It Like to Be Gay in Puerto Vallarta?

June 22, 2023
Puerto Vallarta is notable for its reputation as a gay destination. It never fails to draw in members of the LGBTQ+ community to its white sandy shores. Here, queer folks can have the time of their lives. They can be who they want to be, love who they want to love, and just have fun. Even though Mexico is a largely conservatively Catholic country, this city serves as a nice haven for the community. But why is it so fun to be gay in Puerto Vallarta? Well, there's a lot of gay history here, queer love is allowed, there’s exciting nightlife, and it’s welcoming to gay tourists!

What's It Like to Be Gay in Puerto Vallarta?

A Historically Gay Destination

For those who don't know, Puerto Vallarta actually has quite the gay history. As early as 1980, Zona Romántica, the old-world district of the city, was becoming more and more queer. It was at this time that American and Canadian retirees were buying property and moving to Puerto Vallarta. And over time, the city's LGBTQ+ community grew and grew until their colorful culture and vibrant way of life became virtually inescapable. Hence, the queer communities from the US, Canada, and beyond have all made Puerto Vallarta their ultimate gay holiday destination.

Queer Love is Allowed Here

With such a rich gay history, it only makes sense that queer love is allowed here too. But it's worth noting first that Mexico is a traditionally Roman Catholic city. The religion encompasses various parts of the country, from their own customs to the most celebrated Mexican holidays. As such, the emergence of Puerto Vallarta's queer community is somewhat of an anomaly. And it was only in 2013 that same-sex unions in the city became legal. Three years later, in 2016, same-sex marriage became legal in Puerto Vallarta. Then the whole country would follow suit in 2022.

What's It Like to Be Gay in Puerto Vallarta?

The World's Ultimate Gay Beach

While Puerto Vallarta might be the ultimate gay city in the world, it does have the world's ultimate gay beach. Los Muertos Beach has become famous as one of the best queer coastlines out there. Located in Zona Romántica, one of the central neighborhoods in Puerto Vallarta, this place is what most people talk about when they mention the city as a gay destination. On this soft sandy shoreline, you can expect a lot of gay beach bars, clubs, parties, and more. And while it's not exactly a nudist beach, many of the gays (usually men) who go here have no trouble baring it all too.

An Exciting Nightlife

If you know anything about the LGBTQ+ community, it's that they thrive in nightlife! And of course, Puerto Vallarta is no different! While the city has more to offer than its Happy Hour hotspots, there's no denying that these places are what most queer tourists go here for. It helps that some of the best bars are located right by the beach, specifically Los Muertos Beach which is a well-known gay haven. To be gay in Puerto Vallarta often means hanging out here 24/7, swimming at the beach during the day, and partying hard at night.

What's It Like to Be Gay in Puerto Vallarta?

A Vibrant Pride Celebration

As one of the ultimate gay destinations, you can expect the Pride Month celebrations here to be pretty wild. Its Gay Pride March is always a colorful and vibrant affair. Lots of people dress up, dance o the street, and just have the time of their lives. There's also the Pink & Proud Women’s Party, which is specifically for the city's lesbian community. It's a relatively separate event where queer women can celebrate their love and themselves just as much as gay men and trans people do. And after the parade, most people head over to the nearest bars and clubs to party all night long!

A Thriving Local LGBTQ+ Community

What's most fun about being gay in Puerto Vallarta is that the city has a considerable and healthy local queer community. As mentioned earlier, the 80s brought about a major influx of American and Canadian expats who moved to Puerto Vallarta after retiring. But even beyond them, lots of local Mexican members of the LGBTQ+ community have also settled down here. As a result, the queer community grew to eventually dominate the city. Any gay tourists would hardly feel out of place in Puerto Vallarta. Many would even go so far as to relocate here after just one visit!

Welcoming of Queer Tourists

Speaking of queer tourists, Puerto Vallarta is notably welcoming of them. Gay stereotypes (not to mention overtly religious stereotypes too) would have anyone thinking that the local community of the city wouldn't be too welcoming of tourists. But Puerto Vallarta is the exact opposite of that. Many local queer members are open to people visiting the city, especially during Pride Month. They even go so far as to open their homes or even put their spare real estate on the rental market too. As for the native locals, they always welcome visitors with open arms. It's part of what made Puerto Vallarta a gay destination in the first place.

What's It Like to Be Gay in Puerto Vallarta?

If you're gay in Puerto Vallarta, you're gonna have the time of your life! The paradisical coastal city is famous as one of the finest gay destinations in the world. There's a lot that the queer community can look forward to here!






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