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Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

March 10, 2021
Admit it, after binge-watching 'The Crown' on Netflix, Buckingham Palace became the first spot you want to visit in London. And even if you didn't watch the series, you simply can't miss the beautiful home of the most famous royals in the world. But once you've seen it and taken selfies and Instagram snapshots, you're likely to get hungry after. So luckily, the historic palace stands near a lot of great restaurants in the city.

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace


Ball Brothers

When you're all caught up with the excitement of visiting Buckingham Palace, you might not focus on food all that much. Even after you spend so much time marveling at the historic monument, you might not notice that your stomach is already grumbling. But when you do, you'd probably just want something light so you wouldn't have to stop your sightseeing. Enter Ball Brothers! This simple and modest bar along the Victoria hub serves up some true-blue London chips, light sandwiches, and great wine. If you want a little pick-me-up, this is the place near Buckingham Palace that's worth a look! 

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: Ball Brothers


Bistro 51

Just five minutes away from the famous gates of Buckingham Palace and you'll get to a sophisticated restaurant called Bistro 51. A beautiful blend of classic ambiance with a modern menu of Internationa cuisine, the establishment has since become quite the London hotspot. After your "royal" visit, enjoy a sumptuous meal of either crustacean or seasonal fish dishes. Despite boasting a diverse selection of cuisines, their seafood options are simply to die for. They cook them so well that you taste every flavor with every bite. And this is quite a feat, considering seafood isn't that easy to begin with. Overall, this is the type of place you’d also want to entertain your business clients in. 

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: Bistro 51



Through the years, London has become quite an international city. You'll find all sorts of nationalities fluttering about and establishing their own businesses. So it shouldn't surprise you if you suddenly see a Peruvian restaurant near Buckingham Palace. If your tastebuds are up for some Latin flavors, COYA is the place to go. For one thing, it'll be a beautiful change from seeing the magnificence and intrinsically British monument. As well as from the London snacks you’ve been munching on since you got here. Their mouth-watering Peruvian dishes are exquisitely top class! It's no wonder they've opened two new branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But while you're in London, make sure to stop by! 

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: COYA/ David Griffen Photography


Galvin At Windows

You're in London! Treat yourself to a luxurious meal in this stunning city. If going to Buckingham Palace got you wanting to dine like royalty, look no further at Galvin at Windows. Perched atop the city's famous Hilton hotel, this luxurious lounge not only offers fine dining but a feast for your eyes as well. While you dine on fine French haute cuisine, you'll get to see most of London's most famous monuments. They include the London Eye, Wembley Stadium, and of course, Buckingham Palace. You never know, maybe the seat you'll get here was once sat on by the Queen herself! 

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: Galvin At Windows/ Hilton Hotel


Mango Tree

If you think Buckingham Palace will be a peaceful place to visit, think again. The area might not be the busiest part of London but it's definitely not the quietest. You'll see hordes of other tourists snapping away at the royal palace. Not to mention the buzzing sounds of traffic and public transport. So if you want to take a break after you've seen the place for yourself, a six-minute walk will lead you to Mango Tree, a fine Thai restaurant by the Belgravia district. This hotspot is not only a peaceful change of pace, but it also serves some of the most delicious Thai food in all of the capital. 

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: Mango Tree


Palm Court Lounge

Ever wondered how King George VI or Queen Elizabeth II during her younger years might have dined during the 1920s and 30s? Well, you might catch a glimpse of that in the Palm Court Lounge. After visiting Buckingham Palace take a stroll through Green Park and you'll instantly see this Art Deco-style restaurant. Its interior is worth the visit alone. As you walk inside, you'll instantly be transported to the early 20th century, the time when London was just about to see its peak. Here, you can order some of the tastiest pastries in the city, perfect for an afternoon tea

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: Palm Court Lounge


The Curry Room

If there's one thing that Londoners love eating, it's curry. The famous Indian dish has captivated residents of the food capital for years. It's even possible that the Queen herself loves it just as much as any other London local. So if you're craving one after you've been to Buckingham Palace, go to The Curry Room. You'll eat your fill of the tangy and spicy dish here. But also, you'll find that they have their own unique approaches to preparing it. With a surprising South African blend, the curry you'll have here won't taste like any you'd get anywhere else! 

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: The Curry Room/ Rubens Hotel


The English Grill

The English have long been criticized for their cuisine. Many foreigners think that their dishes often lack in flavor. And in fact, a lot of locals might even agree. However, not everyone in London will surrender to such criticisms that easily. at The English Grill, they have their own ways of spicing up their meats. Cooked to perfection on their state-of-the-art grills, they offer many flavorful burgers, stakes, and barbecue dishes. They're a far cry from what other places in the UK will serve. And when paired with any of their delectable wine options, it's a first-class London meal! 

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: The English Grill/ Rubens Hotel



You can never go wrong with Italian food! After a full day of seeing Buckingham Palace, your stomach might be just about ready to get filled again. And there's nothing better for it than some hearty Italian dishes at Tozi. This Italian bar sure knows how to make their pizzas and pasta! But if you want something a bit more special, their tuna tartare and swordfish dishes are out of this world as well! By evening, if you happen to be near the area, you can also try their sumptuous cheese platter paired with their rich homegrown wine! Now that's fine London dining! 

Dining with Royalty: Noteworthy Restaurants Near Buckingham Palace

Source: Tozi Restaurant


You're in London! The home of the most famous Royal family in the world! Of course you're going to see Buckingham Palace. But after, you can treat yourself to a Royal dinner of your own in any of these amazing places nearby! 




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