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The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Bangkok

May 16, 2023
Truth be told, Bangkok is as much a foodie destination as Paris, London, and New York are. Firstly, its cuisine is out of this world! From the spiciest delicacies to the sweetest desserts, there's a lot to love about Thai food. Secondly, the city offers a whole host of exceptional foodie hotspots. The Jodd Fairs Night Market, for instance, is a treasure trove of local and foreign delights. Raan Jay Fai, on the other hand, is proof that eating at a Michelin-starred restaurant doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. These and plenty more will take your taste buds on quite the culinary adventure in the Thai capital!

The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Bangkok

Raan Jay Fai

Imagine a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. You're probably thinking of a grand hall that serves haute cuisine, aren't you? Now imagine a Michelin-starred restaurant in Bangkok. Are you seeing the same thing? Well, the famous Raan Jay Fai is far from what you're probably imagining. This hotspot has the distinction of being the only place that sells street food with a Michelin star. Known for its crab omelets and dry congee, owner Jay Fai runs the place and cooks the food herself. And what she makes is nothing short of amazing! Even the late great Anthony Bourdain gave his stamp of approval!

Prachak Pet Jang

On Charoen Krun Road in the Silom district of Bangkok, Prachak Pet Yang serves up the most scrumptious roasted duck in Bangkok! You might even argue that they do it better than the Chinese themselves! The way they cook duck to perfection is almost out of this world. The skin is nice and crispy while the meat is juicy and tender. Paired with a bowl of white rice drizzled with sauce, you can enjoy your most delectable meal in Bangkok yet! And rest assured that you'll want to go back for more again and again!

The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Bangkok

The Sixth

Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Red Curry, and Mango Sticky Rice. These are just some of the Thai dishes that you can get at The Sixth on Maha Rat Road in the Phra Nakhon district. Though the place itself is small and intimate, you never would've guessed that this place serves the most delicious Thai food in the city. There are lots of other great traditional restaurants in Bangkok, sure, but they don't prepare local cuisine quite like The Sixth. More than just their delicious tastes, you can tell that these dishes were made in the most authentic and traditional way.

Blue Elephant

A truly exceptional restaurant goes beyond serving delicious food. That's important, sure, but so is the ambiance, the atmosphere, and the vibe. Take Blue Elephant, for example, which is fairly famous among locals and even foreigners who’ve just moved to Bangkok. Housed in an old Thai-Chinse building on Sathon Road in the Surasak district, this high-class restaurant takes the culinary experience to a whole new level. The place is famous for its authentic Royal Thai cuisine, preparing them in the most traditional ways possible. And the ambiance is that of the old world; as if you traveled back in time. What's not to love?

The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Bangkok
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Chainwit

Yaowarat Street

In the Samphanthawong district, you'll find Yaowarat Street, a central part of Bangkok's Chinatown. By this alone, you can already tell what to expect here, right? Lined with all sorts of restaurants, diners, street stalls, and more, this is arguably the best place to eat Chinese food in the Thai capital. Some are as authentic as having been from China itself, while others put that signature spicy Thai touch to their cuisine. Whether you prefer one over the other, rest assured that you—or more specifically, your taste buds—will have the time of your life here!

Jodd Fairs Night Market

The Huai Khwang district's Jodd Fairs Night Market is a must for any foodie traveling to Bangkok. With over 700 food stalls on offer, you'll definitely get your fill in this hotspot! You can spend a whole day in Bangkok here and you still wouldn’t have wasted a single second. Especially since it's pretty diverse as far as cuisines go too. Though local Thai food still reigns supreme, the Jodd Fairs Night Market also has its fair share of Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and even American and Italian food too. No matter what you're craving, there's a good chance that this place has it for you! What more could you ask for?

Sook Siam

You probably didn't think that a mall food court would make it on this list, did you? From Michelin-starred restaurants to massive food fairs, a mall food court hardly compares, right? Well, Sook Siam in Iconsiam is a different story! Housed in the biggest mall in Bangkok, the place is already massive to begin with. But what makes it one of the best foodie hotspots in the city is that it's set up to look like an indoor food market. With various cuisines on offer, you'll hardly feel like you're eating at a mall food court at all. Pretty cool, right?

The Most Noteworthy Places to Eat in Bangkok
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ DMS WIKI

From Michelin-starred restaurants to massive food fairs and street stalls, there are tons of great places to eat in Bangkok. It just goes to show that the Thai capital really is one of the finest foodie destinations in the world!

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