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Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots

August 31, 2021
There's really no beating Thai cuisine, is there? The tangy flavors, the indelible spices, and the kick that hits you right in the taste buds after every bite. And what better place to get them than in the capital of Thailand itself, the beautiful city of Bangkok! The country's cuisine alone makes this urban metropolis a bonafide foodie capital, with people from all around the world flying for miles to get here just to enjoy the food. The best part about Bangkok is that its Thai restaurants are quite diverse, ranging from luxurious Michellin-starred hotspots to cherished hole-in-the-walls.

Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots



Quite the swanky establishment, Bo.Lan is on the high-end side when it comes to ambiance and reputation. Located in Sukhumvit, which itself is an upscale Bangkok neighborhood, the restaurant has Michellin-starred chef David Thompson at the forefront. His expertise in exotic cuisines got him to head this now-beloved culinary hotspot, bringing his signature mix of spices and delicacies to foodies in the city. His unique pad that dishes alone swirls with savory and spicy flavors, making for quite the unique after taste. Of course, its elegant ambiance cultural completes the culinary experience. It's no wonder Bo.Lan has become quite the favorite here in Bangkok.

Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots

Source: Bo.Lan


Issaya Siamese Club

Set inside a century-old house in the peaceful town of Sathorn, the Issaya Siamese Club serves up its Thai heritage in more delicious way than one. Their starting salad Yam Hua Plee Sot Gab Yot Ma Prow is quite the interplay of flavors, highlight the sweetness of banana, the zestiness of coconut, and, of course, the spinis of chili-ed relish. More than just tantalize your taste buds, this dish alone with put them in quite the whirlwind. That paired with the elegant traditional ambiance that shows of the country's colorful history, this is a nice peaceful retreat from the busier sides of Bangkok. 

Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots

Source: Issaya Siamese Club


Long Table

A bistro bar that gives quite the view of the Bangkok skyline, Long Table is the nightlife hotspot you just have to try! Here, tradition meets modern in their many fusion dishes and cocktails, perfect for a big night out. It's the type of place you'd want to treat your friends to celebrate getting a job here, getting engaged, and whatever happy occasion you could commemorate. As for the place's dishes, their deep-fried tiger prawns are pretty killer! Big enough for a mouthful and can be served with some java rice, it's a delicious dinner to have while gazing into the sparkling Bangkok sky. 

Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots

Source: Long Table


Krua Apsorn

Now for a place that's a little low-key but a gem of a culinary hotspot nonehtless. At face value, it's easy to dismiss Krua Apsorn as another downtown shack, but it's actually a well beloved Thai place in the capital. It's one whee you might see more locals eating here than tourists, but in many ways, tha'ts the best part.you just know that what you're about to enjoy here are authentically and locally made, not fusions of some famous international chef or whatnot. The palce's must-have dish? Kai Food Boo! It's a crab omelet that truly one of a kind! 

Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots

Source: Krua Apsorn


Nahm Restaurant

Back to a more upscale option, COMO Metropolitan Bangkok's Nahm Restaurant has got the essense of Thai cuisine down pat. It may be because they actually stick to making and following traditional recipes instead of putting their own spins on it. As high-end as the place may look and feel, what they serve here is quintessentially Thai, from the way they cook their seafood down to the spices they use. And if you're gonna order something from here, you have to try their steamed red curry of scallops with Thai basil and coconut milk. It's a whirlwind of flavors in just one delectable dish! 

Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots

Source: COMO Metropolitan Bangkok


The Sixth

A hole-in-the-wall pale with only five tables, walls decorated with antique mirrors, and authentic Thai dishes? This is the type of culinary hotspot you'd want to discover while in Bangkok. A relatively young and small business run by a man and his wife, The Sixth has become the Thai capital's best unkept secret. While its limited seating means you might not be able to get a table right away, the wait for one is truly worth it. Most especially when you taste their Red Curry Chicken. It has the right amount of spice to heat things up while the chicken is as tender as ever! 

Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots

Source: The Sixth


Thip Samai

For a place to have gotten the reputation of serving up the "Best Pad Thai" in Bangkok, Thip Samai must really be quite the hotspot. And according to Nerd Nomads, this small restaurant fully lives up to its reputation. Serving up their pad that with heaps of fresh seafood and some mango for sweet measure, Thip Samai's dishes offers up a cavalcade of flavors ready to hit you the moment you put some in your mouth. They simply make it unlike any other, which is why it's become a popular foodie spot in the Thai capital. 

Bangkok's Most Delicious Thai Food Hotspots

Source: Thip Samai


Beyond the gilded temples and shopping districts, Bangkok is worth visiting for its many foodie hotspots alone. And those that serve up delicious and flavorful Thai food are the ones you simply have to go to while you're here! 

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