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The Best Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

April 30, 2023
In a sunny city like Los Angeles, hot weather reigns supreme. It's great for the most part, sure, but sometimes, you almost can't handle the heat. So what do you do? Get some ice cream! This treat is made for hot days in LA and fortunately, the city has a ton of shops that sell the sweetest and most delicious. Check out Wanderlust Creamery, Happy Ice, Saffron & Ice, Fatamorgana Gelato, and Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream when you want some ice cream. From cones to sundaes, they serve the best of the best of the cold, creamy delight. Even celebrities love their ice cream too!

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

Wanderlust Creamery

No other ice cream shop in Los Angeles deserves to start this list off than Wanderlust Creamery. Located in various neighborhoods in LA, its popularity continues to grow with each new store. But what is it about Wanderlust Creamery that's so irresistible? Its unique and delectable flavors. Beyond the usual chocolate and vanilla, you'll find exotic treats like Vietnamese Coffee, Australian pavlova, and mango sticky rice. If these sound familiar, it's because they're the delicacies of various countries around the world. So not only do you get to enjoy such sweetness in Wanderlust Creamery, but you also get to travel through your taste buds!

Saffron and Rose

Even though they only have one store on Westwood Boulevard, Saffron and Rose still became one of the most popular ice cream shops in Los Angeles. From its name alone, you'd think it was a flower shop. And true enough, aroma plays a huge role in offering a unique culinary experience. Be it orange blossom or saffron pistachio, the floral-scented ice cream they serve here takes on all the senses. There's the sweetness of their flavor and scent, their dazzling scoops, and their thick but smooth texture. Their ice cream is even thicker than Italian gelato!

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

Is McConnell's ice cream really fine? You bet it is! Especially with how smooth it is. In contrast to what Saffron and Rose offers, McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams has some of the silkiest scoops you'll ever have the pleasure to enjoy. One spoonful or lick of your ice cream cone is enough to let you know of its delightful delicacy. And even when the flavor is as rich as salted caramel, it will still go down as smoothly as vanilla. If you're up for a light scoop of ice cream after a big meal, this is the place for you!

Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream

Since it's near Hollywood Boulevard, it's not far-fetched to imagine that the biggest A-list celebrities get their ice cream from Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream. It's a common stereotype that the rich and famous often prefer anything exotic, which would likely include ice cream flavors. So what could be more exotic than Persian cucumber or date-flavored scoops? Even when served between two wafer cookies, their unique tastes will always stand out. Such is the charm of Mashti Malone’s Ice Cream. It takes something as seemingly normal as ice cream and turns it into something completely magical!

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

Happy Ice

Happy Ice truly lives up to its name. Operating as both a shop on Melrose Avenue and an ice cream truck that goes around Los Angeles, this brand is all about serving some icy delights. Technically speaking, what Happy Ice offers is sorbet, not ice cream. Since it's mostly made up of ice and fruit syrup, with no drop of dairy in sight, it's basically sorbet. But who cares about this technicality? As long as it's sweet and cool, it's just as delightful as ice cream. Locals and tourists alike agree, hence, both the shop and the truck usually see long lines.

Kansha Creamery

If you thought the Japanese were only about sushi and tempura, think again! Even though some of the most famous LA restaurants and even Old Hollywood haunts serve the finest Japanese cuisines, you won't find anything quite like what the Kansha Creamery has to offer. Its name, “Kansha,” is the Japanese word for gratitude. And that's exactly what you'll be feeling once you get a taste of their exquisite ice cream. From the more expected matcha and vanilla delights to nutty black sesame and Earl Gray flavors, this shop stays true to its Japanese roots. You can even get some ice cream-filled mochi here too!

Mateo's Ice Cream & Fruit Bars

With the likes of these ice cream shops in Los Angeles to compete against, what can one offer that'll stand out against the rest? Fruit bars! Since LA is a fitness-crazy city, it's no surprise that Mateo's Ice Cream & Fruit Bars became a massive hit. While they still serve the staples—chocolate, vanilla, strawberry—their main draw is undoubtedly the fruit bar. Offering up a myriad of flavors, each sweeter than the next, they serve as the perfect treat for anyone who watches what they eat. Of course, having too many of these fruit bars will still pack on the pounds if you're not careful!

The Best Ice Cream Shops in Los Angeles

If you're up for a cool treat, check out the best ice cream shops in Los Angeles. They serve some of the sweetest and most delicious ice cream treats in the entire city. There's a good reason why they're so popular.