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What's So Great About Being Gay in Paris?

April 08, 2023
Being gay or any other part of the LGBTQ+ community is a lot more comfortable now in the 21st century than it was back then. This isn't to say that the community no longer faces any problems. Far from it! But at the very least, they don't face as many as they did back then. There are even a few places where gays can feel right at home. One of them is Paris. In the French capital, the LGBTQ+ community can relax in their own district, go wild during Pride Month, and enjoy the city's electric nightlife. What's not to love?

What's So Great About Being Gay in Paris?

Parisian Society is Much More Accepting

As a whole, Paris and its society are much more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community. Not only are the people here used to homosexual relationships and different gender expressions, but queerness is bigger in the city than you think. It touched on the liberal side of the French, especially their sexuality. The sexiest French movies are enough to tell you that people from France aren't exactly the most conservative. Moreover, Paris even has its own LGBT Center. It's here where members of the community can feel right at home, find help, and just be themselves.

The Gays Have Their Own District

Paris isn't exactly what you'd call a “gay capital.” The likes of New York and San Francisco have this city beat! Nevertheless, the queen community does have a neighborhood in Paris that they can essentially call their own: Le Marais. Commonly referred to as the “Gay District of Paris,” this area is home to the Bourgeois Bohemian Parisians and also serves as a prominent Jewish quarter. It's here where the coolest gay bars, the chicest gay restaurants, and practically anything gay in Paris are located. So it's no surprise that it's also one of the trendiest parts of the city.

What's So Great About Being Gay in Paris?

Pride Month is a Big Celebration

Ever wondered what celebrating Pride Month in Paris is like? Well, it's a wild ride! Though the city doesn't hold the biggest Pride Month celebration in the world, it's still pretty exciting nonetheless! The parade alone is a colorful extravaganza. This is the best time to see just how huge the LGBTQ+ community is in Paris. Beyond all that, stores and boutiques hold Pride Month sales, restaurants offer Pride Month discounts and more. Every June, the entire city gets painted a bright rainbow hue for all the world to see! What's not to love?

Creativity is Highlighted

Just the fact that is an art capital makes it great to be gay in Paris. If there's one word to describe the LGBTQ+ community, it's that their creative. Some of the finest artists in the world were and are gay. Many leading creatives in fashion, entertainment, and other industries are also gay. It's also their visions that helped Paris become and remain the leading art capital of the world. The world-famous museums here display and honor gay works of art. Or pieces made by gay artists. And the city, as a whole, honors and highlights what gay creatives have to show.

What's So Great About Being Gay in Paris?

Gay Nightlife is Alive and Well

The gay nightlife in Paris is insane! From awesome drag bars to sexy hotspots, the LGBTQ+ community here knows to party. Many would even argue that it's the gay hotspots that are truly the toast of Parisian nightlife. They're the coolest places to check out, they host the funniest parties, and they always guarantee a good time. Take the infamous Le Raidd, for example. Notorious for its shower shows, it's one of the sexiest bars in the city. Not to mention one of the best gay bars in Paris, bar none! Artishow Cabaret, on the other hand, hosts one of the finest drag shows in the French capital. It's always a must-see!

Paris Still Has A Long Way to Go

Despite how great it is to be gay in Paris, the city itself still has a long way to go. Yes, the French capital is accepting, or rather more accepting of the LGBTQ+ community compared to other cities out there, but that doesn't matter if the members of the community themselves still face a lot here. Le Monde even reported that homophobic violence in France was on the rise back in 2021. And that's at a time when people are more socially conscious. This says a lot about how Paris and the rest of the country still have a lot to do.

What's So Great About Being Gay in Paris?

Not many people realize that it's actually great to be gay in Paris. From its open society to its awesome Pride Month celebrations, the LGBTQ+ can live freely and happily in the French capital!

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