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How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?

March 30, 2023
Vancouver doesn't get enough credit as a great holiday destination. Let's say that you bring your dad here for Father's Day Weekend. You can explore the Gastown district, relax in Stanley Park, and even watch the whales together with him. Doesn't that sound awesome? You probably wouldn't have thought that Vancouver has so much to offer. Sure, it's not Paris, Rome, or London, but that doesn't mean that the city isn't exciting. Even for someone like your dad, you'll still find something that will make your trip memorable. And something that will make Father's Fay unforgettable for your old man!

How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?

Go On a Forbidden Tour

Just like any other city, Vancouver hides many secrets. From startling scandals to mindblowing facts, you never would've guessed that this city held such skeletons in its closet. So why not uncover some of them with your old man when you spend Father's Day Weekend here? You can go on a Forbidden Vancouver walking tour, which will lead you to some of the most fascinating parts of the city. You can discover the queer side of Vancouver, the Prohibition Era charms of the Gastown district, and more. It'll be quite the adventure!
How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?

Travel Back in Time in Gastown

Speaking of Gastown, this is definitely one of the neighborhoods in Vancouver you'd do well exploring. Whether you go on a Forbidden Vancouver tour or not, this place is truly worth your while. Not a lot has changed in the area, making you feel as if you stepped back in time when you get there. From its red brick buildings to its cobbled streets, Gastown is a slice of Canadian history that has stood the test of time. When you're there, you shouldn't miss seeing the iconic steam clock on Water street. It's one of the very few steam-engined clocks still operating today.
How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?

Relax in Stanley Park

When you travel with your old man, sometimes doing all the touristy stuff can tire him out. Remember that he's already reached a certain age, especially if you, his kid, are already old enough to take him to Vancouver for Father's Day. Instead of walking tours and the like, why not just relax in Stanley Park instead? Not only is this public park an awesome green space but there's so much you can do around here too. You can spend the day chatting on a bench as you enjoy the views of the coast, enjoy a picnic, or even work out a little too!
How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ InSapphoWeTrust

Ride a Canoe

On the flip side, if your old man is still as active as ever, Vancouver offers tons of great activities that you can do together. One of them is canoeing! What makes Vancouver such an awesome destination is that it's still pretty close to nature despite how urban it's become over the years. There are many parks, natural reserves, and the like here that offer thrilling adventures. And within these places are lakes, ponds, and rivers where both of you can row a canoe and have the time of your lives. It'll be an experience you won't soon forget!
How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?

Sail on A Yacht at Horseshoe Bay

Since you're already on the water, you can also go sailing in a yacht in Vancouver too! Horseshoe Bay is a particularly popular spot for that here in Vancouver. It's a coastal village in the western part of the city with a dock lined with luxury yachts as far as the eye can see. You'd sooner think you were on the French Riviera at first glance! Be they locals or tourists, the people here love spending time on the water. Some go fishing, others hold yacht parties, and a few go sailing off into the sunset. What would you and your dad do if you can rent a yacht here in Horseshoe Bay?
How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?

Watch The Whales Together

It's a good thing that Father's Day in Canada is celebrated in June. Why? Because it's one of the months when you can go whale watching here! From April to October, some of the whales from the Pacific Ocean tend to swim near Vancouver Island. From the city on the mainland, you and your old man can sail off near the island and try to catch a glimpse of these creatures. If you're lucky, they might just jump out near your ferry and catch you by surprise. Even if it's just once, it's something you and your dad will always remember!
How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?

Fly High in A Helicopter

And finally, for something truly thrilling, take your dad on a helicopter ride over the city of Vancouver! There are tons of services that'll let you do just that. And rest assured that the experience is more than worth it! Even when you explore it on the ground, Vancouver is undoubtedly a beautiful city. Full of Instagram-worthy spots, you'd wish you can have a clear view of this amazing metropolis. And what better vantage point than up in the sky? You and your dad will feel like the kings of the world when you get a good bird's eye view of the place!
How Can You Celebrate Father's Day in Vancouver?

There's so much you can do and see in Vancouver if you bring your dad here for Father's Day Weekend. From going on forbidden tours to sailing on yachts, this city is a dream destination for traveling families like you and your old man.

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