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Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots

May 16, 2022
As far as Instagram-worthy places are concerned, Vancouver isn't exactly high up on everyone's lists. As great of a city it is, it's nowhere near the levels of the beautiful city of Paris, the historic Italian capital that is Rome, the scenic islands of Mykonos & Santorini, and more. With that said, however, does this mean that when you're in Vancouver, you'll have nothing to post about? Nonsense! This city also has its fair share of Instagrammable spots such as the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, Lighthouse Park, St. Mark’s Summit, and more! When you see these places in person, you won't help but want to capture them!

Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots

Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

Lynn Canyon Park is one of the best of its kind, not just in Vancouver, but in the entire British Columbia region. This nature trail is full of forested mountains, rocky paths, and more that make the day hike in Vancouver all the more exciting. But as far as Instagram-worthy spots go, the park's famous suspension bridge takes the cake. The stunning contrast between the thin line of wooden and steel panels with the deep greeneries that make up the canyon is breathtaking. Taking a snapshot of the bridge itself will already give you a stellar shot, but when you actually take a selfie on it, you'll be the talk of the town (or rather, of your timeline)!
Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens

Most of the Vancouver Instagram spots you'll see on this list are scenic coasts, nature trails, and the like. However, if you're more into manicured gardens like the ones in Rome, Paris, and London, your best bet is to visit the Wander Van Dusen Botanical Gardens. This 22-acre wonderland looks straight out of a storybook, what with the tranquil ponds, the colorful marches, and even a hedge maze. You'd sooner see Alice following a white rabbit before you can take your snapshot and post it online! And of course, taking a selfie here wouldn't hurt too!
Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Stan Shebs

Whytecliff Park

A stone path that leads to an uninhabited island always makes for a great Instagrammable spot. That's why you ought to visit Whytecliff Park at least once while you're in Vancouver. Just as described, its most famous area is the coast that leads to Whytecliff Island. You can take a selfie right there on the rocks, placed right in the center with a breathtaking background of serene waters, far-off mountains, and a beautiful island. The place looks pretty enough to put on a postcard, that's for sure!
Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Lighthouse Park

There's just something about a lighthouse that looks so nostalgic yet also a bit melancholic at the same time. So if you want to post a snapshot on your Instagram feed that will tug at the heartstrings, look no further than Lighthouse Park. Just as its name says, the park includes the famous Point Atkinson lighthouse perched atop big rocks by the Pacific Ocean. Generally speaking, it's not that different from other places with famous lighthouses St. Theodore's Lantern in Kefalonia or Fort Gustave in St. Barths. However, there's just something about this spot that will mesmerize both you and your Instagram followers in more ways than one.
Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Kameko Walker

St. Mark’s Summit

A list of Instagrammable Vancouver spots isn't complete without mentioning St. Mark’s Summit! To say that the views from this high peak are beautiful is an understatement. They're practically out of this world! Though you will have to hike up to get there, all your efforts would not be in vain. As you stand atop the high rocky cliffs of Howe Sound you can bask in the glory of British Columbia. Take a look at the serene waters, spot the exotic islands, and bathe in the twilight of the sunset! With just one snapshot, your Instagram followers will go crazy!
Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Adavyd

Horseshoe Bay Lookout

Another high peak worth taking a selfie on is Horseshoe Bay Lookout! Just as its name says, Vancouver's Instagram spot gives you a stellar view of Horseshoe Bay. You can see the shoreline, peek into the forests and mountains on the horizon, and of course, watch a stunning sunset. Compared to St. Mark's Summit, this place looks a bit safer since it comes with a small wooden deck that you can sit and stand on. It's the perfect spot to take your selfie, as well as a great shot of you looking over the region's natural wonders.
Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Japerdo

Vancouver Mural Festival

Apart from all the nature-bound places that have dominated this list, there's also the slew of murals all over Vancouver. Throughout the city's many neighborhoods, colorful walls brighten up the bustling metropolis. Many of them are picture-perfect enough for you to post on Instagram. But why are there so many murals here anyway? Well, you can blame the annual Vancouver Mural Festival for that! Year after year, the city hosts this extraordinary event that lets both local and foreign artists turn Vancouver into their very own canvases. And as a result, the city looks more beautiful and you have more Instagram-worthy spots to capture!
Vancouver's Most Picture-Perfect Instagram Spots
Source: Flickr.com/ Ted McGrath

Vancouver was probably the last city you'd ever think had a good number of Instagram-worthy spots. However, the truth of the matter is that there are certain places in this beautiful metropolis that are simply worth capturing and posting about.

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