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How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

March 27, 2023
In many ways, New York City is the best place for celebrations. Especially a holiday! From Christmas to Easter Sunday, there are tons to do in the Big Apple on special occasions. Even when it's Father's Day. If you take your dad on a trip to New York City on Father's Day Weekend, you can go to Ellis Island, explore Little Italy, exercise at Central Park, visit Wall Street, or go shopping. And those aren't even all of it! There's so much to do and see with your old man here that perhaps a weekend isn't even enough for a full-blown celebration.

How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

Work Out at Central Park

Whether it's your first time, your second time, or even your twentieth time in New York City, going to Central Park is still an absolute must. It serves as a great green space amidst such an urban metropolis. Not to mention a calming escape from the city's massive infrastructure. Of course, it's also great to bring your dad here on Father's Day Weekend. If he's still as active as ever, you can work out in the park. You can go jogging, ride bikes, or perhaps even join a public yoga class that might be happening nearby.
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

Sail to Ellis Island

Perhaps your dad is a history buff? New York City is a treasure trove of historic spots, after all. So much so that the history is practically an entire history book. But out of all the places there, Ellis Island might as well be the most historic of them all. The island, often part of any tour that includes the more iconic Statue of Liberty, used to serve as the threshold for immigrants to come to America. This spot was where they began their new lives in the New World.
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

Visit Wall Street

Apart from Ellis Island, Wall Street is a pretty historic part of the city too. One of the central districts of New York City, it's the main financial hub of the US. Big banks and big businesses go head to head here. And whatever happens within the tall skyscrapers here won't just affect the American economy, but the entire world's too! That alone makes the place worthy for you and your dad to explore. If he's into big-money “Mad Men” fantasy, then there's no doubt he'll look like a kid in Disneyland when he wanders around Wall Street!
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

Ride a Helicopter

What's a great way to see the best views of New York City? Ride a helicopter! Though it's fairly more popular and easier to just go up the famous Empire State Building or Rockefeller Center, those places will have you queueing up long lines of tourists. If you don't want to get into all that unnecessary hassle, your best bet is to book a helicopter ride over the city instead. You'll literally get a bird's eye view of the famous metropolis, especially its iconic skyline. And it'll definitely be among the most unforgettable moments of your Father's Day Weekend in New York City.
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

Enjoy Pizza in Little Italy

If there's one dish that's famous in New York City, it's pizza. From one-dollar slices to full-blown gourmet pies, New Yorkers love pizza! But where can you and your dad get the best ones? Arguably, in Little Italy! Located in Lower Manhattan, it's a central hub for Italian and Italian-American culture. And as you'd expect, there are also tons of amazing pizza shops. Amici, for example, has that homemade quality that will captivate your taste buds at your first bite. Meanwhile, Paesano serves the most authentic-tasting slices in town. Enjoying a foodie tour here on Father's Day Weekend isn't a bad idea!
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

Escape to a Speakeasy

After eating lots of pizza, you and your old man would likely want a drink next, right? Not to worry! New York is known for its incredible nightlife. It's the “City That Never Sleeps,” after all. Filled with bars, pubs, and nightclubs, there are many places where you can get a good drink. But for Father's Day Weekend, why not go past the popular hotspots and escape to a speakeasy? These are hidden gems that you'd thank your lucky stars that you stumbled into. Or maybe researched online about before getting to the Big Apple.
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

Go Shopping

Shopping seems more like an activity you'd do with your mom when you spend Mother's Day in New York. But with your dad? Will he enjoy shopping in the Big Apple too? Well, why not? Men love clothes, accessories, and all the finer things in life too! Whether it's an authentic Ralph Lauren Polo shirt or a Tommy Hilfiger suit, you can buy the best of the best menswear in this city. You can even get them directly from their flagship stores or from any of the American luxury retailers that have long defined New York City's fashion scene.
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

Listen to Jazz

Once night falls, it's time to get into that signature New York entertainment. One of which is to listen to live jazz. The New York jazz scene is one of the best in the world. Some would argue that it even trumps that of New Orleans, the actual birthplace of the music genre. Many amazing jazz artists got their start or rose to fame within the many clubs in Harlem and Brooklyn. And those coming after them, the up-and-coming names in jazz today, will surely get you and your old man snapping fingers and wanting to dance to their awesome beats.
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

See a Comedy Show

Another great way to entertain yourselves in New York City at night is to watch a comedy show. Don't forget that some of the most iconic comedians that have ever lived started out in the Big Apple. Before they became big names, they worked at various comedy clubs and bars throughout the city. If you're lucky, you and your old man might just catch some of them live! Yes, even today's top comedy stars still do a few gigs in the city here and there. Laughing your butts off would be a great cap to a wonderful Father's Day Weekend in New York City!
How You Can Spend Father's Day Weekend in New York

There's no better place to celebrate Father's Day Weekend than in New York City. The Big Apple is a whole host of fun adventures you and your dad will undoubtedly enjoy. Get ready to make more memories ahead!

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