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The Finest Villas in Corsica

March 11, 2023
Ahh, Corsica! Many consider it the ultimate French paradise and you know what? That's not far from the truth! Nestled on the beautiful French Riviera, it's among the finest destinations for a summer getaway. And if you do plan to go here, you'd do well to rent a luxury villa for your accommodation! Stray away from the usual path of booking a room in a five-star resort or high-class hotel. To truly experience the beauty of Corsica, rent a vacation villa instead. You'll be closer to nature, live in your own space, and experience the French countryside life firsthand.

The Finest Villas in Corsica

Villa Arinella

Located right by the dazzling Campomoro Bay, Villa Arinella offers a good taste of the French countryside. Its rustic aesthetic amps up its provincial appeal, down to the quaint deck that overlooks the bay and its sunny atmosphere. There's even a hammock on the terrace, allowing you to relax amidst the fresh Mediterranean breezes. And though the place is quite big—offering up three bedrooms and two bathrooms in total—this is the kind of villa in Corsica that you'd just want to enjoy with your special someone. This would be perfect for a honeymoon in southern France!
The Finest Villas in Corsica

Villa Alta Roccha

Villa Alta Roccha is a modern-day Mediterranean escape! Located by Pinarello Beach, this five-bedroom vacation villa in Corsica offers a great balance between contemporary comfort and the destination's rustic charms. The villa itself is a modern work of art, showing off a minimalist but artsy appeal that will definitely attract the chicest travelers out there. And then you get to the private pool lined by a wooden deck and sunbeds whilst surrounded by tall, lush trees. The scene looks downright cinematic, further proving the ethereal beauty of Corsica.
The Finest Villas in Corsica

Villa Caldanu

What will immediately catch your attention in Villa Caldanu is the view. Since the villa is perched on a coastal hill that overlooks Calvi Bay, the views from here are nothing short of breathtaking. It's the kind of dazzling sceneries that you'd often find posted on travel inspo Instagram account. Only this time, you get to enjoy the view every single day while you're there. Just imagine how gorgeous the sunset would look from here! Add to that the luxurious private pool, the airy terrace, and the clean four bedrooms on offer and you'd never want to leave!
The Finest Villas in Corsica

Villa Colomba

In some ways, Villa Colomba is like a cabin in the woods. Situated in the port town of Porto-Vecchio, you'd think this would be another coastal luxury villa in Corsica. But it's not! Palombaggia beach is fairly near here, sure, but you won't see it from the villa. Instead, all you'll see are tall trees and the magnificent Corsica mountains on the horizon. And you know what? That's not necessarily a bad thing. After all, this place has its own private pool, a shaded patio area, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and more. Villa Colomba is the perfect luxury home to escape the rest of the world!
The Finest Villas in Corsica

Villa Mediterranean

True to its name, Villa Mediterranean highlights the best things about the region. Firstly, it's a pretty lavish estate. With five big bedrooms, six bathrooms, a massive garden, and a big luxurious private pool, the place upholds the high-class appeal of the French Riviera. Secondly, the views from here will take your breath away. Sometimes, a magical scenery like the one here is enough to put you in a good mood every time you look at it. And third, with its many windows and doors, you can easily let sunshine fill up the entire villa during the day. By the afternoon, the entire place is bathed by the orange twilight of the sunset!
The Finest Villas in Corsica

Villa Oso

When you first look at it from the outside, Villa Oso seems rather small. The place isn't as big and the estate isn't as massive as the many other villas in Corsica, especially not the ones on this list. However, when you get inside, you'll instantly realize that this modern and minimalist home is actually pretty spacious. With its pristine interior design—with hints of the rustic aesthetic—and sleek furniture, you can enjoy as much legroom as you want. There's even a modern kitchen that allows you to whip up delicious meals every day. What's not to love?
The Finest Villas in Corsica

Villa Santa Giulia

What separates Villa Santa Giulia from the other luxury rentals on this list is that it feels lived-in. It may be a high-class rental that any traveler can book when they travel to Corsica in summer (or any other season), but the place has enough character to make it less generic. The antique details are a nice touch, as are the flowers and trees that add some botanical bliss to the estate. Instead of just another run-of-the-mill vacation villa in Corsica, Villa Santa Giulia looks and feels like an authentic countryside home. And it makes your stay here even better!
The Finest Villas in Corsica

Villa Spanu

Clean and crisp are the words that best describe Villa Spanu! Located by Calvi Bay, the estate overlooks the coast and shows off its full Mediterranean glory. Where's the best spot in the villa to enjoy such a view? Either on the terrace or by the pool. The former serves as a nice patio where you can enjoy the salty sea breezes as you relax. The latter, on the other hand, allows you to have fun with such majestic scenery as your backdrop. Doesn't all that sound like the perfect summer getaway?
The Finest Villas in Corsica

The finest villas in Corsica are some of the best vacation homes in paradisical southern France. The best way to enjoy this destination is to stay in a place where you can live life to the fullest, after all.

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