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Things to Do in Corsica This Summer

August 10, 2021


Touring Corsica in Summer - All Luxury Apartments

Summer officially enters Corsica on June 21 and ends in September 23. This island has a great Mediterranean climate, with warm summer months that let you enjoy the beaches and explore the beautiful inland landscapes. The days are long and sunny. Temperatures can go up as high as 27 to 28°C which is perfect for a swim. Surely, the great outdoors would provide you endless choices of activities to engage in. But that’s not everything.

If you’re visiting Corsica this summer, prepare to diversify your itinerary. The sights and sounds at your disposal during this season abounds, each of which gives you a great opportunity to have fun, relax, and get to know more about the Corsican culture and what it has to offer.

But before we launch our list, let’s get you properly prepared.

Corsica in Summer - All Luxury Apartments

Image Source: Corsican Places

What to Pack?

Aside from your clothes and personal travel equipment, there’s no reason to panic about what to pack. You can buy everything you need for the summer holiday in the island although if you choose to do so, you may have to sacrifice time for shopping. If you’re coming from a non-European country, you may also have to deal with the difference in prices. So if you want to save effort and time, packing well would help a lot.

If you’re planning to go to the beach - which of course you should, always bring a good pair or two of swim wear. If you are looking forward to some hiking, don’t forget to bring some sturdy, trusty shoes.

When it comes to money, cash is always handy but just as well as plastic. You can pay with your credit or debit card in the island and if you would in fact need to withdraw, you can find ATMs easily in the island.

Aside from these, the following are common necessities:

  • Camera
  • Sun cream
  • First aid kit
  • A photocopy of your passport, just in case
  • A good set of light clothing

If this is your first time visiting Corsica, you will be met with plenty of options to spend your hot summer days. Pamper yourself and choose the most adventurous escape in this truly marvelous Mediterranean island.

Where Else Than to the Beach?

Calvi Beach Corsica - All Luxury Apartments

Calvi Beach

Image Source: corsica.co.uk

Corsica’s 1000km coastline is home to over 200 beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters. Faced with an overwhelming number of choices, finding the best one can be a challenge. To simplify things for you, we’ve managed to come up with a simplified list of the most breathtaking Corsica beaches:

  • Loto Beach & Saleccia Beach
  • Calvi Beach
  • Palombaggia Beach & Santa Giulia Beach
  • Pinarello Beach & San Ciprianu Beach
  • Ostriconi Beach
  • Cupabia Beach
  • Roccapina Beach

The beaches are not the only places where you can find perfect swimming spots. Many locals and tourists frequent the island’s many rivers. Wild swimming, as some have come to call the activity, attracts adventurers who also want to explore the surrounding nature first before they take a fresh dip in gorgeous rock pools.

The best places to wild swim in Corsica includes:

  • Gorges du Tavignano
  • Cascade des Anglais
  • Manganello
  • Cavu and Ste-Lucie
  • Gorges de Fiumicelle
  • Cascades de Purcaraccia
  • Delta du Fango

Explore the Waters

Corsica Watersports - All Luxury Apartments

Image Source: Instagram @markwarnerholidays

If you want the experience that is more than just getting a tan and spending a whole day in the beach, more exciting options are yours to explore. That includes chartering a yacht and sailing and hopping among secluded Corsican beaches, diving to the depths and seeing the majestic splendor of the underwater, or if you don't have much experience in diving or have too little time to learn, snorkelling is a great and relaxing alternative.

Other activities include parasailing, jet skis, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming, and kitesurfing,and windsurfing, among others.

Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Scandola Nature Reserve - All Luxury Apartments

Image Source: Pinterest

The Scandola Nature Reserve is one of the most visited tourist spot in the island and for good reason. The reserve is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna. This biodiversity is recognized by UNESCO which declared the site as a World Heritage, placing it at par with Venice, the Yellowstone, and the Galapagos!

You can also visit the neighboring village of Girolata which is only accessible by sea or through a narrow footpath down the hillside.

To get to the reserve, you need to ride a boat. Trips are available from Ajaccio, Calvi, and Porto. Even the journey there is magical.

Engage in Local Events

Party at the Calvi - All Luxury Apartments

Image Source: Festicket

Summer is the perfect time to immerse with the locals, meet new people, eat great food, and just enjoy the warm summer nights. In Corsica, there is not a shortage of events and festivals you can participate in. From musical fests to cultural events, sports races to religious feasts, the Corsican summer escape is sure to give you unique memories you will always come back to.

Below is a list of some of the most anticipated local events to look forward to in Corsica.

Fiera di U Vinu | Luri | July

Corsican wines are exceptional and you have this event to see for yourself. Featuring the best of the best of the wine produce in the island, it is considered one of the most prestigious wine events in the French region.

Bastille Day | Across the island | 14 July

The Bastille Day is celebrated across the whole of the French region and is one of the most spectacular and visually stunning celebrations not only in summer but of the whole year. Various parades and events simultanesouly occur to celebrate the French National Day.

Fiera di l'Alivu | Montegrosso | July

Aside from the grape produce and the exceptional wineries, olives is the other big thing that also happens to be celebrated in July. This gathering allows you to sample some of the greatest olive varieties in the island.

Calvi on the Rocks | Calvi | Late June/Early July

Good news for those who want to fill their summer days with loud music, dancing, and booze! Calvi on the Rocks is generally considered an event for the youth, although youth is only mindset, isn't it? This music festival features digital arts to the tune of electronic and rock music.

Les Nuits de la Guitare | Patrimonio | Late July

If you want instrumental music, the guitar symphony of Les Nuits de la Guitare will leave in you and with a renewed appreciation for the music and the instrument by the end of the night.

Les Fêtes Napoléoniennes | Ajaccio | 15 August

A day reserved to commemmorate the birthday of Corsica's most famous son, Napoleon Bonaparte. Processions and parades are held, concluding with a dazzling pyrotechnic display at night.

Recontres Polyphoniques de Calvi | Calvi | September

Authentic, timbre-filled music never gets old and remains a classic form of entertainment during the Recontres Polyphoniques de Calvi, considered to be the focal point of Corsican culture, featuring lovely performances from great musicians and musical artists.

Have a Private Getaway

If what you seek is your own personal space to enjoy and relax in, renting your own luxury apartment for a week - or more - is always a welcome option. Sunbath in the pool if you feel that the beach would be too harsh, or take a sip of your cocktail while enjoying the view of the sea. After all, aren’t vacations for pampering yourself? Who says you always have to be on the move?

Luxury such as this 5-bedrooom Mediterranean home for rent in Corsica is something you and your friends or loved ones deserve.

Luxury Apartment for Rent in Corsica - All Luxury Apartments

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At the end of the day, it’s all up to you how you want to spend a good day. Whether that is among with people you love in a secluded resort or villa or among other tourists at one of Corsica’s heralded beaches, the trick is always to be in the moment and even for a short time, let go of the personal burdens of life.