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The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris

March 05, 2023
A candlelit restaurant in Paris for a romantic date? If that's not the epitome of a cliche, then what is? The French capital is already one of the most romantic cities in the world. Pair that with the perfect place for an intimate dinner and you've for yourselves the quintessential romantic date. And unoriginal though it may be, you can't deny that it is one of the best ways to further your relationship with your special someone. Take them to the likes of La Tour d’Argent, Septime, Le Jules Verne, Restaurant Lasserre, and Girafe and they're sure to fall in love with you all over again!

The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris

La Tour d’Argent

La Tour d'Argent is a culinary staple in the haute cuisine scene in Paris. Located on Quai de la Tournelle, it even has a Michelin star under its belt. That alone should tell you that this is a noteworthy place to take your special someone to when you go out on a date. With such fine French food on offer, who wouldn't be impressed if you take them there? Even more so when you get to enjoy such amazing views from up above. You'll even see the iconic Notre Dame from here too! How's that for an excellent culinary experience?
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: La Tour d’Argent Facebook Page


If the fact that Septime is also a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris won't be enough to convince you to have your date here, perhaps the €65.00 lunch menu will. Very few hotspots of this caliber are within everyone's financial reach, but this one is pretty worthwhile. Located on Rue de Charonne, this minimalist candlelit restaurant offers creative dishes paired with fine wine. The results are nothing short of delicious! Do note that they offer seasonal menus so you can expect only the freshest ingredients to tantalize your tastebuds here!
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: Septime

Le 58 Tour Eiffel

A candlelight dinner date in the Eiffel Tower? If that's not cliche, then what is? Perhaps the quintessential date idea in Paris is to dine at places like Le 58 Tour Eiffel. Perched on the first floor of the “Iron Lady,” you get to indulge in haute cuisine as you enjoy some of the most amazing views of the city. And sure, it is a pretty cliche spot, but so what? Since you're already there, why not revel in the romance of Paris? Just scoring a table here would be worthwhile, so a dinner date in one of the most famous landmarks in the world makes for a great time ahead!
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: Le 58 Tour Eiffel

Le Jules Verne

Another candlelit restaurant in the Eiffel Tower is Le Jules Verne. Located on the second floor of the iconic monument, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Award winner Frédéric Anton heads the kitchen here. That alone should tell you that you're in for one hell of a culinary ride! Once you get a taste of farmhouse poultry poached with black truffle, yellow wine, and Jus Gras, you'll hardly even notice the awe-inspiring views from up here. And what better way to end your romantic date than with a chocolate souffle topped with ice cream? Magnifique!
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: Le Jules Verne Facebook Page


It's one thing to dine in the Eiffel Tower, but it's a whole other ball game to dine near it too. Take Girafe, a candlelit restaurant perched atop the Palais de Chaillot in the Trocadéro area. With the famous landmark overlooking you, it can't anymore 'Parisian' than that! But of course, it's not enough that the views from up here are amazing. What about the food? Well, some Cavier Beluga for starters isn't a bad idea. As for the main course, tender salmon with hot ceviche and quinoa sounds incredible. Paired with the right wine, it'd be a date you won't ever forget!
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: Girafe Paris Restaurant Facebook Page

Les Ombres

Another great hotspot with an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower is Les Ombres. Located in Musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, you're so near the famous landmark that you almost feel as if the “Iron Lady” is looking down on you. But all that goes away once you enjoy their food. It's worth noting that the place is one of Alain Ducasse's many restaurants in the city. That should already tell you that you're in for a delicious culinary journey ahead!
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: Les Ombres Facebook Page

Le Cinq

Located inside the elegant Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris, dining at Le Cinq is what haute living in Paris is all about. Even if you're just here for a special date and you're hesitant but prepared to spend lots of money on just one meal here, you know that it will be worth it. And with three Michelin stars under its belt, who wouldn't risk an arm and a leg if it means they can take their special someone here? Their many signature dishes, such as line-fished sea bass with caviar and buttermilk or spaghetti gratin with truffle, ham, and artichokes, define haute cuisine!
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: Four Seasons

Restaurant Lasserre

One of the many charms of Paris is that you get to eat in places like Restaurant Lasserre on Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Located in the affluent Champs-Élysées district, this place is the ideal romantic restaurant. Who wouldn't want to dine in this elegant space? Especially at night when you get to eat under the stars and the candlelight flickering on the table. That'd be the perfect atmosphere to indulge in some fine French delicacies and scrumptious Mediterranean seafood, wouldn't it? And after one visit, you and your date will already want to go back!
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: Restaurant Lasserre

La Grande Cascade

Located at the heart of Bois de Boulogne, La Grande Cascade is a Belle Époque hotspot that upholds Paris's gastronomic history. One look and you'll already feel as if you were transported back in time, which is already part of its romantic charm. But perhaps what sets La Grande Cascade apart from all the candlelit restaurants in the city is head chef Frédéric Robert's culinary expertise. He takes things like prawns, black truffles, and even plain fresh vegetables from the market into culinary masterpieces. One bite and you'll instantly understand why this is one of the finest places to eat in Paris!
The Most Romantic Candlelit Restaurants in Paris
Source: La Grande Cascade

Don't underestimate the charm of having a date in any of the most romantic candlelit restaurants in Paris. They provide the perfect atmosphere for you and your special someone to fall deeper in love with each other!

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