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What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

February 06, 2023
If you plan on taking a trip to Montreal, you need a pack a lot of stuff. Namely travel phrasebook, thermal clothes, boots, a moisturizer, on top of your necessities like your clothes, phone, and the like. These items might not seem like the most obvious things to bring on your travels, but rest assured that they'll help you when you get to Montreal. As beautiful of a city as it is, there are still many things about it that you might not know or understand. In turn, if you're not smart with your packing, you may end up not enjoying your stay here.

What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

Travel Phrasebook

Montreal is a French-speaking city despite the fact that it's in Canada, a country that's part of the English Commonwealth. In a way, it's a bit closer to Paris than to London. And if you don't speak or understand French, then you might as well bring a travel phrasebook. You can easily find one in bookstores, airports, and the like. This textbook lists down important phrases that you will most likely use while you're in Montreal (or any other French-speaking destination, for that matter!). Though it's often better to learn French instead, a travel phrasebook is enough if you're only going to be here for a couple of days/weeks.
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

Light Outerwear

Don't underestimate how cold it can get in Canada! And yes, that includes Montreal! At times, even during summer, the breezes tend to get a little too chilly. Even more so during the evening! So whether you're traveling to Montreal in spring or summer, don't forget to pack along some light outerwear. Think knitted cardigans, thin jackets, or even a nice kaftan. They don't have to be as thick as winterwear; just light enough that you don't feel stuffy when you wear them outside. Those coming from tropical countries will especially need light outerwear to help get used to Montreal's cold climate.
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

Thermal Clothes

Now, light outerwear is for spring and summer. But what about autumn and winter? What will you need to help stay warm and toasty? Well, apart from the obvious winterwear, you'd do well to pack some thermal clothes too. Also known as 'long underwear,' these are special garments that will help keep your body warm in low temperatures. There's also a certain technology to the fabrics of some thermal clothes that allow you to maintain your regular body temperature despite how cold it is. And fortunately, many famous brands offer them. If you forgot to pack your own, you can always go shopping in Montreal for them!
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal


Out of all the clothes, you'll bring to Montreal, a nice button-down is an absolute must! This is the sort of style staple that will help transform your look from day to night in seconds flat! When you travel to cities like Montreal, you probably tend to focus on touristy things, right? And in many of these activities, there are no dress codes to worry about. That's all well and good but sometimes, if you want to go somewhere special, you need to spiffy up a bit. Perhaps you want to eat at an elegant restaurant or hang out in a sophisticated bar in Montreal. To avoid sticking out like a sore thumb, a chic button-down will work wonders!
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

Elegant Footwear

What will make your button-down look even more elegant? Some fancy footwear, of course! For guys, a well-polished pair of leather shoes is the answer. And for girls, a sexy pair of heels is the way to go. People often forget to bring some elegant footwear on their travels. Granted, some comfy flats should always be the priority, but you should still remember that there might need to dress up at times. You don't have to go all out and wear haute couture, but a few sophisticated pieces that will refine your look will work just fine!
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

Flat Boots

Speaking of comfy flats, never forget to bring some boots on your trip to Montreal. Or to any Canadian city, for that matter! Although Montreal isn't as close to nature as some other Canadian cities out there, a pair of boots is still the most suitable footwear here. For one thing, you can walk on the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal in them. Depending on the material, they can also pass for elegant footwear for when you want to go out at night. And of course, boots will keep your toes all toasty amidst Canada's infamous cold climates.
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

Modest Swimsuits

Montreal isn't a city known for beaches. Though there are plenty nearby, they're probably not the reason why you went here, right? The metropolitan area of Montreal is where it's at, from its central districts to its underrated neighborhoods. So with this in mind, why would you need a swimsuit? For all the exclusive pools and spas, of course! A great way to spend time in Montreal is to luxuriate in its finest establishments. And since these include some bubbling jacuzzis, sizzling hot tubs, and beautiful hotel pools, a modest swimsuit is needed!
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal


If there's one thing you should never forget about Montreal, it's to never underestimate how cold the city can get. As already mentioned, even during summer, there will be times (especially in the evening) when the breezes will get a little too chilly for your taste. And this can affect you in more ways than one! A good example is drying your skin. In winter, your skin might get so dry that it's practically rough. You don't want that, do you? To avoid such an embarrassing fate, don't forget to pack along some moisturizer!
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

Power Bank

And finally, don't ever forget to bring your power bank. You'll need this so much that it's practically a travel essential, right there with your clothes, medicine, and phone. If it will be your first time in Montreal, you can bet that you'll spend most of your days outside. In fact, it's possible that the only time you'll go back to your hotel or luxury rental here is when you sleep at night. Since you'll be out and about for most of your time here, you can charge your gadgets via your power bank. The fun doesn't have to stop just because your phone needs more juice!
What to Pack For Your Trip to Montreal

If you're going on a trip to Montreal, you need to be wise with what you pack. Apart from your travel essentials, there are a few items that you might not know that you will need when you get there and it's better that you know about them now!

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