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Where are The Best Places to Go Shopping in Montreal?

December 08, 2022
They say that Montreal is the “Paris of Canada” and you know what? There's some truth to that. Not just with the language and French culture, but also with the incredible shopping here! The Underground City, Le Cours Mont-Royal, Alexis Nihon, and Mile End are just some of the best places to go shopping in Montreal. They offer luxury brands, affordable fashions, and perhaps even the best bargains you'll ever see on this side of the world. Paris may be the fashion capital of the world but Montreal can definitely hold its own when it comes to satisfying shopaholics!

Where are The Best Places to Go Shopping in Montreal?

Underground City

If someone were to tell you that you can go shopping underground in Montreal, would you believe them? Well, you should because it's true! Underground City is this whole pedestrian network located underneath the city. It connects the various establishments and neighborhoods in Montreal above-ground but also offers its own collection of shops, boutiques, and more underground. It's a great place to retreat to during winter. The Underground City remains warm and toasty during the coldest months of the year. And the stuff they sell here? As hot as ever! You'd be surprised at the amazing find here, ranging from luxury items to great bargains and more!

Saint Laurent Boulevard

The trendy Saint Laurent Boulevard is another great place to go shopping in Montreal since it houses awesome thrift stores, vintage shops, and jewelry stores. If you want to go bargain-hunting, you couldn't have picked a better spot! Sure, though they largely offer second-hand clothing and old items here, they're still as high-quality as ever. And the best part? Discounted prices! If you thought you could never afford French haute couture brands, then Saint Laurent Boulevard will prove otherwise! Also, don't miss the local jewelry stores too! Many of them are run by local artists. You won't find pieces like these anywhere else!

Where are The Best Places to Go Shopping in Montreal?

Le Cours Mont-Royal

12 stories of high fashion and high-street style await you in Le Cours Mont-Royal, one of the most upscale stores in Canada. If you want to go shopping for designer outfits, this is the place to be! Big-named brands like Prada, Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Emporio Armani, Tom Ford, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Lacoste have all set up shop here. As long as you can afford it, you can shop till you drop and curate the most stylish wardrobe Montreal has ever seen! Just make sure to check your bank account from time to time because it might already be empty before you know it!

Alexis Nihon

You can't go wrong with Alexis Nihon in Downtown Montreal as well. This mall offers a good mix of both local and international brands. Though you won't see the big-named luxury labels here, you can discover a few home-grown gems instead. The chic Canadian brand, Le Fil Blanc, for example, has one of its main stores here. Meanwhile, the Spanish high-street brand Zara has a shop here too. Whether you go for a worldwide name or a local label, you're sure to find many great pieces in Alexis Nihon! That's a guarantee!

Where are The Best Places to Go Shopping in Montreal?

Mile End

Truth be told, Mile End is more like its own district rather than just another great spot for shopping in Montreal. Though it has many stores, boutiques, and shops to offer, the area practically has a life of its own. It's young and hip here, especially since it's part of the trendy Plateau-Mont-Royal borough. You'd even notice that the crowd here tends to be teenagers, college students, or young adults. And many of the latter run their own shops. If you're up for some local Montreal fashion, this is the place to do your shopping!

Sherbrooke Street

Let's go back to the street for the rest of your shopping in Montreal. Rue Sherbrooke, more commonly known as “Sherbrooke Street,” is another shopaholic's haven in the city. Specifically for men. Though this 31.3-kilometer-long street offers plenty of womenswear brands too, it's the menswear that's the main draw here. You have shops like Jeanguy, The Coat House, and more here. They're enough to make this place Montreal's own Oxford Street. And ladies, you have your fair share of boutiques here as well! It's even a healthy mix of international and local brands.

Where are The Best Places to Go Shopping in Montreal?

The best shopping in Montreal can be found in places that offer luxury labels, affordable brands, and high-quality goodies. You can shop till you drop and still want more when you go to these hotspots!

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