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The Finest Language Schools in Montreal

December 05, 2022
Montreal is a bilingual city. Though it's technically a French city, since it's still in Canada, many people speak English here. Not to mention other languages that tourists and expats speak here too. In order to have a good time in Montreal, you'd do well to learn French, English, and perhaps even one more language. Don't worry! There are a good number of fine language schools in Montreal. There's the Montreal International Institute of Language Arts, Languages Across Borders Montréal, Académie Linguistique Charlemagne, and YMCA International Language School, among many others. These are the institutions that will ensure that you become fluent in any language you want to learn.

The Finest Language Schools in Montreal

Montreal International Institute of Language Arts

The Montreal International Institute of Language Arts goes above and beyond in helping its students in Montreal. For one thing, they offer all sorts of programs that will teach students everything they need to know about either French or English. For the youngest ones, there's a summer camp they can enjoy that's also lots of fun. For those working in corporate business, the school also teaches formal language suitable for these industries. And if you need housing as an exchange student in Montreal, they'll assist you in every way they can.

Académie Linguistique Charlemagne

Mostly known as “ALC Montreal” among locals, Académie Linguistique Charlemagne is another one of the finest language schools in Montreal. It's located on Place du Cercle, a pretty central place that's easy to get to via public transport. The school itself is made up of a diverse team of accredited teachers with university training. Having come from different backgrounds, they can easily relate to students from all walks of life. And their English and French lessons are top-notch! They will help you prepare for all kinds of tests, including TEF, TOWIC, TFI, CAEL, and TOEFL. No matter your linguistic needs, rest assured that they'll be met with the help of Académie Linguistique Charlemagne.

The Finest Language Schools in Montreal

Languages Across Borders Montréal

Taking pride as Canada's national language association, Languages Across Borders is an exceptional school where you till truly become fluent in either French or English. And that's true of their campus in Montreal as it is in any other part of the country. What's great about them is that they'll prepare you for whatever you need with the language. High school students from international schools in Montreal can use it as a stepping stone to getting into the best universities. Professionals can sharpen their linguistic skills to help them climb up the corporate ladder. And even tourists can learn better French to have an easier time in the city.

ILSC - Montreal

As far as language schools in Montreal are concerned, ILSC - Montreal is pretty standard. Whether to help you get into the best universities in London, the US, and the like or brush up on your skills to help further your career, this place will teach you everything you need to know. Even when it's about the city itself too! Part of what makes ILSC - Montreal stand out is that it also immerses its students in the culture of Montreal. It's not enough that you learn French, but you'd actually discover what this city is all about too.

The Finest Language Schools in Montreal

Bouchereau Lingua International

No matter what your goal is, at BLI we will help you achieve it.” says the homepage of Bouchereau Lingua International. And you know what? They're telling the truth! No matter your level in French or English, this school will upgrade your skills like it's nothing at all. They even offer tailored courses depending on your linguistic needs. Are you required to speak French at work? There's a course for you here! Are you planning to take the TEFaQ test soon? There's another course that's perfect for you too! And for some fun, Bouchereau Lingua International also offers summer and winter camps. What's not to love?

YMCA International Language School

If you're familiar with the YMCA schools, you'd know that the YMCA International Language School in Montreal is a great educational institution. It embodies everything about the worldwide youth organization, not the least of which is its inclusivity and appreciation for learning. In this language school, students as young as age 9 can start learning English or French for their academic and eventually professional benefit. And if you're already a working adult, you can still sharpen your linguistic skills here too. They even offer online classes when you have a busy schedule.

The Finest Language Schools in Montreal

Since it's home to more than one language, you'd do well to enroll in any of the finest language schools in Montreal. Whether it's French, English, or more, you'll definitely reach fluency in no time with their help!

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