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The Top Five Bars in Montreal

January 26, 2023
Montreal has a pretty slick nightlife scene. When you want to go out on a town and enjoy a nice drink, you can always head on over to places like Big in Japan, Bar George, Atwater Cocktail Club, Le Royal, and Le Majestique. They are some of the best bars in Montreal, after all. Depending on your mood and how you want to have fun tonight, these places will ensure that you have a good time. They serve delicious drinks, play great music, and draw in the best crowds around. One night in any one of these epic bars is enough to make you want to go back again and again!

The Top Five Bars in Montreal

Big in Japan

Despite its name, you don't have to go overseas to get to Big in Japan. This bar is only located on St Laurent Boulevard, a popular street that's known as one of the best places to go shopping in Montreal. After going on a shopping spree, you can end your day with some sake in this Eastern-inspired hotspot. Just don't expect a party scene here because Big in Japan isn't that kind of bar. It's a bit more intimate despite its massive space. The candles on the tables even make it a go-to spot for couples on a date.
The Top Five Bars in Montreal
Source: Big in Japan Instagram Page

Bar George

When it's winter in Montreal and you're looking for a place to warm you up, look no further than Bar George in Le Mount Stephen hotel. Located on Drummond street, you can expect a high-class hotspot filled with great drinks, delicious hors-d'œuvre, and a good time. The place itself evokes the same sort of old-world charm that the hotel is known for. You can tell that all the great men of the past used to frequent this spot for a nightcap or two. And thanks to its stone walls and giant fireplace, Bar George gets pretty toasty when it's snowy outside.
The Top Five Bars in Montreal
Source: Bar George Facebook Page

Atwater Cocktail Club

Without a doubt, the Atwater Cocktail Club on Atwater avenue is one of the best bars in Montreal. An entire wall of fine wine, high-class vodka, old bourbon, and more can attest to that. When you want a little buzz to perk you up on your night out of the town, you couldn't have picked a more suitable place. Even the food here is amazing. Think beef tartare, juicy burgers, and more. The haute cuisine here can rival any Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris. If that won't convince you to check this place out, then what will?
The Top Five Bars in Montreal
Source: Atwater Cocktail Club Facebook Page

Le Royal

Any bar that feels like a chic speakeasy in Paris or a hidden bar in Berlin will always be a winner in anyone's book. Perhaps this is why Bar Le Royal on Mont-Royal Avenue has become one of the most popular bars in Montreal. Locals and tourists alike have fallen in love with the place, specifically its speakeasy-like vibe. Do take note that this bar isn't a speakeasy. It's practically out in the open, But with its intimately-lit space and chill vibe, you can't help but think that this is a local hidden gem.
The Top Five Bars in Montreal
Source: Le Royal Facebook Page

Le Majestique

This bar's name aptly describes it! Le Majestique on St Laurent Boulevard is one of the most popular bars in Montreal. It's practically the exact opposite of Le Royal, in that it's a pretty open, well-lit, and public space. There's no doubt that locals fill this place up practically every night. Especially with their delicious menu of French and Mediterranean cuisine. For anyone craving seafood, you can either get a plateful of oysters or an all-out seafood platter. A 12-inch hotdog is for those who prefer something meatier. And for the sweet tooths out there, a white chocolate panna cotta is the way to go!
The Top Five Bars in Montreal
Source: Le Majestique Facebook Page

Planning to go out later tonight? Perhaps you'd enjoy your time in any of the best five bars in Montreal! Just as you'd expect, these hotspots offer great drinks, awesome crowds, and ultimately a good time!

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