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Menswear Trends to Expect in Autumn 2023 According to French Designers

February 04, 2023
It has been quite a fashionable month this past January 2023. Paris hosted two different sets of Fashion Week. One was for the latest autumn 2023 menswear collections and the other was for haute couture. And both did not disappoint! Let's focus on menswear for a little bit. The past Paris Fashion Week trotted out amazing new trends for the upcoming season. Casablanca went full-on retro with designer Charaf Tajer's sportswear-filled show. Jonathan Anderson of Loewe, on the other hand, went for simpler but more spectacular styles. His shapes and silhouettes made quite an impact, for sure!

Menswear Trends to Expect in Autumn 2023 According to French Designers

Minimalist Oversizing - Loewe

I do feel like less is more. But in a new way. I don’t think we’re heading into modernity like it was. It’s not like ’90s modernity; there’s something more peculiar happening,” said Jonathan Anderson about his autumn 2023 menswear collection for Loewe. Even the set of his show in Paris Fashion Week was startlingly simple. Everything was in stark white and there was barely any decoration on the runway. It was a good thing too because nothing could distract from Anderson's spectacular shapes. From the cocoon-like trench coats to the streamlined suits, all th clothes maintained a balance between showstopping and simple.
Source: Loewe YouTube Channel

Divine in Duvets - Rick Owens

Trotting out attention-grabbing shapes was Rick Owens, whose padded outwear almost looked like wearable duvets. You know those days when you just want to stay at your luxury home in Paris and never leave your bed? Well, this show was like that! It's as if Rick Owens thought up the streetwise version, ironically. These eye-catching silhouettes will definitely stop anyone in their tracks. And with that signature Owns goth touch, there's also a slight severity to it that's masculine but not aggressive. By way of exaggerated bomber jackets, cocooning trench coats, and even draped capes, this trend of duvet-like outerwear might just be the biggest come autumn 2023.
Source: Rick Owens YouTube Channel

Statement Suiting - Louis Vuitton

Though he's only a guest designer for Louis Vuitton's menswear, Colm Dillane's autumn 2023 collection for the brand had a lot to say. His loudest message was his statement suiting. With their broad shoulders, precise cuts, and even some fruit prints plastered with a statement or two, this was an excellent parade of suits. They were all streamlined in silhouette, sure, but every look was different and distinct. Some had more frills for thrills, while others came out shimmering in embellishments. The sportswear also stood out amidst such corporate styles but the suits remained the stars of the show. Virgil Abloh will be proud!
Source: Louis Vuitton YouTube Channel

Naturally Neutral - Dior Men

Not to be outdone, Kim Jones held his own parade of exceptional tailoring at Dior Men's autumn 2023 show in Paris Fashion Week. But while that's par for the course for a designer of his caliber, what was most striking was the muted color palette. Or rather, the dominance of neutrals. The show started with such pristine off-whites and creams, then went full-on greyscale before ending with some smokey browns and chocolates toward the end. There were other colors that popped out here and there, but it's the natural tones that really made a mark. Especially with how sophisticated they all looked down the runway.
Source: Christian Dior YouTube Channel

Chic Shearlings - Hermès

Known for its exceptional leather goods, who would've ever thought that shearling would be the trendiest textile to come out of the Hermès show? In fact, shearling appeared in other menswear collections this past Paris Fashion Week, including those mentioned on this list. Nevertheless, it's how creative director Véronique Nichanian treated it that changed the game. Not only did she perfectly contrast the plush shearling against the smooth, shimmering leathers of the French brand, but she also cut the lush fabric into the most desirable coats. Look out, men! Instead of your jeans, your wives or girlfriends will be stealing your shearling outerwear come autumn 2023!
Source: Hermès YouTube Channel

Retro Glam - Casablanca

Casablanca is one of the finest menswear brands in Paris right now and their autumn 2023 show in Paris Fashion Week solidified that. Inspired by classic Arabic cinema, it was a peace-loving collection that inspired joy and celebration within a foundation of a staunch anti-war stance. While not explicitly hippie, anyone can fill the love and peace emanating from these clothes. The retro feel is obvious, sure, but not so in-your-face that everything looked downright referential. Some pilot jumpsuits had a contemporary sportswear feel to them, while the suits echoed the fabulous glee of the disco era. All in all, this was Parisia glamour at its finest!
Source: Casablanca YouTube Channel

This autumn 2023, you can expect a lot of great menswear trends. They were already introduced this past Paris Fashion Week. Many French designers have fascinating ideas on what men ought to wear for the upcoming season.

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