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Montreal's Finest Coworking Spaces

January 24, 2023
A city like Montreal attracts all sorts of workers. These include freelancers, professionals, and startup businesses. And what do they mostly have in common? Well, more often than not, they don't have their own office spaces. They're free to work wherever they want, which makes Montreal a great place for them. This city has its fair share of fine coworking spaces. A few examples include Montréal CoWork, WeWork, Anticafé, and Maison Notman House. They all serve to provide the perfect place for anyone to work properly and in peace. If you're in need of a spot to work, you'd do well to check these out!

Montreal's Finest Coworking Spaces


You probably already know all about WeWork, don't you? It's one of the most popular coworking spaces in the world. They have locations in various cities like New York, Paris, and of course, Montreal. What you've seen in those other cities is what you can expect here as well. Awesome office spaces, spacious meeting rooms, nice hubs for solo work, great equipment, and more. WeWork has always been known for providing the perfect spot for you to do your job in peace and quiet. And their location in Montreal doesn't disappoint!
Montreal's Finest Coworking Spaces
Source: WeWork

Montréal CoWork

Located in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighborhood of Montreal, Montréal CoWork offers a wide range of spaces for your professional needs. If you're a freelancer looking for a quiet spot to do your work in peace, they have plenty of booths here! If you're part of a startup company that doesn't have its own office space yet, you can hold your meetings here. And if you've just landed in Montreal for your business trip and you're in need of the right equipment to complete your tasks, they have it all for you. You'll barely have to worry about work at all here in Montréal CoWork!
Montreal's Finest Coworking Spaces
Source: Montréal CoWork Facebook Page

Maison Notman House

Don't let Maison Notman House's grand exterior at 51 Sherbrooke Street West fool you! While it may look like a historic building that belongs in Old Montreal, it's actually a coworking space. At least, that's how it operates nowadays. You're correct in thinking it's a historic building. The house was built back in 1845 for Sir William Collis Meredith, former Chief Justice of the Superior Court for the Province of Quebec. It's even classified as a historical monument. But today, it's become the go-to spot for freelancers and startup companies in need of a place to work.
Montreal's Finest Coworking Spaces
Source: Maison Notman House Facebook Page

Le Cornélien

From this point on, this list of coworking spaces in Montreal will mostly consist of cafes. After all, a coffee shop is still a great place for you to work, right? Especially ones like Le Cornélien on Saint-Denis Street. It may look small from the outside, but the place actually offers up many workrooms that you can rent for either an hour or the entire day. The standard coffee shop setting makes for a more relaxing space, doing away with all the rigid office ambiance that other coworking spaces have. Pretty neat idea, right?
Montreal's Finest Coworking Spaces
Source: Le Cornélien Facebook Page


Anticafé on Saint-Catherine St W is yet another great coffee shop where you can work in peace. It has a pretty artsy feel to it, further pushing the coffee shop narrative instead of a standard coworking space in Montreal. But don't you worry! The place still operates more as the latter instead of a run-of-the-mill cafe. Within this 4,000 square meter space, you can rent any one of their 12 private rooms or 45 stations per hour. And the best part? Within your hour, you can indulge in as much coffee, biscuits, and tea as you like! What’s not to love?
Montreal's Finest Coworking Spaces
Source: Anticafe Montreal Facebook Page

Crew Collective & Café

Ask any local about the Crew Collective & Café and they'll mostly tell you that it's one of the finest and most popular cafes in Montreal. And it's true! For the most part, this place operates as a standard coffee shop housed in an old bank. The grandeur of the place makes it, particularly among tourists but there are still plenty of locals who go here too. Why? Because it also doubles as a coworking space! Complete with private booths for meetings and solitary stations, you can easily set up your own office space here. At least, for a time!
Montreal's Finest Coworking Spaces
Source: Crew Collective & Cafe

From cool office hubs with great equipment to chill cafes that offer peace and quiet, there are definitely a lot of great coworking spaces in Montreal. You can work in any one of them and you're guaranteed to do your job well!

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