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The Top Five Cafes in Montreal

December 06, 2022
Cafe society is alive and well in Montreal. Plenty of people here love coffee! And when it comes to the French—or in this case, the French-Canadians—drinking coffee is a way of life. Why do you think there are tons of awesome cafes in Montreal? There's the Crew Collective & Cafe, Le Café Bloom, Dandy, Café Sfouf, and Le Butterblume, to name a few. These hotspots prove that the people here really do adore caffeine. Not to mention have the best places to enjoy them! Beyond their great coffee, these cafes also provide the perfect vibe and ambiance for a nice and relaxing time.

The Top Five Cafes in Montreal

Crew Collective & Cafe

To say that the Crew Collective & Cafe is a must-see is an understatement. It's one of the most iconic cafes and among the best Instagrammable spots in Montreal. Housed in a former Royal Bank in Downtown Montreal, its glorious interior reeks of old-world elegance. You'd sooner feel like you're on the set of the hit series, 'Gilded Age' when you spend time here. It's that magnificent! As for the food, you can't go wrong with their classic croissants and coffee. Not to mention the flavorful club sandwiches too! They're so good, you forget about the beauty of the place with every bite!
The Top Five Cafes in Montreal
Source: Crew Collective & Cafe

Le Café Bloom

Le Café Bloom is one of the best brunch spots in Montreal. Located on Centre st. in the South-West district of Montreal, this place is all about the three S's of brunch—sandwiches, salads, and sweets. If you want a sandwich, you can either get the classic grilled cheese or the more unique but equally delicious burger au tofu. As for your salad, a nice bowl of coleslaw is more than enough. Even if you're not into coleslaw, you might be surprised at how much you'll enjoy their version. And for dessert, it's all about the brownie blooms!
The Top Five Cafes in Montreal
Source: Le Café Bloom Facebook Page


You'd defintiely feel Dandy after going on a coffee break in this chic cafe in Old Montreal. It's even right by the Notre Dame Basilica, making it the perfect next stop after visiting the famous landmark. Here, you can pair your coffee with many exciting dishes. Mushroom toast and ricotta pancakes make up their all-day brunch menu. And if you prefer pastries instead, you can indulge in either a maple butter tart or some coconut and pistachio macaroons. As for your coffee, they serve theirs the French way—espresso, cappuccino, or Americano!
The Top Five Cafes in Montreal
Source: Dandy Facebook Page

Café Sfouf

Without a doubt, Café Sfouf is one of the most charming cafes in Montreal. Located on Ontario street, it's a pretty chill and homely place, perfect for hanging out on a lazy afternoon. Of course, the coffee here is spectacular too! Whether you get an Americano or a latte, you're sure to get the caffeine buzz that you were hoping for. Especially if you pair your cup with any of Café Sfouf's delectable treats. An open-faced sandwich is a delicious choice. You can really taste the filling! And you can never go wrong with their homemade sfouf cake. Dip it in your coffee and take your taste buds on a sweet spin!
The Top Five Cafes in Montreal
Source: Café Sfouf Facebook Page

Le Butterblume

And finally, there's the ever-so-pleasant Le Butterblume cafe on the famous Saint Laurent Boulevard. Since this is one of the best places to go shopping in Montreal, stopping by this cafe is the perfect break! And if you do stop by here, get ready for quite a rich culinary experience. The dishes they serve here are far from light. There's their salmon confit with olive oil & lemon, for instance. One bit is enough to have you wanting more. Or what about their maple-roasted carrot tartine topped with a poached egg? Sounds like the perfect brunch dish, doesn't it?
The Top Five Cafes in Montreal
Source: Le Butterblume

If you ever want to go on a coffee break in Montreal, then you're in luck. The city is chock-full of fabulous places where you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, perhaps some delicious pastries, and relaxin in the right mood.

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