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Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris

January 07, 2023
Every March 8th, the entire world celebrates “Women's Day.” In fact, the entire month of March is regarded as “Women's Month,” a time when everyone honors, uplifts, and treasures the women in their lives. Paris is no different, of course. Many would even say that the French capital is a woman-friendly city, even going so far as to say one of the safest for the fairer sex as well. And it's not that difficult to see that. There are plenty of places where women can have the time of their lives here. There's La Maison des Femmes, Le Brady, Rue Cambon, and Bonjour Madame, for example.

Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris

La Maison des Femmes

Translated into English as “The House of Women,” La Maison des Femmes on Rue de Charenton in the 12th arrondissement is a safe space for women. It's a shrine to feminism and feminist values, championing women and their many causes. Most notably, it's a refuge for women who need help, be it legal counsel against discrimination or a retreat from all the struggles they have to face day to day. One visit here is enough to show you what real women, both in Paris and beyond, go through in this day and age. As well as just how powerful they can be when they stand together!
Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris
Source: La Maison des Femmes

Le Brady

From the outside, Le 7ème Genre, also known as Le Brady, looks and feels like your everyday movie theater in Paris. Situated in the 10th arrondissement's major thoroughfare, Boulevard de Strasbourg, many locals go here to enjoy movie night. But it's the kind of movies that they show that make Le Brady stand out against the rest. Not to mention a perfect spot to celebrate Women's Day in Paris in. It's all about women's films and gender quality in this popular movie theater. The features they screen here highlight women, as well as other gender identities and expressions, and their reverting, heartbreaking, and emotional stories.
Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris
Source: Le Brady Cinéma Théâtre Facebook Page

Bonjour Madame

On the famous Rue de Montreuil, Bonjour Madame has long stood as the feminist bar of Paris. What better spot to celebrate Women's Day than in a nightlife hotspot where any woman can enjoy their time without any worry? In this beloved institution of a bar, feminism and queer activism collide. Members of both marginalized communities gather here to drink, party, and celebrate themselves. Sometimes, there will even be forums and debates regarding social issues and how they affect women, the LGBTQ+ community, and more. At the end of the day, Bonjour Madame is all about having a good time as a woman in Paris.
Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris
Source: Bonjour Madame Facebook Page

Rue Cambon

What's more feminist than a woman designer changing the way people dress? Not to mention building a fashion empire and leaving behind a legacy that remains ever-influential! That is Coco Chanel. She may not have regarded herself as a feminist, but she undoubtedly pioneered the movement, at least with her clothing. Through her simple yet elegant designs, she gave women more agency, thereby allowing them to pursue whatever and live however they want. So it's only natural that her iconic atelier and brand headquarters on Rue Cambon in the Champs-Élysées area become a feminist hotspot too.
Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Aloveswiki

Angelina Cafe

Speaking of Coco Chanel, one of the many cafes in Paris that she used to visit is the iconic Angelina Cafe near the Louvre. In fact, the legendary designer made it famous herself. Because it was one of her favorite haunts in the city, more and more people discovered it. It's also no secret that the fairer sex tends to appreciate sweets a lot more than men. And this place is more than capable of satisfying such cravings. From their pastel macarons to the famous hot chocolate, women can indulge in such delights here as much as they want.
Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris
Source: Angelina Paris

Le Café de Flore

Staying on the topic of cafes in Paris and notable feminist hotspots, you can't leave out Le Café de Flore! This iconic cafe on Boulevard Saint-Germain, right at the heart of the Montparnasse district, served as the central hub of the intellectual cafe society back in the early 20th century. Most notably, existential philosopher and writer, Simone de Beauvoir, was a famous patron here. She and her husband, Jean-Paul Sartre, practically made the cafe their own office headquarters. Amidst sips of coffee and the clanging of cups, they'd have such amazing discussions about life, love, and more.
Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris
Source: Flickr.com/ ayustety

La Maison Rose

As stereotypical as it may seem, the color pink truly does fit and attract all sorts of women. In fact, simply having a cafe painted in this rosy hue was enough to make it a popular spot among the fairer sex in the area. This is La Maison Rose in Montmartre. Known for its pastel-pink exterior and vintage appeal, it's become one of the most famous cafes in Paris. It's even been featured in the Netflix show, “Emily in Paris,” as one of the many Paris hotspots that the titular character Emily (played by Lily Collins), visited.
Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Les Brodeuses

Finally, there's Les Brodeuses, perhaps the most feminine place in Paris. Located on Rue Saint-Denis, this is a mecca of feminine handiwork and craftsmanship. At least, that's what it may seem at first. There's no denying that the adorable and fluffy decor and items that you can buy from here are captivating, but the place's feminist energy doesn't stop there. Frequently, Les Brodeuses has become a popular spot for women in the city to discuss all sorts of issues. In a way, it's become a forum for modern women who are socially aware but also love stereotypical “girly” things.
Where to Spend Women's Day in Paris
Source: Les Brodeuses Facebook Page

If you're spending Women's Day in Paris, you couldn't have picked better than these notable hotspots for women. These places highlight and prove that women have done a lot over the years, especially here in the beautiful French capital!




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