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The Top Five Internet Cafes in Paris

December 31, 2022
Although wifi is generally strong in Paris, there are times when you need to visit an internet cafe to go online. Luckily, the city has plenty of them. From Cybercafé V.Hive and the Milk Asus E-sport Arena to Luxembourg Micro and the Unicorners Café CoWorking space, there are lots of internet cafes in Paris where you can work or surf the net. More than just the strong wifi, they provide the right spaces, ambiance, and features that you need to stay online. Some even go so far as to serve all kinds of refreshments too. Though they're not the stereotypical cafes in Paris that inspire wanderlust among travelers, they're still pretty convenient!

The Top Five Internet Cafes in Paris

Webcafé - Printer Paris-Cy

Located on Rue de Jouy in the 4th arrondissement, Webcafé - Printer Paris-Cy is your typical internet cafe in Paris. It may be a pretty small shop, but it does the job of offering up a nice, quiet space for you to go online. Situated on a busy street in the Marais district, this place is a quiet retreat from all the hustle outside. There are numerous desktop computers in the store and a printing service too. The latter is the more popular aspect of Webcafé since plenty of locals in the area have their own computers, laptops, and wifi connections.

Cybercafé V.Hive

Set up by Team Vitality, the leading esports team in Europe, Cybercafé V.Hive on Boulevard de Sébastopol is as high-tech as it can get! The place boasts 400 m² of state-of-the-art desktops and gaming equipment, all so that members of the team and other people who share the passion for gaming can get it on. There's even a dedicated space for Team Vitality players to train, while guests can enjoy the other features such as the cafe and merch store. And speaking of the cafe, it's a pretty pleasant place all on its own. You can even say that it can rival many cafes in Paris!

The Top Five Internet Cafes in Paris

Milk Asus E-sport Arena

The Milk Asus E-sport Arena in Le Marais is another great haven for gamers in Paris. Packed with the perfect gaming equipment, the Milk internet group has certainly outdone itself in crafting the perfect space for its boot camps. It's even bigger than their original branch in Montparnasse. And don't worry! Guests are still welcome to join in on the fun. And even if you aren't into gaming, you can still make use of their hi-tech computers. You can only access the wifi through them, after all. But if you need to print something, they also have this service available too.

Luxembourg Micro

On Boulevard Saint-Michel in the Latin Quarter of Paris, Luxembourg Micro stands as the go-to internet cafe for anyone who needs to surf the net. Compared to the gaming hubs mentioned on this list, this place is a lot more humble and simple. It's a fairly compact space that features rows of available desktops for your convenience. And you know what? That's all that the locals need. Since this area is known for its many schools and universities, this simple internet cafe in Paris is perfect for students who need to do research, photocopy their reading materials, and more.


Truth be told, Imprimeur on Rue Michel Chasles in the 12th arrondissement mainly operates as a printing shop. Most of the locals go here when they need to get something printed, photocopied, and the like. They even do laser printing too. But don't worry! Their in-house web cafe is pretty trustworthy too. At the very least, not only do they have rows of desktop computers available but there's also some space for those who want to bring their laptop with them. Moreover, you don't have to reserve an appointment to get in. They can accommodate walk-ins just fine!

The Top Five Internet Cafes in Paris

The most notable internet cafes in Paris will serve as the perfect hotspots for when you want or need to go online. They provide the right space, ambiance, and more for you to do what you have to do in peace.

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