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All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

January 11, 2020
Even though the main eating trend in Barcelona involves settling down for a meal at 10pm, there is still a thriving brunch scene in the Catalan capital. So whether you’re fuelling up for a day of sightseeing or looking for something to cure a hazy head, here are the best brunches in Barcelona.


Barcelona is famous for its partying and if you’ve over-indulged in one of Barcelona’s many wine bars the night before, you’ll be looking for brunch to bring you back to life. That’s where Milk comes in. They serve an amazing array of brunch dishes from all over the world, from American pancakes to Turkish eggs. If the only thing that’s going to make you feel better is another drink, then you’re also in the right place. The brunch cocktails have a kick and they also serve bloody Marys. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona


Ugot is one of Barcelona's quintessential brunch spots. Five versions of eggs Benedict as well as some very inventive pancakes, Ugot goes above and beyond to bring delicious brunch to the people of Barcelona. Dishes like their homemade pancakes with creamed pulled chicken, leek, curry, pico de gallo, organic poached egg and slow cooked onions, are thoroughly unique. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Can Dende 

Much like many of the best brunch restaurants and tea hotspots in London, you will have to queue at Can Dende. But trust us when we say, the wait is worth it. The eclectic menu is heavily inspired by the founders Brazilian roots, so expect to see things here that you won’t find on other brunch menus. We love the spicy smashed potatoes with bacon. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Federal Cafe

As one of the first cafes in Barcelona to jump on the brunch trend, Federal is a favourite for both locals and tourists and the buzzy little cafe is always busy. The Australian-themed cafe serves plenty of avocado on toast as well as more adventurous dishes like eggs Benedict. They also have a lovely selection of pastries which you can order to take away. Federal has been so popular in Barcelona, that they have also extended to Madrid and Valencia. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Flax & Kale

You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Los Angeles health food cafe when you enter Flax & Kale. This mostly vegetarian restaurant serves the healthiest brunches in Barcelona every day from 10am to 5pm. ‘Clean eating’ is order of the day so obviously their smoothies, juices and salads are exemplary. A welcome break from all the fired tapas you’ve likely been eating. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

The Corner Bar

For €21 a head, you can experience brunch like a New Yorker at the Corner Bar in The Corner Hotel. They’re redefining the concept of brunch in Barcelona, serving mediterranean inspired dishes in a very New York setting. A live band plays as you enjoy your food for an added rock star touch. Try the hamburger with Spanish cheese. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona


Just minutes away from the Parc de la Ciudatella and close to some of the best apartment rentals in Barcelona, Picnic is a lovely place to start your day. The traditional US brunch menu features all the regulars as well as some strong brunch cocktails to sort out sore heads. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Chaka Khan

This charming and tropical Raval outpost serves eclectic brunches on weekends inspired by almost every country imaginable. They have dishes on the menu from Mozambique, Brazil, Iran, Mexico, Singapore and Korea, all served to a soundtrack of reggae, soul & funk. From 12 until 5pm, this is the place to be on weekends. The lively atmosphere makes it the perfect place to go to kick off your Saturday. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona

Little Fern

Little Fern is a community-focused brunch restaurant located in the heart of the Poblenou district close to some of the best apartments in Barcelona with stunning terraces. Taking inspiration from New Zealand's thriving cafe culture, Little Fern offers wholesome and delicious food paired with specialty coffee, signature wellness lattes, cold pressed juices and signature breakfast cocktails, all in a light-filled friendly atmosphere. Try the breakfast burrito or the kimchi pancakes. 


All Luxury Guide: The Best Brunch Spots in Barcelona


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