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Five Must-Visit Cool Cafes Near Wall Street

May 19, 2021
Are you a big finance guy/girl? Then you've probably heard of Wall Street in New York City. Practically everyone has in the world. Not only is it the most important financial district in the city, but in fact, of the entire world too. And if you work in any big corporation, chances are there will come a time that you'll have to go here. Or, if you're already working here, you'll have to entertain clients and colleagues on a business trip here. Either way, a good way to spend some free time within this famous district is going to some must-visit nearby cafes.

Five Must-Visit Cool Cafes Near Wall Street


Bean & Bean

Wall Street is filled with big finance and businessmen/women that have probably traveled around the world. And in doing so, they've cultivated an international taste that's no ordinary palette. These sorts of people are often picky about what they eat and drink. So what if you have colleagues or clients that are like this? Where to do take them out on for coffee? Bean & Bean is a safe bet! This well-known chain of coffee shops are beloved for their exotic range of coffee. Their beans come from countries such as Indonesia, Guatemala, Tanzania, and others that you probably didn't know had great coffee plants! 

Five Must-Visit Cool Cafes Near Wall Street

Source: Bean and Bean Coffee Co. Facebook Page


Black Fox Coffee Co.

For a lot of people, particularly in New York, drinking coffee isn't just a pastime. It's a lifestyle. And for the big Wall Street men and women who work tirelessly to ensure that the economy id doing well, they probably have a lot more coffee in their systems than water or juice. So why not take them to a place that actually respects coffee as the culinary art that it is: Black Fox Coffee Co. Here, coffee is served alongside gourmet dishes and well-made treats. It's actually a first-class dining experience here, not just a break from work. 

Five Must-Visit Cool Cafes Near Wall Street

Source: Black Fox Coffee Co. Facebook Page


Blue Spoon Coffee Company

At the gist of it, coffee is just coffee. No matter where the beans come from or how they're served, at the end of the day, it's the caffeinated drink that people go for. And while there doesn't seem to be inherently exciting about it, there can be when you put your own twists on it. Enter Blue Spoon Coffee Company. This elegant coffee haven in New York's financial district injects their coffee with their own flavorful spins, from sweet spices to floral notes. You're guaranteed to drink a cup you've never had before here! 

Five Must-Visit Cool Cafes Near Wall Street

Source: Blue Spoon Coffee Co. Facebook Page



In an area that's as busy as Wall Street, at times, your coffee break can become a work break too. When you're just sitting on a table with your cups of joe, the topic at hand will probably revert back to work. You almost can't escape it. it's simply the spirit that lingers in this famous financial district. So where here is a great place to get coffee while still talking big business or it money? Primary! Though you may have to be a member to get in, this lifestyle center offers its own workspace where you can still enjoy coffee over a discussion of work. 

Five Must-Visit Cool Cafes Near Wall Street

Source: Primary Facebook Page


Voyager Espresso

Finally, even though Wall Street is a notoriously busy district in the Big Apple, the area still has its own hidden gems where people can retreat to in order to escape work. One that's wholly devoted to coffee is Voyager Espresso. This underground cafe lets you enter a world of caffeine, serving drinks beyond your ordinary cup of joe. Here, you can actually order a coffee cocktail a coffee smoothie, and more. Including, of course, a shot of espresso to give you that buzz you need, whether it's early in the morning or late at night after work hours! 

Five Must-Visit Cool Cafes Near Wall Street

Source: Voyager Espresso Facebook Page


Make no mistake, Wall Street isn't just about big money and corporate businesses. Nestled within the nooks and crannies of this world-famous financial districts are cafes you must-visit when you're here. Some are actually unique caffeine havens you won't find anywhere else!



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