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Cafes in Paris: The Best in Chaillot

January 01, 2023
Café du Trocadéro, Café Valentin, Café Belloy, Café Kléber, and Macaron Cafe. What do these cafes in Paris all have in common? They're some of the best hotspots in the Chaillot neighborhood. You may just know this place as an area of famous monuments and well-known attractions, but these coffee shops are the perfect contrast to all that. These are the places you'd want to retreat to when you want to go on a coffee break. Or when you simply want to relax amidst the bustling French capital From their delicious food to their chill vibes, these cafes in Chaillot won't fail you!

Cafes in Paris: The Best in Chaillot

Café du Trocadéro

Out of all the hotspots on this list, you've probably already heard of Café du Trocadéro, right? After all, it is one of the most popular cafes in Paris. Why? Because it offers a great view of the Eiffel Tower. This is the kind of coffee shop that you'd dream about when you think of Paris. Here, you get to sip coffee and indulge in some pastries all while you bask in the glory of the iconic monument. It's so ideal, it's almost stereotypical! But yes, the experience here is just as breathtaking as you'd think it is.
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Chaillot
Source: Cafe Du Trocadero Facebook Page

Café Valentin

Technically, Café Valentin is practically part of the Passy neighborhood. But since it's on Rue de Chaillot, many consider it a popular hotspot in the street's namesake district. Nevertheless, regardless of which area it's on, it doesn't change the fact that it's a great place to eat and relax. Not only does Café Valentin serve great coffee, but their food is pretty stellar too. From a bora of fries for starters to its delectable sandwiches, you won't regret going here. It makes for a great stop after visiting the many incredible sites in Chaillot!
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Chaillot
Source: Café Valentin Facebook Page

Café Belloy

From the streetside tables to the aperitifs in the afternoon, Café Belloy is one of those quintessential cafes in Paris. The kind you'd expect when you were just thinking about going to the French capital. And speaking of your expectations, rest assured that the food here is truly top-notch! Apart from, of course, the great coffee, the pâté here is surprisingly scrumptious. Well, not surprisingly since this is a popular hotspot in Paris, after all. But surprisingly in the sense that you never would've thought that an archetypal cafe in Chaillot would serve such a delicious delicacy!
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Chaillot
Source: Café Belloy Instagram Page

Café Kléber

Located on Place du Trocadéro, Café Kléber is only a hop and a skip away from the Eiffel Tower. It may not offer a great view of the famous landmark, but its close proximity to it alone already makes it quite the hotspot. After visiting the monument, which is likely to be packed no matter the time of year, you can escape to this cafe to relax and rewind. The place is known for its coffee brewery, so you can expect to instantly get a pep in your step on your first sip!
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Chaillot
Source: Café Kléber

Macaron Cafe

Lastly, there's Macaron Cafe on Rue Boissière in the 16th arrondissement. By its name alone, you can already tell why this place is a popular spot in Chaillot. Though it's not particularly known for its macarons in Paris, the ones they serve here are pretty tasty. They offer just the right amount of sweetness and the texture of the confection is not to be overlooked too. Paired with their delicious coffee, you couldn't have asked for a more delightful treat in the middle of the afternoon!
Cafes in Paris: The Best in Chaillot
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chaillot is another district where some of the finest cafes in Paris are located. These are hotspots that offer great coffee, delicious food, pleasant vibes, and even the best views in the city. What's not to love?

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