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Start Shopping These Paris Fashion Trends for Winter 2023 Now!

December 25, 2022
Winter is finally in full swing which, of course, means it's time for another wardrobe change. Now that the weather is dropping lower and lower, it's time to bundle up and pile on the layers. And yes, this rings true in Paris as it does anywhere else that has the winter season. Don't worry! You can still stay as chic as ever if you follow a few winter trends set by the biggest French fashion houses. According to Marine Serre, this year's winter is all about tartans! As for AMI, you can't step out of your home without wearing a suit!

Start Shopping These Paris Fashion Trends for Winter 2023 Now!

Tart in Tartan - Marine Serre

With the continuous resurgence of the 90s and early 2000s styles, Chere Horowitz-inspired outfits are reigning supreme. This time around, it's all about the tartan! And would you believe it? French designer Marine Serre is leading the charge with this winter fashion trend. Although she paraded many prints and textiles in her fall/winter 2022-2023 show in Paris Fashion Week, the tartans undeniably stole the show, Patchworked into coats, skirts, and even quilts, they evoked the underground and rebellious aesthetics of the past decades. But they weren't so gruff enough that a valley girl from LA won't want to wear them. Or a chic Parisienne too! Source: Marine Serre Instagram Page

Suit Up - AMI

Alexandre Mattiussi, or 'AMI,' is definitely the French designer of the moment. His designs perfectly encapsulate Parisian styles and it's no different for winter 2023. For this season, he wants everyone to suit up! After all, a tailored ensemble can keep you warm in winter, right? And for women, it's all about borrowing your boyfriend's suits and heading out looking as sexy as ever. Masculine tailoring on feminine bodies has always been a Paris style staple and AMI's take is nothing short of exceptional. It's classic and cool, a perfect combination for a season that often has you layering up and looking too bulky as a result. Source: Ami Paris Instagram Page

Après-Ski - Louis Vuitton

As a heritage fashion brand, Louis Vuitton knows French culture like no other. So it's not surprising that the label can trot out a winter collection suited for a particular subset of French culture: Après-Ski. You might not be going up to the French Alps this winter, but there's no rule saying you can't look like you are as you walk the streets of Paris. Even more so since Louis Vuitton has just the right trend for you: chic sportswear. Think monogrammed knits, bold prints on jumpsuits, and slick parkas. What's not to love? Source: Louis Vuitton Instagram Page

Biker Babes - Petar Petrov

Do you know what material can keep you warm and have you looking sexy as hell this winter? Leather! The biker look is on full display this winter of 2023, thanks in large part to designers like Petar Petrov. Though his take is slightly different from what you're probably used to. His biker chick is sporting leather, sure, but it comes by way of tomboyish suits and midi cocktail dresses. The former is a bit more faithful to the archetypal biker babe with its oversized silhouette and androgynous appeal. This sort of gender-bending glamour will go well with fashionable Parisiennes. Source: Petar Petrov Instagram Page/ Photographed by Krisztian Eder

Cozy Coats - Coperni

As the temperature drops here in Paris, all you want to do is snuggle up in something warm, cozy, and perhaps even fluffy, right? Well, according to Coperni, a pastel-hued faux fur maxi coat will do the trick. Now that will really keep you all toasty as you strut down the different districts of Paris! The best part is, with coats like these, you can wear anything underneath and still look chic! Whether it's a tailored suit or a pair of pajamas, just keep that waist belted and you'll look as if you're a Hollywood star hiding from the paparazzi. Source: Coperni Instagram Page/ Photographed by Zoë Joubert

Curve Culture - Dries Van Noten

Speaking of coats, Belgian designer Dries Van Noten has a different proposal. He insists that curved silhouettes are the way to go this winter 2023! And why not? Standard boxy shapes are getting a little passé, don't you think? This isn't the 1940s! It's 2023! A year of new and exciting fashions. Instead of regurgitating past trends, Van Noten takes a few steps forward with his elegantly artistic shapes. And since the silhouette can envelop your body in full, there's no doubt you'll feel cozy wearing such designs. Are you ready to pull this winter fashion trend off? Source: Dries Van Noten Instagram Page/ Video by Pamela Berkovic

Some of the most beloved French fashion designers sure do have such fascinating ideas on what to wear this winter of 2023! There's no doubt that it's gonna be a chic winter season for the coming year! Pretty cool, right?

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