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The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

November 22, 2022
Don't underestimate how sunny Portugal can be. The country is located in the Mediterranean after all. At times, even during the colder seasons, it can still get pretty hot here. That's why a luxury rental in Portugal with a nice pool is the best! When the sun gets a little too hot, you can simply dive in and cool off. It's even better if you invite some friends and family over and make a party out of it! Fortunately, there are many luxury homes in Portugal that let you do just that!

The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

Sunset Cliff 4

To say that the infinity pool in this Sunset Cliff 4 villa is amazing is an understatement. It's on the edge of a cliff! A mountain is right beside you as you swim to your heart's content. You can even hear the waves from up here. And that view? Absolutely stunning. So much so that it's almost unreal. If you were a travel influence, there's no doubt that making content from the pool here will help you get a lot of likes. You might even go viral too! And if possible, you'll want to buy this property for yourself just for the pool alone!
The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

Villa Os Pinheiros

Villa Os Pinheiros in Lisbon also has a stunning infinity pool. If you ever wanted to move to Lisbon and get a place with pool here, this villa is it! Though it's not on the edge of a cliff and it doesn't overlook the sea, it's still pretty stellar! Instead of a coast, you get to enjoy a mountainous view full of beautiful trees and lush green fields instead. Not a bad alternative, right? There's even another pool that's slightly indoor. This is more for relaxing than anything else. This pool even looks more like it's part of a spa than a luxury home in Portugal. Of course, the bubbling jacuzzi nearby does help.
The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

Casa Do Julio

Still, if you prefer a pool that overlooks the sea, you'd probably like the one in Casa Do Julio better. Located in Calheta on Madeira Island, it's a scenic luxury villa in Portugal that has it all. A coastal location, incredible views, and of course, a private infinity pool. The way the pool faces the sea, it's almost as if you're swimming in an extension of it. Or on an upper tier. This is the perfect spot for when want to watch the sunset while sipping a glass of champagne. If that's not the good life, then what is?
The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

Villa do Mar IV

What's so great about the pool in Villa do Mar IV? Two words: shaded lounge. Although infinity pools are undeniably awesome, they are, admittedly, pretty common. But pools with lounges are rarer and oftentimes, more luxurious. You'd expect it more in a luxury home in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills or the like. But a vacation villa in Portugal? That's what makes it better! Imagine relaxing in the pool lounge as you look out to the seaside view! Without a doubt, it will be one of the best parts of your vacation!
The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

Casa das Vinhas

A luxurious pool by a countryside cottage sounds like the best combo, doesn't it? Just take a look at Casa das Vinhas on Madeira Island, for instance. The stone cottage reeks of old-world charm, the kind you'd expect dwarves or witches to live in. But instead of little people or flying brooms, this place has an exquisite pool instead. Set against a mountainous scenery, you can't help but take in all the natural beauty every time you go up from the water. There are even many sunbeds on offer if you prefer to just get a tan instead.
The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

Casa Amaro Mar

Want another pool with a seaside view? Then look no further than Casa Amaro Mar in Calheta, Madeira Island. Perched on a nice terrace by the edge of a cliff, All you can see are deep blue waters on the horizon. It's quite an amazing sight. And the fact that you can see it from the pool makes the place even more amazing. Every time you pop your head up from under the water, you can already smell the salty air wafting toward you. Now that'd be a better smell than the chlorine in your pool, that's for sure!
The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

Casa do Vigia in Quinta das Alagoas

Finally, there's Casa do Vigia. It's not far-fetched to say that this luxury home in Portugal has the most unique pool of them all. It doesn't even look like a standard pool in the first place. With its stone borders, murky waters, and plants underneath, you'd initially think this was a pond. You probably wouldn't want to take a dip at first. But over time, you'd grow to appreciate its natural charms. Don't worry! Despite how it looks, there are no dangerous animals lurking underwater. Though it is part of the thrill of swimming in such a pool!
The Luxury Rentals in Portugal With The Best Pools

Without a doubt, these luxury rentals in Portugal have the best pools in the country! You'd sooner think these were part of a five-star resort without luxurious they are. They're the dream summer homes you've always wanted to live in!

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