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Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

January 21, 2022
Let's face it: a Los Angeles home without a pool just doesn't seem right. If you can afford it, you simply have to get a place that has a swimming pool. What good is this city's eternal sunshine if you can't enjoy it to its fullest? And since you're in one of the most glamorous cities in the world, it's only natural that your home here reflects that. So if you're looking for a place to stay in LA that has a pool, we've got you covered. Many of our luxury rentals here come with pools worthy of the city's glossy reputation.

Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

Bienveneda Avenue

Located in Pacific Palisades, one of the calmer residential neighborhoods in Los Angeles, this sunny three-bedroom luxury home on Bienveneda Avenue is a vacationer's dream. If you're only in LA to rest, relax, and luxuriate, you couldn't have picked a better place than this one. The pool alone beckons you to spend as much time under the sun as you can, whether you're swimming laps from end to end or getting a tan on their comfy sunbeds. The home itself has a slightly rustic yet extremely homely appeal to it, with a living room that has a fireplace, a well-equipped kitchen, and spacious bedrooms.
Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

Bollinger House

Prepare to get charmed by this vintage-looking one-bedroom Bollinger House! Its retro look screams late 60s and early 70s, as if it was the vacation home of a world-famous Hollywood actor or a best-selling recording artist. Though it's only one story, you have more than enough space to host soirees, pool parties, and the like. And speaking of pool parties, doesn't this bean-shaped pool give a strong hit of nostalgia? It screams classic southern California, a cinematic vibe that you won't find anywhere else. Since this place only has one bedroom, isn't it perfect for a honeymoon home for newlyweds?
Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

California Court

Located near Venice Beach, this cool four-bedroom California Court home in LA has a sort of exclusiveness to it that's oh so luxurious. Sure, the pool is rather small and the surrounding patio area isn't exactly all that spacious either, but doesn't the compact size make it seem like this is all for you? That you are the only one worthy enough to enjoy a dip or to lounge under the sun here? Though you can still host a small dinner party here too, sometimes there's nothing better than enjoying a luxury home in Los Angeles all to yourself!
Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

Cherokee Lane

One look at this beautiful four-bedroom home on Cherokee Lane in Beverly Hills and you'll instantly see who this place was built for. Amidst all the geometric houses and sleek apartments, this stark white wooden rental exudes a classic suburban look that's extremely homely. Even if you're not from LA yourself, you'll feel as if you've lived here all your life. The neutral theme that encompasses the entire property allows for as much light to shine through as possible, making it just as sunny as all the other LA homes out there. And the pool? It's so clean and clear, you almost don't want to swim in it!
Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

Marco Place II

Another noteworthy luxury rental in the Venice neighborhood of LA is this three-bedroom Marco Place II. The home itself is neat and spacious. With a great kitchen, clean bathrooms, quaint bedrooms, and more, it has a humble charm to it that's a lot more welcoming and less intimidating than many other homes in the city. But of course, this house's pièce de résistance is the long backyard. The swimming pool is so long, it's perfect for exercise laps if you want to improve your fitness. While the well-maintained grass surrounding it is perfect for playing sports, having a picnic, and more.
Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

Marmont Avenue

Though this stunning luxury rental is located on Marmont Avenue in Central LA, it almost doesn't look and feel like it. Even if you can easily get here via public transport, the place itself will make you think you went on a road trip just to reach home. Thanks to its forested surroundings, you can enjoy a peaceful stay in this luxurious four-bedroom house and feel like you're in the Californian countryside. The pool even looks cinematic, shaded by tall trees, surrounded by sunbeds and a backyard tent, and a great view of the city to boot!
Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

Temescal House

Want a beautiful luxury home in LA with a Latin flair? This amazing five-bedroom Temescal House is what you're looking for. Designed to look like you're living in your own hacienda in Mexico, Venezuela, or any other Latin American country out there, you can't help but feel like this would be a great setting for a telenovela. But instead of high drama, you'll want to relax by the sunshine-filled pool area, surrounded by beautiful flowers and overlooking the city from the top. The amazing views from here would almost make you forget about spending time indoors.
Our Finest Los Angeles Homes with Luxurious Pools

In a city like Los Angeles, a luxury home with a pool is practically a must! If you can afford it, go big or go home with any of our amazing luxury LA rentals that will have you living as if you're Hollywood royalty! You deserve nothing but the best, after all!

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