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The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine

November 09, 2022
To say that Morzine is Instagram-worthy is an understatement. This ski town is located in the French Alps, one of the most beautiful parts of the French countryside. The sights here are unlike any other! Going all the way to this winter wonderland destination just for its views is already a good enough reason, what more if you want to post many photos on Instagram? If you post about spots like Le Pas de l’Aigle, Lake Mines d’Or, Alta Lumina, and even your own luxury chalet, rest assured that you'll garner a lot of likes. Perhaps even gain more followers too!

The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine

Le Pas de l’Aigle

It's almost hard to believe that this now-famous spot was just built back in 2020. Having become one of the best attractions in Morzine, possibly in the entire region of the French Alps, you'd think that Le Pas de l’Aigle has been around for decades now. This sky bridge offers the most stunning views of the Alps, the kind you'd expect to see on postcards. This place hardly seems real, but if you take a selfie here, your followers will then understand that it is an actual hotspot. It will require a lot of effort to go here, though, so good luck!
The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine
Source: Morzine-Avoriaz

Lake Montriond

Considering that Morzine is a ski town, you probably thought that all there is to find here are snowy mountains and luxury ski chalets, didn't you? For the most part, this is true, but if you venture beyond the usual hotspots, you might stumble upon some of the enchanting lakes and rivers in the area. Lake Montriond is a perfect example. This is the kind of place you simply have to see during spring or summer. When all the snow has melted away, Lake Montriond offers up the perfect countryside scene that's as idyllic as ever. And as Instagram-worthy as ever too!
The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Semnoz

Lake Mines d’Or

Another lake in Morzine that's worth capturing for your Instagram page is Lake Mines d’Or. Lined with tall pine trees, lush green meadows, and the majestic French Alps in the background, this is truly a sight for sore eyes. You can almost see it in a fairytale or a Disney film or something. It's that enchanting! And as you go around taking photos for your Instagram account, you can also enjoy a sunny picnic here too. This is one of the few spots in the area that's perfect to visit during the warmer seasons.
The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine
Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Krzysztof Golik

Alta Lumina

From natural beauty to something a little bit artificial but nevertheless amazing, there's the popular Alta Lumina trail. Out of all the things you can do in the French Alps and in Morzine, you probably didn't think that walking through stunning light shows was one of them. But that's exactly what Alta Lumina is. Set in a pine forest in the Les Gets village, various art installations brighten up the surrounding flora to an enchanting degree. It's the combination of man-made spectacles and natural beauty that make quite the extravaganza. And it'd make for great content on your Instagram page too!
The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine
Source: Alta Lumina Facebook Page

La Païka

Now, let's get to the scenic culinary hotspots. Apart from the delicious Alpine feasts that they serve, some restaurants in Morzine also offer outstanding views of the French Alps. And yes, they're the kind of views that will rack up a lot of likes on Instagram. First up is La Païka, located in Les Gets. Perched atop a mountain, you can see the French Alps in all their snow-filled glory from the place's terrace area. It's the best sight to pair with your French cheese fondue and other traditional dishes. Not to mention the most suitable backdrop for your perfect Morzine selfie!
The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine
Source: La Païka

Bulles des Mines d'Or

What makes Bulles des Mines d'Or another Instagram-worthy spot in Morzine is its cool bubbles. They take glamping to a whole new level! In these transparent dome rooms, you get to relax, sleep and enjoy your time surrounded by Mother Nature. From the moment you wake up, you're greeted by fairytale-like forests, scenic meadows, and magnificent mountains. And of course, you can't miss the chance of posting about it all on your Instagram page. A few photos of this scene are enough to turn your page into a travel inspo account!
The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine
Source: Bulles des Mines d'Or Facebook Page

Your Own Luxury Chalet

And finally, there's your own luxury chalet in Morzine too! If you can score a holiday rental with great views, it's even better. Remember that part of your trip is your home too! Apart from the Alpine views and countryside charms, your followers will want to see where you staying at. And if you rent a luxurious chalet with awesome amenities, there's no reason not to post about it! Even more so if you're a travel influencer! Showing off your accommodations is practically part of your job!
The Most Instagram-Worthy Spots in Morzine

​​Morzine is a treasure trove of Instagram-worthy spots! From the scenic mountains of the French Alps to the serene lakes and their stunning flora, this place offers a lot of spots worth posting about on social media.

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