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Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

January 12, 2022
Here in Morzine, the famous ski resort in the French Alps, the views are second to none. They're not just beautiful but also beguiling, not just scenic but incredibly stunning as well. If you could wake up to such views every morning, that must be what heaven feels like. But before you go off dreaming too highly, you ought to know that such a lifestyle is actually quite possible. Most especially if you stay in any of our amazing rental homes. They're not just great in their own right, but they also offer amazing views that you won't see anywhere else!

Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Olympique S4

Located on the second floor of l'Olympique in Morzine, this spacious studio apartment gives you the best view of the nearby mountain. When it's snowing, you get to see the snow-covered trees and fields, even more perfect if it’s during the holidays! And when it's spring, the views you get here look straight out of a storybook. When you're out on the patio terrace, you can watch the people slide down the mountain, complete in ski races, and of course, enjoy the cool French Alps breezes. Pair that with a cup of coffee and you've got yourself a winner!
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Chalet Fauvette

As its own stand-alone chalet that stands at the foot of the Pleney ski slopes, the image of Chalet Fauvette itself is already quite spectacular. If you want to show off to your friends back home about how awesome and luxurious your skip trip to Morzine is, taking a selfie in front of the selfie is good enough. But of course, there's nothing like the views you get from this chalet as well. All you have to do is to peek through your window or go out on your terrace to enjoy the Pleney ski slopes in all their natural glory. You're so close to them that you can practically see the forest for the trees... literally!
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Bergers 4

Enjoying your breakfast on the terrace of this beautiful Bergers 4 luxury home is the best way to start your day in Morzine. Soak up all the picturesque nature and fresh cool breezes as you dine on warm comfort food and take a sip of your coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. If it's a busy season, you might even see many skiers riding the cable car that's located only a stone's throw away from this Morzine luxury rental. And if it's peaceful, you can simply be one with nature, listening to birds sing, the winds howl, and enjoying the cool weather that the French Alps are notorious for.
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views


With its flat-screen TVs, leather couches, and more, this stunning Gravillons four-bedroom home is probably the most modern on this list. It doesn't have that rustic appeal that most of the other rentals and chalets have and that's what sets it apart. With all its modern-day conveniences, you might not feel like you're in the French Alps at all. That is until you step outside to the yard that practically overlooks the entire town. You can see snow-covered rooftops, icicled cables, snow-filled roads, and more from this vantage point. Not the mention the stunning mountain in the background too!
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Picaron A8

Going back to the more rustic-side homes on our list, this two-bedroom Picaron A8 rental is arguably the most romantic on this list. It's a little small, having only two bedrooms, a compact living and dining room area, a narrow kitchen, and more. It's enough space for only one to two couples, max! But then, if you do get your hands on this humble luxury home with your special someone, you get to enjoy the sunny views of the Pleney slopes every day. At least, let's hope it's sunny every day while you're here because thanks to its many windows, you can soak up as much sunshine as you want!
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Neige et Soleil

This loft-like, high-ceilinged Neige et Soleil luxury rental in Morzine is, without a doubt, pretty cool. Now, this is more for families and friends, offering enough space with its three bedrooms, each of which comes with a queen-sized bed and a heater. For your car, there's also your very own garage too! Not too bad, right? Well, it gets even better with the views! From the terrace and the windows, you get to see more of the residential side of Morzine here. It's the best when it just snowed since all you'll see are white-covered rooftops and snow-sprinkled trees as far as the eye can see!
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Omaroo II

This Omaroo II luxury chalet is the kind of high-class Morzine home where you'll want to stage a photoshoot. Practically every corner of this place looks expensive and stylish, from the spacious living room with the island fireplace to the picture-perfect dining area that overlooks the ski slopes of the French Alps. If you wore your most fashionable sweaters and winter layers, you can show off the high life by taking selfies left and right. And the views from here? Breathtaking! You're so close to the mountains and the windows are so wide that it almost looks like you're inside a giant cable car!
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Place Eglise

Another contemporary-looking winner is this gorgeous Place Eglise four-bedroom luxury rental in Morzine. With its darker-hued furnishings and doors, the place's two-toned appeal really stands out at first glance. Yet even with this modern sleekness, the rustic charm still jumps out at you, reminding you that you are, in fact, living the good life in the French Alps. And speaking of the French Alps, the views of it from this place are simply astounding. You get a good share of both the bustling ski town and the beautiful mountains beyond, giving you a look at just how pleasant a lifestyle there is here!
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Marquis 5

This one-bedroom Marquis 5 luxury rental in Morzine looks so cute and quaint, it almost feels like a playhouse. With the small dining area, the compact kitchen, and the comfy bed by the window, it all looks like this is a pretend chalet, one where kids can play while pretending they're in the French Alps. But the place and all its childlike charms are 100%, most especially the views from the terrace. On a sunny day in spring, when all the snow has melted, you get to enjoy a harmonious sea of luscious greeneries, blue skies, and charming rustic houses all around. It's the picture-perfect definition of idyllic.
Luxurious Homes in Morzine with The Best Views

Staying in the French Alps, particularly in Morzine, is all about enjoying the views. The postcard-ready views here are second to none, especially if you can see them from these ultra-fabulous luxury Morzine rentals!

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