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Shop at The Sweetest Candy Stores in Paris

October 01, 2022
It's no secret that Paris is all about sweets. From pastel macrons to bite-sized bonbons, this city is as much beloved for its desserts as it is for everything else. There are even those who'd go all the way to the French capital just to buy these sweets. Though you can probably find them anywhere else, there's no replacing how Paris makes them. Particularly when it comes to candies. Cakes and other pastries are all well and good, but just as À la Mère de Famille, Le Bonbon au Palais, Käramell, and La Maison du Chocolat have proven, the best candy stores in Paris are just as, if not even sweeter!

Shop at The Sweetest Candy Stores in Paris

A L'Étoile d'Or

Located on Rue Pierre Fontaine in the Pigalle quarter, which is only a hop and a skip away from the iconic Moulin Rouge cabaret, A L'Étoile d'Or offers a different kind of pleasure. It's here where a gentle and smiley old woman named Denise Acabo runs her candy store in Paris. She's even considered somewhat of a grand aunt of sweets, not just in the area, but in the entire city. A candy expert herself, she knows practically everything there is to know about sweets. And it's just a joy listening to her talk about candies and desserts as it is indulging in her store's products too.

À la Mère de Famille

Having opened all the way back in 1761, À la Mère de Famille is one of the oldest candy stores in Paris. Its over 260-year longevity stands testament to how much Paris loves this shop. And to this day, the original store on Rue du Faubourg Montmartre still stands, delighting locals and tourists alike with its many sweets. Although it originated as a chocolate shop, it has branched out to offer other tasty treats too. Now, you can get candies orange peel, marron glacés, and more here. What's not to love?

Shop at The Sweetest Candy Stores in Paris

Le Bonbon au Palais

Jars upon jars of candy fill this adorable store on Rue Monge called Le Bonbon au Palais. Translated into English as the 'Palace of Bonbons,' no other name could be quite as fitting. Though bonbons aren't the only sweets offered here, you can easily imagine this place to be quite the candy castle indeed. The cascading jars show that there are plenty of confections to go around. You can fill up as many bags of candies as you want and they'd still have some to spare for others. But what's truly great about this place is that it sells many regional candies from other parts of France!

La Maison du Chocolat

As one of the finest chocolatiers in Paris, no list of the sweetest candy stores in the city is complete without La Maison du Chocolat! The brand has become so famous that it has set up various locations throughout the different neighborhoods in Paris. In each one, you'll find many variations of the cocoa-filled confections. There are bonbons, pralinés, chocolate-covered fruits & nuts, and more. If you fancy a box, a jar, or two of each filled with chocolate, then you've found the right place! After just one visit, your teeth will rot like crazy! So remember to brush your teeth afterward!

Shop at The Sweetest Candy Stores in Paris

Jacques Genin

Throughout his career, Jacques Genin made chocolates for various luxury hotel chains and fine-dining restaurants. He's had quite the success, eventually leading him to open his own candy store in Paris. Located on Rue de Turenne in the Marais district, Jacques Genin's a must-see for any sweet tooth in the French capital. The chocolatier is known for his rich ganache and delicate pralines, each more delightful than the next. Though Paris has many other chocolate and candy shops, one taste is enough to let you know that Guenin's creations are unlike any other. You won't want to miss them!


Fouquet is another name you shouldn't overlook when talking about candies and chocolates in Paris. Located on Rue Laffitte, Maison Fouquet is another chocolate wonderland that any sweet tooth will want to visit. The entire place is practically made up of jars upon jars of chocolates, each with different varieties and flavors. There are classic bars and cubes, some even come with delightful fillings. There are also caramels, the kind that will take your teeth out with just one bite. And if you're not into these deeply rich flavors, you can always go for the fruit jellies too.


And speaking of caramel, it rhymes with the name of this last candy store in Paris, Käramell. But contrary to its name, this store isn't only about the rich orange-brown confection. Swedish sweet tooth Lena Rosen opened this shop and filled it with candies from her homeland. There's the salted licorice, for instance, which has a fishy taste at first but it'll be fairly easy for you to get used to. The bonbons and guimauves, on the other hand, are a lot more French than Scandinavian. These are what helped Käramell delight the locals and hence, made it stay in business for a long time.

Shop at The Sweetest Candy Stores in Paris

Up for something sweet? Then you're in luck if you're in Paris. This city is all about the sweet stuff, and they're not just the classic desserts and pastries! The sweetest candy stores in Paris prove that sometimes, a nice confection is all you need!

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