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Where To Find The Tastiest Cheese in Paris

September 25, 2022
There's just something about French cheese that tantalizes your taste buds. Perhaps it's that nutty aftertaste that never leaves even after countless sips of wine. Or that sour tinge that might taste unpleasant at first, but then you'll grow to love it eventually. It's no wonder that charcuterie was invented. How else can you enjoy these delectable types of French cheese all at once? And if you’re in Paris, you can get the best of the best! Hotspots like Chez Virginie, Alléosse, and Fromagerie Langlet-Hardouin are just some of the best places to find the tastiest cheese in Paris.

Where To Find The Tastiest Cheese in Paris


If you want to take a glimpse of old Paris, specifically between the French Revolution and La Belle Belle Époque, then go to Rue Poncelet in the 17th arrondissement. Every time the market is open, it's as if history repeats itself. And on this famous street, you'll find Alléosse, one of the finest fromageries in Paris. Here, owner Monsieur Alléosse treats his cheese as a work of art. Not only does he preserve it well, but they're evenly carved too. And their taste? Divine! Monsieur Alléosse really is an expert at bringing out the best flavors in French cheese.


Having been around since 1909, Androuet is a must for any cheese-lover in Paris. They didn't get to stay in business for that long with just nothing. Through multiple generations, the Androuet has succeeded in leading the cheese charge in the French capital. In fact, the store's founder, Henri Androuet, did exactly that. He basically introduced (or reintroduced) the rich flavors and savory goodness of the cheese from the French countryside to the capital city. And since then, Androuet has been the go-to store for the most authentic and tastiest cheese from beyond Paris. What's not to love?

Where To Find The Tastiest Cheese in Paris


As far fromageries in Paris are concerned, you can't overlook Barthélemy! Located on Rue de Grenelle, it's among the most important cheese shops in the French capital. It's even said that prominent people in the French government, possibly even the president himself, get their cheese from this place. And why wouldn't they? After all, Madame Barthélemy, who owns and runs the place, offers up exceptional cheese. Paired with her fine selection of wine and even fruit jam, you can indulge in her treats the same way that the members of the state do too!


Beillevaire guarantees that their cheese in Paris is of the highest quality. how are they so sure? Because they produce it themselves! More than just your average fromagerie, Beillevaire is sort of like a cheese factory in its own way. Its namesake founder, Pascal Beillevaire, used to sell dairy products in the Loire Valley. It's from there that he got the ingenious idea to sell French cheese with other dairy products, eventually resulting in his exceptional shop on Rue de Belleville. And if you're wondering if he ever succeeded with his idea, the fact that his store is on this list is proof enough!

Where To Find The Tastiest Cheese in Paris

Chez Virginie

Chez Virginie has been operating since 1900, making it another historic fromagerie on this list. With such longevity, what in the world is this shop's secret? Virginie, of course! Its current owner personally inspects, tests, and handles orders. Buying cheese from here becomes more of a personal transaction than an ordinary errand. And with her sharp eye and even sharper taste buds, she's able to sell the tastiest cheese in Paris. Though it also helps that her store only focuses on raw milk cheese, the most authentic kind of fromage out there! It's no wonder her stock always tastes incredible!

Fromagerie Langlet-Hardouin

Any food-lover worth their salt should know that Marché d’Aligre is as great of a place for food as are the Michelin-starred restaurants in Paris. It's only in places like these will you get to taste the truly authentic local flavors of the French capital. Part of that is its local cheeses too. It's here in this famous market, specifically in its indoor area, where Fromagerie Langlet-Hardouin operates. Offering up the most mouthwatering goat milk cheese from the Loire Valley, you won't want to shop for cheese anywhere else anymore.

Laurent Dubois

Having won the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France back in 2000, it's only natural that Laurent Dubois's fromagerie is included on this list. He knows a thing or two about fine French cheese, after all. And after winning the coveted prize, he went on to set up more branches throughout the different neighborhoods in Paris. No matter which one you go to, it's all the same—delicious and authentic local cheese that tastes incredible. He doesn't even need to decorate his shops all that much. The cheeses, with their complex scents and tempting aesthetics, are enough to draw anyone in!

Where To Find The Tastiest Cheese in Paris

When you're up for a savory treat, consider indulging in the tastiest cheese in Paris. You'll only get them in some of the finest fromageries in the city. They're the best of the best when it comes to offering up delectable French cheese!

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