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The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich

September 23, 2022
Zürich is a lot chicer than you think it is. It's no Paris or London, sure, but it does keep up with the latest trends. Just because it's the center of banking and finance in Switzerland, it doesn't mean that Zürich no longer cares about lifestyle. Take interior design, for example. Do you think all the luxury homes in Zürich look plain and basic? Or covered in money or gold? Of course not! The chicest interior design styles in Zürich include Scandinavian, minimalism, contemporary, and all the other popular aesthetics out there. You'd do well to dress up your own place here according to these styles too!

The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich


It's no secret that Zürich is a pretty forward-thinking city. As the major financial hub of Switzerland, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it's only natural that this city keeps up-to-date with practically everything. Of course, this also includes interior design. If you look at the many luxury homes here, you'll find that plenty of them are decorated according to the modern aesthetic. Clean lines, geometric overtones, and lots of symmetry dominate the space. They reflect just how present Zürich and its locals are when it comes to design.
The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich

Mid-Century Modern

Still, just like any other European country out there, Zürich also has reverence for the past. Spend one day in this city and you'll see enough classical structures, from Renaissance churches to neoclassical museums, to last you a lifetime. The same reverence applies to interior design as well. Mid-century modern is a popular interior design style in Zürich. It has that earthy yet classic appeal that, just as its name says, combines modernity with vintage. It's particularly popular among more affluent residents who embrace the deep luxury of the mid-20th-century, which this aesthetic references.
The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich


More than just the modern aesthetic, contemporary interior design is also mega popular in Zürich. For one thing, it's easy enough to accomplish. Since this style reflects the over zeitgeist of the time, it won't be difficult for you to design your luxury home accordingly. With that said, even though the contemporary aesthetic changes with the times, it still has its own distinct elements. It's simple without being too minimal, makes use of strong yet shiny materials like glass and metal, and highlights symmetry too. No matter the current trends in interior design, these qualities never change!
The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich


Speaking of minimalism, since it's both modern and contemporary, it only makes sense that it's popular in Zürich too. Even more so since the city has a lot of hustle and bustle. Such a simple, clean, yet still sophisticated aesthetic would perfectly fit someone who's always on the go but can still relax when they're at home. And since this interior design style maximizes a lot of space, they can easily feel eat ease in their own abode too. Sleek lines, neutral tones, and strong angles define minimalism. Knowing this, would a minimalist apartment work for you even when you're in Zürich?
The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich


People often minimalism and Scandinavian interior design styles together. While both aesthetics do share many of the same qualities, there are distinct differences between the two. In a nutshell, Scandi interior design is all about making you feel refreshed and energized. It highlights simplicity, sure, but while minimalism is more focused on making your space look clean, Scandinavian aims to make your place look and feel more livable. Organic and natural materials also play a huge part in the Scandi look, stressing the importance of feeling as close to nature as possible in your own abode. Now, doesn't that sound perfect for a home in the bustling city of Zürich?
The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich


The Swiss are more complex than you give them credit for. They're not one-note! Even in Zürich, where you'd expect people are all about big money and big business, there's more to them than that! And it's reflected in how popular the Transitional interior design style is in this city. This particular aesthetic mixed elements from other styles and meshes them all together to complete one multi-dimensional but harmonious look. A luxury home in Zürich can have traditional walls, Scandi furniture, and a minimalist way of arranging them all. As long as the entire space looks complete, then it's the transitional look!
The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich


As already mentioned, Zürich has a reverence for the past. And as such, the traditional interior design style also remains extremely popular among the residents here. If you ever move to Zürich, there's a good chance you might end up staying in a place that has intricate wall and ceiling trimmings, hanging chandeliers, a grand fireplace in every room, and more. At first glance, you'd feel like you're in a period film. It's the past meeting the present, another quality that can also describe Zürich as a city. So it really that surprising that this interior design style is still popular here?
The Chicest Interior Design Styles in Zürich

Don't underestimate just how chic the city of Zürich can be! Especially when it comes to interior design. The financial hub has embraced many of the most popular interior design styles, resulting in many beautiful luxury homes in the city!

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