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The Biggest Trends American Designers Set for Autumn 2022

September 18, 2022
If there's one country that's big on trends, it's the US! Anything that becomes popular here eventually takes over the rest of the world. It's the same with entertainment, technology, and of course, fashion too. In the last edition of New York Fashion Week, some of the most famous American designer brands set new trends for autumn 2022. And since that season is practically here, it's time to revisit them. There's Tory Burch's elegant equestrian look, Ralph Laurent's return of the tux, and Oscar de la Renta's highlighter shades, to name a few. These and more are bound to dominate New York's fashion scene and beyond!

The Biggest Trends American Designers Set for Autumn 2022

Bombing Bomber - Coach

As an American luxury brand, all Coach really needs is to craft the perfect garment and it'll go crazy in retail. For autumn 2022, it's bound to be the bomber jacket. It was one of the standouts during the label's show at New York Fashion Week. Don't you already feel warm and cozy just by looking at it? What more when you wear it as you stroll along Central Park in late autumn? This bomber will feel like a warm hug against the cool breezes. And it's this comforting feeling that will make this piece the absolute bestseller in luxury retailers! Source: Coach Instagram Page

Trenching The Outerwear - Proenza Schouler

While Coach is gunning for the bomber jacket to be the new hottest item for autumn 2022, Proenza Schouler is fighting back with the trench coat. It's no secret that this famous piece of outerwear never fails to elevate any look. What's great about this designer duo's interpretation is that it's more unconventional than the typical wardrobe staple. In their show, they draped over the trench coat, cinched the waist, and made it look more modern and fresh but with a tinge of romance. What often looks minimal and utilitarian became a fascinating piece that anyone can weave their own narratives on. Source: Proenza Schouler Instagram Page/ Shot by Tim Elkaïm

Elegant Equestrian - Tory Burch

Tory Burch has one look in mind for autumn 2022: elegant equestrian. There's no denying that what champion jockeys wear is pretty chic. From the tailored jackets to the leather boots, there's something powerful yet classic about the look. And Tory Burch wants her women to be into it too. But make no mistake! She's not offering up a wardrobe that will only pair well with horses. She took various elements—the precise tailoring, the sturdy fabrics, and the refined silhouettes—and gave them a chic uptown makeover. The result is nothing short of drool-worthy for a warm and strong autumn wardrobe! Source: Tory Burch Instagram Page

Back to Black - Michael Kors

If Michael Kors knows one thing, it's how to upgrade even the most basic of wardrobe staples. Take the little black dress, for instance. Though it's more widely known as a Parisian style staple thanks to its creator, Coco Chanel, Kors reinvented it for autumn 2022. He changed up the silhouette, making it a sexy one-sleeved number that's edgy enough to turn heads down the street while also retaining its evening-ready elegance. Black clothes may feel basic at times but it's reinterpretations like these that make the color a worthy trend for the upcoming season! Source: Michael Kors Instagram Page/ Shot by Inez & Vinoodh

Return of The Tux - Ralph Lauren

The little black dress isn't the only wardrobe staple returning for autumn 2022. According to Ralph Lauren, one of the biggest American designers out there, it's also high time for the tux to come back. And he wants both men and women to wear them this season too! The American fashion behemoth is no stranger to putting women in suits, but dressing them in a tux is a whole other ball game. It's harkening back to Yves Saint Laurent's iconic 'Le Smoking' suit, but while that was more sexy and sensual, Ralph Lauren's own interpretation has a more elegant and somewhat even mischievous feel to it. Source: Ralph Lauren Instagram Page

Extravagant Eighties - Carolina Herrera

While Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren are bringing back some well-known fashion staples, Wes Gordon at Carolina Herrera is returning the extravagance of the eighties instead. It's not a literal interpretation unlike many of the 80s-inspired collections other designers have shown in the past decade. Instead of the usual big shoulders and maximalist sportswear, Gorden went with exaggerated frivolity instead. But made more modern by taking a cleaner and more pared-down approach. The big ball gowns from the decade, for instance, were made more refreshing by de-escalating the flounce and making the silhouette more sensual than showstopping. The results are nothing short of spectacular! Source: Carolina Herrera Instagram Page

Highlight The Shade - Oscar de la Renta

You can say that Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim over at Oscar de la Renta also had the 80s (and 90s!) in mind for their autumn 2022 collection but it wasn't like that of Wes Gorden for Carolina Herrera. Though the brand is known for its elegant evening wear, the duo didn't present an haute couture-ready collection like the latter. Instead, they focused on the eye-popping colorways that made the past decades so memorable. Highlighter shades of lime green, dodger blue, and bubblegum pink rendered the design duo's collection of daywear. They provided a stellar contract to the more embellished and somber romanticism in the evening wear. Source: Oscat de la Renta Instagram Page

The most popular American designers have always been setting the trends for the upcoming season and this autumn 2022 is no different! Coach brought back the bomber jacket, Ralph Lauren returned the tux, and Carolina Herrera is all about the extravagant eighties!

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