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How to Navigate New York Fashion Week

February 13, 2022
February and September are two of the busiest months in New York City. You could say that the world-famous metropolis remains busy all year round, but these two months are especially hectic. And it's all because of New York Fashion Week. This bi-annual event invited the whole world to see the latest collections from the New York-based designers and luxury brands. And in between their shows, there are parties, soirees, gallery openings, and more. It's a lot to take on, especially since it's held in such a bustling city. So how do you navigate New York Fashion Week? Here are. a few ways.

How to Navigate New York Fashion Week

Get The GPS Radar App

Although there are a lot of apps you'll really need when you go to New York, when it comes to New York Fashion Week in particular, getting the GPS Radar app is your only ticket to the shows. What it does is that when you sign up in the app, you can request invites for the shows listed in the event. Then, if the PR companies that handle the shows approve and include you in their guestlists, you'll receive your invitations through the app. And don't worry if you feel like you were rejected. Sometimes, they send out their invitations on the week itself.

Organize Your Calendar

Although fashion shows and presentations of designer brands are the main highlights of New York Fashion Week, those aren't the only events to look forward to. There are also parties, exhibition openings, important talks and forums, and more. And if you want to get the best out of attending Fashion Week, you'll want to go to as many of them as possible. That's why you'll need to organize your calendar for the week. List down all the events attend and make sure there aren't any that overlap each other. You'll also have to take into account how far the venues are, if you have breaks in between, and the like.

How to Navigate New York Fashion Week

Stay in a Central Place

Not from New York City? Then if you're here for New York Fashion Week, you're probably looking for a place to stay, aren't you? If that's the case, you'll want to stay somewhere central to all the venues for the event. Although New York Fashion Week takes place throughout the entire city, it often has a central area every time. Expect it to be in a Manhattan district, whether it's in Midtown, SoHo, Fifth Avenue, and the like. It's a good thing that these places offer many New York luxury rentals you can book during the hectic event. You won't have to worry about your accommodations at all!

Don't Just Rely on The Cabs

As far as public transport is concerned, you either plan to rent a car or get a cab, aren't you? That's what many are probably planning as well. Many New York Fashion Week attendees aren't too keen on taking the subway, the bus, or any other public transport system to get to the venue. However, since the event often leads to traffic jams, expect that you might find it difficult to hail a cab or get an Uber to come to pick you up. Your only alternative is to take the subway and you know what? There's actually really nothing wrong with that! Subway stations, at least in Manhattan, tend to be safer than in other parts of the city.

How to Navigate New York Fashion Week

Keep Flats Handy

When it comes to your footwear for New York Fashion Week, either wear flats or keep them handy! Make no mistake, fashion week will have you on your feet for hours. Sometimes, you'll have no choice but to walk to the venue because of the traffic jams. There are also instances where the presentations don't have seats available and you'll spend the entire time standing up. And as much as you want to show off your footwear game by wearing heels, imagine how painful that'll be for your feet! To ensure that you can still enjoy New York Fashion Week without ending up with bristles on your feet, keep a pair of flats handy at all times!

Always Arrive Early

New York Fashion Week shows are notorious for starting late. It's even gone to the point that having to wait 30 minutes to an hour for a show to start has become the norm. But be that as it may, it's never wise to arrive late to a show. Unless you're an A-list celebrity who's an endorser for the brand or you're a very important fashion editor who's an influential voice in the industry, the venue won't stay open for you if you come late. Even if the show hasn't started, PR companies are strict when it comes to closing the venue once the guests have taken their seats.

How to Navigate New York Fashion Week

Stay Camera Ready

The clothes on the runway aren't the only fashions that matter during New York Fashion Week. For street photographers, what the guests are wearing is just as important. So when you attend a show during this event, make sure you're dressed impeccably. Even if your outfit isn't exactly trendy, as long as it's timeless and classic, you're fine. And though you may think that they'll probably only focus on what the celebrities and influencers are wearing, even the most unknown guests will be captured by photographers and paparazzi. Who knows? You might even end up stealing the scene with your outfit!

Charge Your Phones at Night

Finally, a very important tip is to always charge your phones at night. Going to New York Fashion Week will have you glued to your phone all day long. From capturing snapshots of the runway shows and taking selfies with celebrities to saving contact numbers of the important people you meet, you'll need your phone to have enough juice to withstand all of that. So make sure to charge it them the night before so that it'll have a full battery when you start your day. Or a better alternative is to bring along a power bank so you can charge your phone in your purse while you gallivat all over the city.

How to Navigate New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is one of, if not the busiest time in New York City. If you ever get the chance to take part in it, you'll want to follow these tips on how to have the best Fashion Week experience possible!

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