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7 Autumn 2022 Trends According to The Top Italian Designers

September 10, 2022
For Autumn 2022, Milan Fashion Week looked as optimistic as ever. The top Italian designers laid out the new trends for the upcoming season and it's safe to say that they're worth looking forward to. At Prada, for instance, normcore was the main highlight. Suddenly, a plain white tank top became the most desirable item on the runway. At Dolce & Gabbana, on the other hand, it's the complete opposite. It's all about maximalist glamour by way of big shoulders. Both trends couldn't be farther from each other and those are just two of what the Italian fashion scene has to offer this autumn 2022!

7 Autumn 2022 Trends According to The Top Italian Designers

Think Tank Top! - Prada

You can always trust Miuccia Prada, especially now that she's collaborating with Raf Simons, to make the mundane look desirable. At her autumn 2022 show in Milan Fashion Week, the legendary designer chose one article of clothing to be the it-piece of the season: the tank top. Paired with embellished skirts, Prada turned this ordinary garment into may be the most in-demand item this autumn 2022. In fact, her whole collection elevated everyday pieces to luxury, a practice that she has been doing for most of her career. If there's one Italian designer brand that will have you paying thousands of Euros for a tank top, it's Prada! Source: Prada Instagram Page

Catty Catsuits - Roberto Cavalli

It's no secret that Italian men wear suits the best, but the women are just as chic and charismatic in them. And for autumn 2022, Roberto Cavalli is putting women back in suits. Not the kind you wear to the office, mind you, but the kind you'll want to look sexy in while covered up. Yep, you read that right! This autumn season marks the return of the catsuit and Cavalli is at the forefront of this movement. His catsuits were some of the standout looks of the entire Milan Fashion Week, whether it was the animalistic leopard print with leather straps or the monotone black with revealing cut-outs. Source: Roberto Cavalli Instagram Page

Covert Sex Appeal - Versace

Versace has defined the unapologetically sexy look for decades now but Donatella has a different approach for autumn 2022. The sex appeal is still there, it's just a little more mature. Complete with tailored suits, midi dresses, and structured leather coats, Versace is leaning more towards power rather than porn this season. Even if you see a mini skirt, they're paired with latex stockings. Practically every look Donatella sent down the runway covered most of the model's body, a startling difference from her past seasons where she exposed as much skin as she can. But it's for autumn, after all, which means covering and layering up is the way to go! Source: Versace Instagram Page

Big Glamour with Big Shoulders - Dolce & Gabbana

If Cavalli, Versace, and this time, Dolce & Gabbana proved one thing, it's the return of the suit. Tailoring was a huge talking point throughout all of Milan Fashion Week. But the loudest voice of them all was this design duo. Why? Because Dolce and Gabbana went with big glamour by way of big shoulders! They went as broad as they can without looking like rehashed of the 80s power suit. And the result is a totally different yet equally impactful look. Even the sheer looks that exhibited the label's signature lingerie aesthetic had big shoulders! That's how dedicated Dolce & Gabbana is to this new trend. Source: Dolce & Gabbana Instagram Page

Charm in Chartreuse - Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

You already know the it-item and silhouette of the autumn 2022 season, what about the color? What color do the Italian designers see the rest of the world wearing for the next few months? Chartreuse! And the one leading this trend is none other than Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini. Weirdly enough, this designer's collection had all sorts of colors appearing on the runway. But it was one striking chartreuse maxi dress that had all the fashion editors in the audience exclaiming that the color of the season has arrived. Looks like it's going to be a glowing autumn 2022 season! Source: Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Instagram Page

Low-Rise Jeans - Diesel

Y2K trends still dominate Milan Fashion Week and this season, it's at Diesel. The Italian luxury brand has always championed streetwear as it's part of its DNA. So it makes sense that the resurgence of streetwise early 2000s fads pairs well with this label. Especially low-rise jeans! Diesel is, at its core, a denim brand after all. So them offering up this particular Y2K trend is to be expected. What wasn't expected, however, is how well they'd translated this bygone aesthetic for today. Rest assured that many style stars will definitely be seen wearing their jeans below the waist this autumn 2022! Source: Diesel Instagram Page

Elevated Sportswear - Trussardi

And finally, there's elevated sportswear courtesy of Trussardi. If you think streetwear is long gone, think again! For Trussardi, this streetwise aesthetic is here to stay, upgraded to look more luxurious. These aren't the athleisure you'd wear at home because of the Covid-19 lockdowns. Now that the world is practically back on its feet and everyone is going out now, sportswear is looking a lot more impactful. Creative director Benjamin A. Huseby made such sports stales almost look like haute couture! He added trains to hooded dresses, cinched the waists of zip-up jackets, and more! Source: Trussardi Instagram Page

The top Italian designers are making sure that autumn 2022 will be a very fashionable season. Many of their collections from Milan Fashion Week set forth some of the best trends you'll want to wear for the next few months.

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