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The Sexiest Lingerie Brands from Italy

July 26, 2021
Here in Italy, sex is a way of life. It's no secret that the Italians are a passionate people. They're all about embracing romance, unapologetically displaying skinship, and no longer even caring about what other people think when it comes to making love. So it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Italian lingerie brands are some of the finest in the world. Their pieces are high-quality, luxurious, beautiful, and, of course, utterly sexy. If you want to ooze that Italian brand of sex appeal, here are the labels you'll want to invest in.

The Sexiest Lingerie Brands from Italy

La Perla

Without a doubt, La Perla has become the most luxurious underwear brand in the world. The lingerie they offer has even become as expensive as dresses from a Paris haute couture house or a piece from an Italian jeweler. But what makes their underwear so refined? Look at the material! Fine silks, exotic satins, finely woven cottons, and the dainties lace ever made. The textiles alone cost a pretty penny, what more when they're crafted into well-shaped bras, delicate panties, and lingerie sets? Each piece is intricately constructed, setting the standard for luxury lingerie around the world! Source: La Perla Instagram Account

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana offers the type of lingerie that you won't feel ashamed to wear outside of the boudoir. In fact, lingerie as outerwear has become one of the many distinct signatures of this Italian designer brand. Highlighting the classic sensuality of Sicily, the hometown of the design duo, Dolce & Gabbana has become well-known for their lingerie. Some may argue that their pieces often look too old-school, but that's the novelty of it. Whether they be embroidered corsets or black lace shorts, they evoke a nostalgic feel that takes you back to 1950s Sicily all over again! Source: Dolce & Gabbana Instagram Account


Out of all the lingerie labels on this list, Incanto is undoubtedly the most inclusive. Firstly, it's an affordable brand that even an average middle-class worker can afford. With their prices rarely going beyond €100.00 a piece, more women can afford this label than most of the other brands. Moreover, Incanto is also body-inclusive. Over the years, lingerie brands have gotten a bad rep on focusing too much on certain body types, but not Incanto! They also offer beautiful underwear for all shapes and sizes, further proving that one's sexiness relies on innate confidence and appeal. The lingerie is just the icing on the cake! Source: Incanto Instagram Account

Malena Lingerie

Ever seen lingerie so sexy, your man will actually prefer to let you keep it on than to take it off? Well, Malena Lingerie has that level of sexiness down pat. Their signature? Lace! From teddies to bodysuits, their fine lace decorates all of their amazing pieces, many of which look so sinful, you'll probably look more innocent with nothing on. At the end of the day, luxury lingerie is all about helping you look your best at the bare minimum. It's supposed to enchant and seduce, even more so than simply (and barely) covering your private areas. Malena Lingerie, on the other hand, adds that extra spice that will inspire intimacy in the most passionate ways. Source: Malena Lingerie Instagram Account


Now, this one is a little controversial but noteworthy nonetheless! If you've ever seen the movie the 1962 film (or its 1997 adaptation, 'Lolita,' you'll know that the lingerie brand, Chitè, is all about. The film centers on a middle-aged man who becomes sexually attracted to a 14-year-old girl and pursues a romantic relationship with her. Not exactly the best story to take inspiration from, is it? Nevertheless, the film has set forth a new aesthetic that combines innocence and sexuality in equal measure. And that's what Chitè offers with ther rushed panties, pastel tones, silky finishes, and comfy nighties. Source: Chitè Instagram Account

Shh Milano

Another Italian lingerie brand that's all about highlighting the exuberance of youth through underwear is Shh Milano. Contrary to Chitè, which takes its inspiration from the 'Lolita' look, this label is more so geared toward younger women entirely. Its brand of sexiness isn't innocent, per se, but rather bright, cheery, and lively. After all, exhibiting sex appeal doesn't always have to mean wearing lacey lingerie with garters and all. At times, simply exuding confidence in pastel-toned bralettes and gingham shorts can capture anyone's heart right away. Who knows? They might even prove to be more effective than standard lingerie pieces! Source: Shh Milano Instagram Account


Why wear something transparent if you can already see the goods? This is probably what many of you are bound to think when you see the lingerie from the Italian brand, NNIDE. True, their sheer sets and lacey separates practically leave nothing to the imagination but at the same time, that's the real clincher of it. These aren't pieces you'd wear to hide your body, but rather they hold up your most delicate areas in the most flattering and comfortable ways. And who cares if everyone can already see what you're made of when you're wearing them? If you're proud of your body, flaunt it! Source: NNIDE Instagram Account

The Italians know a thing or two about sex and romance, so wouldn't their lingerie brands exhibit the same passion as well? These notable underwear labels stand proof of the fact that when it comes to looking sexy and sensual, the Italians have everyone beat!

Even when you're just lounging about in your luxury home in Italy, wearing a piece from these sexy lingerie brands will have you looking hotter than ever!





Milan, Italy
240 € / night    
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Rome, Italy
316 € / night    
5 bedrooms3 bathrooms10
Milan, Italy
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1 bedroom1 bathroom5
Milan, Italy
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1 bedroom1 bathroom5

Milan, Italy
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Studio1 bathroom2
Rome, Italy
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3 bedrooms2 bathrooms6
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