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Why is Rain in Paris So Delightful?

September 04, 2022
If you've watched the charming 1954 romantic-comedy, 'Sabrina,' starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, you'll know that Paris is just as good, if not better after some rain. According to the titular character, it's because the damp chestnut trees make the city smells sweet. But that's only part of it. Though there's no denying that a sunshine-filled Paris is the most ideal, the French capital is still delightful during and after rain. And there are a lot of reasons why. It's a good time to enjoy some coffee, a perfect excuse to wear a chic jacket, and more!

Why is Rain in Paris So Delightful?

Great Weather for Coffee

Everyone knows that cafe society is alive and well in the French capital. The cafes in Paris are part of what makes it such a charming destination. And If there's one person who knows how to drink and enjoy coffee to the fullest, it's a Parisian! The rain makes for great weather for a nice hot cup of coffee too! Picture it: you're in a pleasant cafe in Montmartre, waiting for your coffee when it starts to drizzle. Suddenly, the weather is a lot cooler and when your coffee comes, its warmth takes a hold of you unlike any other. Sounds pretty dreamy, doesn't it?

The Mood is Relaxing

There's just something about rain in Paris—or rain in general—that's so relaxing. From the pitter-patter of the raindrops to the cooler temperature in the air, you can't help but want to snuggle up in a blanket, drink something hot, and watch a movie or two. Or if you have a fireplace in your luxury home, light it up and spend the rest of the day feeling oh-so-cozy next to it. It's as if your body is telling you to relax the moment it senses rainfall. And in such a busy city like Paris, such a feeling is more than welcome!

Why is Rain in Paris So Delightful?

Revel in Romance

If romantic movies taught you one thing, it's that rain sets the mood for some romance. Take it from memorable films like 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' (1961) or 'The Notebook' (2004), there's just something about the rain that heightens your emotions. However, you don't have to act out a dramatic love scene outside, all wet and soggy, to revel in some romance when there's rain in Paris. Spending quality time with each other indoors, all snuggled up and warm in each other's embrace, is enough. The weather makes for a great date at home, after all, whether you’re watching movies, playing board games, and more!

Perfect Excuse to Stay In

After having gone through the Covid-19 pandemic, others shouldn't criticize for not wanting to go outside. Whether you're a homebody or you prefer the peaceful tranquility of your own space, there's no reason for you to go out if you don't want to. And it's even better when there's rain in Paris. With such weather, others will completely understand if you prefer to stay in. Even when you had plans! Moreover, as already mentioned, there's just something about rain that compels you to just stay indoors and it goes beyond avoiding getting wet.

Why is Rain in Paris So Delightful?

A Need to Wear Layers

Let's say you do have to go outside. You need to meet someone important, for instance, or you need to buy something at a nearby store. Not to mention having to go to work or school too. When it's raining in Paris, it's only natural to need to wear some protective gear, right? And thus, you have the perfect excuse to show off your style. It's a good thing trench coats and tailored jackets are Parisian wardrobe staples. You can look like a local when it's raining outside, looking so chic with your fashionable outerwear.

Enjoy The Cool Breezes After

And finally, after the rain in Paris has come and gone, it's time to enjoy the cool breezes that blow afterward. You can take in the moistened air, warm up in your stylish outerwear, drink coffee to soothe your body, and more. In a city as dense and as heavily populated as the French capital, some cool breezes are more than welcome. And the ones after the rain are even more inviting since it wafts all the pleasant scents throughout the city. The damp trees, dewy flowers in the parks, even the smell of freshly-brewed coffees in the cafes! What's not to love?

Why is Rain in Paris So Delightful?

Rain in Paris is a lot more delightful than you think. Whether it's during or after a sudden shower, you'll find that there's plenty to be happy about in the French capital. All you gotta do is to look for the silver linings!



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